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16 November 2005

Kennedy Endorses AAR Begging


Kennedy Not Above Air America's Panhandling

In a new sign of Air America's rapidly deteriorating financial situation, round three in the recent series of fundraising letters features Robert F Kennedy Jr. Apparently it's now time for the big guns.

Kennedy, who co-hosts a low-rated weekend program on the network called "Ring Of Fire", claims Air America was at the "forefront" of recent liberal election "victories". Previously, the Radio Equalizer has wondered how Kennedy could claim the moral high ground after being silent on the company's sleazy corporate actions.

Hasn't Kennedy's Air America association greatly harmed his supposed "social justice" reputation?

While his marquee value is high, listener support for the radio program has been remarkably low, even after taking into account its weekend time slot.

Through the end of June, "Ring Of Fire" was pulling in just 100,000 people nationwide, down about 10,000 from the previous fall.

By contrast, a weekend Al Franken re-run was heard by an average of 140,000 people in the same time frame. With co-host Mike Papantonio, a Florida-based trial lawyer who plays a large behind-the-scenes role in Air America's operations, the show has failed to make any real impact in talk radio.

Here's the latest letter:

Dear Friend of Air America:

I'm thankful for you.

With your help, voters across America have sent a powerful message to the Bush Administration and their right-wing cronies.

The party's over.

Last Tuesday's sweeping victories for Democrats and progressives pulled back the curtain from the much-vaunted Bush-Cheney-Rove political machine, revealing what Air America listeners have known all along: there's nobody there. After five years of lies, fear-mongering and electoral manipulation, voters from New Jersey to Virginia said, "Enough."

Governor-elect Jon Corzine summed it up succinctly in his acceptance speech: "I want to thank the people of New Jersey for rejecting the Bush-Rove tactics that we see in politics."

And it was more than just the victories in New Jersey and Virginia that sent shockwaves through the Republican establishment. The right-wing agenda took a major hit from voters across the nation last week:

· In St. Paul, Minnesota the incumbent Democratic mayor, who last year endorsed George W. Bush for a second term, was trounced in his own reelection bid by a Democrat who made that endorsement the centerpiece of his campaign.

· In Maine, an effort to repeal a law that protects gays and lesbians from discrimination was defeated

· In Dover, Pennsylvania, all eight of the local school board members who supported the teaching of "intelligent design" were voted out.

But now is not the time to sit back and rest on our victories. Our fight to restore progressive values in America still has a long way to go.

With your support, Air America Radio will remain at the forefront of that fight. There are three ways that you can help right now:

1) Join the Air America community by strongly supporting the AAR Associates campaign by clicking here:

2) If you're listening to Air America Radio on your local station, thank them for carrying your favorite AAR programs.

3) If you don't yet have an Air America Radio affiliate in your area, let us know today.

The biggest obstacle progressives face isn't even the Bush Administration or a Republican-controlled Congress. Our greatest challenge continues to be the stranglehold of the right-wing propaganda machine over our nation's media. Thirty percent of Americans now say that their primary source of news is talk radio.

And fully ninety percent of talk radio is dominated by the leading propagandists of the Right: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage and their factually-challenged ilk.

With your strong support, Air America Radio has defied the so-called "experts" who said that progressive talk radio would never succeed.

In less than twenty months, Air America Radio has grown to include more than 70 stations, reaching over 60% of the country.

More than ever, we must continue that growth. With the 2006 mid-term elections less than a year away, we need Air America Radio to remain a powerful voice for progressive values in the public square.

Become a part of the Air America community by joining the AAR Associates campaign today at

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, there are strong signs that the right-wing's domination of talk radio is finally coming to an end. And that's something for which we can all be thankful.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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  • In a new sign of Air America's rapidly deteriorating financial situation...
    I keep asking you for proof that AAR has, as you put it, a rapidly deteriorating financial situation. You continue to provide none. The fact that AAR is fundraising doesn't necessarily indicate financial problems -- it might, but it also might not. Completely ambigious.
    The only real proof would be some sort of internal financial docs, which you apparently do not have. Stop making claims without any evidence to back them up, save for your own assumptions.

    By Blogger Justin, at 16 November, 2005 16:25  

  • From New Jersey to Virginia, eh? Not exactly from sea to shining sea, is it? Justin, the public info on AA is quite damning enough without waiting for a DeepThroat to emerge. Don't think so? M'kay. Give it some time. AA is after all a business. Franken's paycheck is proof enough of that.

    By Blogger megapotamus, at 16 November, 2005 16:45  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger RightWingFascist, at 16 November, 2005 16:45  

  • this one is better.

    By Blogger RightWingFascist, at 16 November, 2005 16:47  

  • Brian - I note with some amusement that you post a note railing AAR for as you put it "panhandling" right above your own pleading for your (few) readers to help support you.

    "Your Amazon orders that begin with clicks here, regardless of your final purchase selections, help to support this site's efforts. Thanks again!

    The Radio Equalizer also recommends the (free) Mozilla Firefox web browser. Packed with features such as tabbed browsing, SessionSaver (makes computer crashes less painful) and dual Google/Yahoo (both at once!) search extensions, I can't imagine using anything else."

    Is this a sign that you are in dire financial straits? Are you forced to adminsiter sexual favors to other overweight men in the alleys outside of disreputable drinking establishment?

    Is this behavior a result of abuse as a child? Please understand that if you fail to respond I will be forced to conclude that the above is true! It is an amazing story and one I will be covering with great tenacity.

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 16 November, 2005 16:57  

  • In less than twenty months, Air America Radio has grown to include more than 70 stations, reaching over 60% of the country.

    Love the distortion of the numbers, first of all. Good job, RFKJR. Hmmm... 60% of the country would run about... 180,000,000 people. So currently for RFKJR's show, he gets 0.05% of the possible market? That's piss poor my friend.

    By Blogger Brendan, at 16 November, 2005 17:02  

  • Out of curiosity, Justin (post # 1), what color is the sky on your planet?

    Are you capable of independent thought? Conducting a modicum of research?

    Or is the truth that in your world, facts don't matter?

    I'll bet that last guess is pretty close. I have yet to meet many liberals who know or understand the facts (and of those that do know the facts --- all deny or spin them).

    But there's no spinning this one, kid. Just go to Google. If you don't know what that is, ask an adult.

    Type in ""Air America" AND Ratings."

    Now read. If you can't read - ask the adult to help.

    The facts won't hurt. They're just facts. Now if those facts don't conform to your brainwashed ideology ... well, you just might consider adjusting the ideology, rather than hiding from the facts.

    Seek the truth, kid. It'll set you free, or something.

    By Blogger Icarus, at 16 November, 2005 17:02  

  • What a load of Cape Cod Cranberry-laced crap! Brian... Please... Next time hire an RFK Jr. to impersonate any gravely whisper-voiced quoted that comes out of his silver spoon-stuffed mouth!! Thank you.

    By Blogger Lawrence, at 16 November, 2005 17:04  

  • You just gotta love post # 5 written by the so aptly named LYING BALONEY (sic)(typical liberal ... can't spell "bologna"):

    His post is classic self-parody. Classic neo-lib arguing technique.

    When the argument can't be won, avoid the facts. Toss in some strawmen, throw in a little red herring, and when all else fails ... go negative and personal. 'Ad hominem' is the liberal motto.

    The best part? He offers infantile sexual insults and then insults the author for his alleged weight ... all while, of course, insisting to himself that he's a member of the party of "tolerance and compassion."

    The truth about liberals always comes out when you let them speak long enough. This kid is perfect: a model of intolerance, the poster child for reality-avoidance, and ultimately nothing but a bigoted, closed-minded homophobe.

    Classic. Just priceless. Liberals just ain't liberal anymore, are they?

    But damn are they amusing!

    By Blogger Icarus, at 16 November, 2005 17:10  

  • OK Icarus, because I assumed the average intelligence of the readers here would be higher, I employed a technique called "irony" to make certain points. Other related verbal/literary techniques you might want to research are called "satire" and "sarcasm" respectively.

    To address your specific points: I drew completely spurrious conclusions from very little actual data, which is what Brian does every day.

    I made no comment at all disparaging homosexuality or Brian's weight. I simply drew another spurrious conclusion from the first.

    The reason this could be considered "ironic" or "satirical" is because Maloney does this kind of thing every day.

    Also - my handle "Lyin' Baloney" is yet another instance of parody (a synonym for "satire").

    Apologies if you drew the same conclusions and your own post was supposed to be ironic.

    Also - How did you come to the conclusion that I was a liberal? I made no political statements at all.

    In case you were wondering, I concluded you were a moron due to utter lack of understanding of my post in your response.

    Just for kicks, since it seems to be in style here to draw totally outrageous conclusions for no reason, I am going to assume you are a terrorist and call for your execution.

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 16 November, 2005 17:35  

  • Lyin,

    I'm not sure you're helping raise the average IQ here. Sucessful bloggers typically beg for funds. Successful radio programs typically do not.

    By Blogger TallDave, at 16 November, 2005 18:27  

  • So this is what the libs are reduced to? Claiming victory in a school board in tiny (population 1,815) Dover, PA? Congratulations! What a "sweeping victory!"

    By Blogger Robert Holcomb, at 16 November, 2005 18:49  

  • Ha.
    Liberals will ALWAYS fall back on the "it's only satire" line.

    That way when a Lib is called upon facts, you, the "neocon", always seem to miss the nuance, the satire, because you just aren't as smart as those Libs.

    Oooh, I feel a Stuart Smaley moment coming...
    And darn it, I'm good enough!

    By Blogger BurbankErnie, at 16 November, 2005 18:58  

  • OK Talldave, so the argument being presented is:

    "Because Air America doesn't do things like a typical radio company, they must be in dire financial straits."

    That argument makes about as much sense as "Since we don't understand how the world was made, God must have done it."

    The subtext in much of what Maloney writes is also that since they don't conform to the regular radio paradigm (which I've seen little evidence that he has any great knowledge of, and much evidence that he has little if any idea what he's talking about) that they are to be derided and vilified.

    Just trying to get a feel for the culture here...

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 16 November, 2005 19:01  

  • Burbanknie - there's nothing like a sweeping generalization to take the place of a rational argument.

    What facts are you referring to? Also, on what facts are you basing your assertion that I'm a liberal other than that I write in complete sentences with proper punctuation?

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 16 November, 2005 19:05  

  • Icarus:
    I've never suggested that AAR has good ratings, although the summer books show gains in most of its major markets. I also haven't suggested that AAR is rolling in cash. Instead, I've said that I simply don't know the company's financial stiuation, and that Brian also doesn't know it. The only difference is that he pretends to know.
    This isn't liberal vs. conservative: It's a matter of proof. all we know is that AAR has some serious sugar daddies, and that it still is in business. Beyond that, we know nothing about its revenue, margins, overhead, etc. I am asking Brian to prove his charges. Is that biased? I would think it's reasonable.

    By Blogger Justin, at 16 November, 2005 19:25  

  • Why Justin! You've raised a legitimate point and made a concise and clear argument.

    You must be one of them liberal nutjobs who hates America.

    (For those still learning the concept - the preceding statement was "ironic" and in fact means the opposite of what it appears to say.)

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 16 November, 2005 19:33  

  • Actually, what we know about AAR is that they did a corporate shuck and jive move (selling their assets to form a "new" company) to avoid debt; they were kicked off stations in two major markets for failing to pay their bills; they have a lawsuit against them for back pay; on air talent (if you can call Franken talent) signed releases so the "new" AAR would not be liable for back pay; AAR "borrowed" close to $1 million from a charity and didn't even try to pay it back until the story blew up in their face.

    Nope. Absolutely no sign of financial troubles there. Whatever could we be thinking?

    By Blogger Sean, at 16 November, 2005 19:38  

  • Really? You know all of that firsthand?

    I could have sworn they had a management change, moved into new (expensive) facilities, and are seeing ratings success which is reported in places with less bias than this haven of ignorance.

    Please enlighten me with more of your obviously formidable business knowledge.

    Also - please show me evidence of the lawsuits to which you make reference. Pardon me as I'm new here and haven't heard that tidbit.

    As for the charity: It is apparently the charity that was crooked. If you read the articles about it carefully, you'll see that it (and not AAR) is being investigated.

    AAR has made no bones about mismanagement in the past and did in fact send the primary individual responsible (and others) packing.

    That story is now close to six months old - other than these emails and beating that drum over and over, what else you got?

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 16 November, 2005 19:43  

  • Dear Mr. or Mizzzz Lyin',

    If this is, indeed, a haven of ignorance, then please do all of us mindless idiots a favor and take your sarcasm elsewhere.

    As for the "satire" of profane sexual innuendo, you're clearly outclassed on this site. You are patently offensive, and have contributed nothing of value to this discussion.

    Nevertheless, maybe you should consider listening more and ranting less. The latter only makes you sound like a petulant child.

    Have a nice day!!!!!

    By Blogger EricInLA, at 16 November, 2005 20:06  

  • 'Sweeping Victory..' ????? They held on to two Governor seats? They're desperate, and pathetic. BTW 60% of the country?? What a load of crap. Here's AAR's newest aquasition in Ely Minnesota:

    Air America is a joke. The only time they gain in the ratings is when they remove their own content.

    By Blogger Lidsville, at 16 November, 2005 20:14  

  • Dear Eric - yes, it is Mr. Baloney to you.

    I've asked a number of questions that are designed to dig a little deeper into the "facts" that seem to be taken for granted here.

    Sorry you don't find my posts entertaining or informative. Feel free to stop reading them.

    As for offensive, I think you'll agree that is a subjective term. There is a lot that I find offensive on this site. So far though, I've managed to avoid telling anyone to go away or to shut up because they don't agree with me, as, say, a petulant child would do.

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 16 November, 2005 20:19  

  • Brian;

    I recommend respectfully Deepnet Explorer which isn't advertised broadly and is from Britain. Deepnet Explorer is also more secure than Mozilla and has all the same features.

    Brian, you can if you need to e-mail me for confirmation this was me and not spam.

    By Blogger Josef, at 16 November, 2005 20:25  

  • Hmm, another Kennedy name dropper. Could be another "swimmer" but I bet he will not go to the bridge with Al Franken. Instead, he will pander with his shamed family's name.

    If RFK, JR. is so socially concious and concerned with the well being and financial prospects of Air America, shouldn't he just endow them?

    Just think of the new credibility that would be associated with not only Air America but also with the legacy of the "Kennedys." This is the time, this is TIME for the Kennedys to ante up and show America what they (Kennedys) can do for their country and the new age radio.

    Raising money. How about a fund raiser show? How about, in the vein of Franken-Stein, a show called Frank 'n' Kennedy. Yeah! I am already seeing an outline for this one... Mohammad Al-Franken and the Sheik Robert Fayad al-Kennedy... but first, the sequel.

    On a more professional note, has anyone discovered if there is any requirement to demonstrate financial responsibility to operate a radio broadcast facility? Maybe Air America and its various corporate manifestations don't really have a license to broadcast or operate a transmitter. I don't have the answer but I bet that some little AM station outside of the big city has a station manager that knows the answer and they also have a license to maintain. Air America likes to think of the word license in a different way.

    For my view, AAR is Ok. Even as a Republican I can sustain a lot of the left side of the argument. Accordingly, I do not want AAR gone. I won't listen to the vitriol but if they find a way to sustain operations, short of the earlier debacle, let them stay on the air! This is a great country and we have plenty of room for wide ranging views.


    By Blogger Bob in Grapevine, at 16 November, 2005 20:37  

  • Dear Mr. Lyin',

    "Are you forced to adminsiter sexual favors to other overweight men in the alleys outside of disreputable drinking establishment?

    "Is this behavior a result of abuse as a child? Please understand that if you fail to respond I will be forced to conclude that the above is true!"

    Ahem...I fail to see how any intelligent person would NOT find that offensive. In addition, attempting to goad Mr. Maloney into responding to you reeks of petulance. "I know you are, but what am I" suddenly comes to mind.

    However, with regard to your AAR questions, those I cannot address, as I make the choice NOT to glean my worldview from that particular forum. I leave that topic to other more well-informed debaters.

    My comments to you were simply to point out that sexual "cheap shots" invariably come from liberal-minded folks when INITIALLY faced with an opinion they disagree with. I do find it comforting, though, that in your case (as with other more reasonable liberals), you are able to form a cogent argument once you get it out of your system.

    Alrighty then...

    By Blogger EricNLA, at 16 November, 2005 21:20  

  • Invariably? Every liberal? Every time? Exclusively?

    This is what I get from the guy who told me to grow up a few posts ago? Come on.

    Yes - what I wrote was over the top. An example of the kind of completely off-base arguments that get posted here regularly - drawing a completely outrageous conclusion from a completely innocuous set of facts.

    And I once again wonder at how people here who disagree with the aforementioned ridiculous conclusions that the author puts forth are labeled liberals and are insulted.

    Tell me - which is worse? Going on the air and calling yourself a left wing talk network and in fact broadcasting what you say you will, or putting up a steeply biased right wing site with an obvious agenda to take down said network and calling yourself the "equalizer?"

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 16 November, 2005 21:32  

  • Dear Mr. Lyin',

    "Invariably? Every liberal? Every time? Exclusively?"

    Yes! However, my assertion should have been accompanied by the caveat that when I used the term, "liberal-minded folks," I was referring to those so-called "BDS" sufferers. I don't necessarily ascribe to that bit of psychology, so in the interest of retaining my standing as a gentleman, I chose, albeit unwisely, a more general term.
    Mea culpa.

    However, I maintain my point is valid. For instance, go to Amazon's site and search for any book written by a conservative. Read the customer reviews, and YES, you will see crude, profane and otherwise tasteless comments posted by those who would disagree with the author's worldview.

    Or in the alternative,go to and click on the photo archives. In addition to the numerous examples of overt sexual references directed at members of the current administration, you might catch a picture of the protester carrying this handpainted sign: "I LOVE NY - especially without the WTC."

    Absolutely shameful. But, I really wish I could have spoken to the young man carrying that sign; perhaps he truly had something to contribute other than shock value.

    Your most recent response begs yet another observation: that when confronted with the fact that you were, indeed, over the top previously, you acknowledged it as such, but then immediately cited the tone of this particular page in defense of your actions. I have not yet seen any so-called conservative on ANY site that resorts to casting aspersions as to the sexual behavior of those with whom they disagree. If you know of any, I am completely serious when I ask that you let me know where they are posted. I will GLADLY call them to task as well.

    Lastly, I really do want to thank you for this exchange. There are few things more satisfying intellectually than a good discussion.

    By Blogger EricNLA, at 16 November, 2005 22:02  

  • I think most courts would consider Lyin Baloney to be a stalker at this point. Someone with a life would find people who he or she agree with. Guess the Ko(ck)s bunch bores you or something.

    Justin: You make absolutely no sense. Radio profits are 100% based on advertising revenue, save for the few non-profits who have to "beg" for funds twice a year. Even then, many of the non-profits rely on "underwriting" to help make their budget come out even. "Underwriting" is a type of advertising allowed on non-commercial radio, where certain guidelines are met as not to coerce the listener into purchasing a product.

    Sorry for the digression, back to AAR. Their profits are going to be based on revenues generated by ratings, just like every other radio station. Now, fewer listeners equals lower ad rates, which equals less revenue. They are absolutely correlative.

    Now, if there are liberal donors to AAR, that's another story. But then one would think that the FEC would have to investigate for possible McCain-Feingold violations, because they are being financed by political donors and not advertisers.

    And the other reason one could assume they are hurting is that they went and cherry-picked money from a Boys and Girls Club. If Rush Limbaugh did that, he'd be publicly flogged on an hourly basis.

    By Blogger gutshot, at 16 November, 2005 22:06  

  • Aargh Gutshot!

    While I agree with your point about how radio stations generate revenue, was it really necessary to turn the Kos site into a penis?

    I'm done here. I'm starting to feel like a self-righteous prude. LOL

    By Blogger EricNLA, at 16 November, 2005 22:13  

  • Gutshot - your ignorance of the radio business and the law as it pertains to both "stalking" and campaign finance is staggering. Truly amazing. Nice dick joke though.

    EricInLA - I don't think being crude, profane or tasteless is confined to the left. Observe Scooter Libby's book featuring bestiality and incest. I didn't troll the comments at amazon as you suggested but feel secure with the assumption that conservatives and liberals are both capable of stooping to the same level of debauchery. If I do run across any particular links other than gutshot's post, I will let you know.

    I join you in thinking the "without WTC" sign you reference is atrocious. We are in complete agreement there.

    I'm not sure what it is that makes a sexual comment somehow more offensive than any other personal attack - I think we have a difference of opinion there but of course I'll admit your point of view is valid though I don't share it.

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 16 November, 2005 22:30  

  • Dear Lyin',

    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. It has been a genuine pleasure talking with you!

    I'll check out Libby's book. I didn't even know he'd written one. But, if he does indeed take that approach, I will stand corrected.

    I suppose you're right about personal attacks being completely below the belt (so to speak) regardless of their nature. It's an absolute shame that not everyone in this country can engage each other as you and I have this evening. It would be infinitely more productive, don't you think?

    In any event, it has again been a pleasure talking with you. Best of luck to you and yours, and have a great Thanksgiving!


    By Blogger EricNLA, at 16 November, 2005 22:42  

  • Brian -

    Actually, I find Kennedy's letter accurate -

    "The Party's Over!"

    He didn't say WHICH party....

    BTW - I own two copies of Libby's book, and it is all that is advertised.

    By Blogger Peter Porcupine, at 16 November, 2005 23:58  

  • Good to talk to you too Eric. I do wish others would engage as you have - as you said, it's far more productive than spouting rhetoric or repeating catch phrases without understanding the meaning.

    Hope your holidays are good as well.

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 17 November, 2005 00:21  

  • Re-posted---- if you can't come up with any new stories short of "RFK sends Emails!!!!"

    I'll re-post this, you total, financially strapped, moron.


    You certainly follow the script that was diagramed in the TIME magazine article you so proudly mention in your bio.I'll remind you what it said about you, In talking about Conspiracy USA, a town in Nevada, you get this mention:

    What would conspiracy town USA be without it's own conspiracy blowhard on AM radio? Fortunately, we don't have to guess. Brian Maloney fits the bill perfectly, he makes Rush Limbaugh seem perfectly reasonable. Maloney sees conspiracy in everything from the rising of the sun to even the notion that his voice can be mysteriously transmitted through... yes, you guessed it, radio.

    Holy cow- publicists pitch stories to media outlets!!!!!!!!

    What's the bigger story- that pr people pitch stories to media outlets or that a loser like yourself who had a six week job on the radio and pretends to know about the media, doesn't know that pr people pitch stories.

    Why don't you tell your readers the truth that you know:

    I pitched you the story about the pitchiing of the aar story... and you printed it you fat hypocrite.

    cue brian: this sam seder is an imposter, boo hoo, the real sam seder won't answer my emails!

    Can't wait till you break the story that the men who work at aar
    use urinals in the bathroom when they pee!

    By samseder, at 11:29 PM

    By Blogger samseder, at 17 November, 2005 01:20  

  • Justin: You make absolutely no sense. Radio profits are 100% based on advertising revenue, save for the few non-profits who have to "beg" for funds twice a year. Even then, many of the non-profits rely on "underwriting" to help make their budget come out even. "Underwriting" is a type of advertising allowed on non-commercial radio, where certain guidelines are met as not to coerce the listener into purchasing a product.
    I agree with you that radio profits are based on ad revenue, but none of us know the ad revenue of AAR or its affiliates. You can guess, but simply don't know. Moreover, AAR has some very deep-pocketed benefactors, so the suggestion that the network is in deep financial trouble might not be accurate, even if the ad revenue was horrible. Again, we just don't know. The only person claiming to know is Brian, but he's provided no proof.

    By Blogger Justin, at 17 November, 2005 06:53  

  • Ah, RFK, jr. The guy supports renewable energy... so long as the windpower farms are built where the peasants live and not just over the horizon from the family digs.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 November, 2005 08:32  

  • its funny that you would criticize a show for having "low ratings" seeing as how YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE A SHOW ANYMORE!!!!! it was cancelled right? i seem to remember something about that.

    amyway, the fact that Air America IS growing scares you to death. all of you conservatives on here are scared, your administration is falling apart, and the only thing you have to attack the liberals for is their radio station. mighty weak argument, my friends, and (as was said earlier) i find THAT to be "piss poor."

    By Blogger hardcore conservative genious, at 17 November, 2005 09:32  

  • On blogger fundraising, if you go to Al Franken's blog right now they are plugging for Talking Points Memo and two other liberal blogs. Must be nice to have a radio network to fundraise for you instead of actually doing it yourself.

    By Blogger BCB, at 17 November, 2005 09:34  

  • Okay Lyin', since you refuse to actually Google yourself, here are some examples:

    Lawyers representing an owner of radio stations, Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, received the agreement after issuing subpoenas in connection with their pending lawsuit against Air America. Multicultural, represented by Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, is suing Piquant and others for more than $1 million that it says it is owed, and the confidential settlement was quoted at length in its lawsuit.


    Yesterday, Mr. Franken stood by his earlier statement. He said that, on the advice of his lawyer, Gunnar Erickson, he signed the agreement last fall that erased legal claims he had against Messrs. Cohen and Sorensen because they owed him money, but he said he did not see the list of liabilities that included the Gloria Wise transfers.


    The HBO crew is told to shut down their cameras — but they don’t — and the ‘We’re Broke!’ meeting is filmed raw.

    LEFT OF THE DIAL shows an angry meeting of the writing staff being told how money was deducted from their checks to pay for health care — but the money was never paid to the HMO and they were never covered!


    By Blogger Sean, at 18 November, 2005 19:48  

  • If Kennedy really wanted to help Err America, he could simply liquidate one of his offshore trusts that he and the other Kennedy hypocrites set up to avoid paying taxes and give it to Frankenthief and company.

    By Blogger Crapdog, at 18 November, 2005 22:26  

  • I agree with you that radio profits are based on ad revenue, but none of us know the ad revenue of AAR or its affiliates. You can guess, but simply don't know.

    One clue: the majority of AAR affilate stations are owned by Clear Channel Communications, and they are regularly converting their marginal money losing stations to AAR programming. "Clearly" Clear Channel is into liberal broadcasting for the money.

    By Blogger PayGo, at 19 November, 2005 21:46  

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