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02 December 2005

Friday Follow-Through, Tidbits


Oakland Out Of Control, Brock's Weird Fox Agenda, Franken

Oakland's recent hate-filled Islamofascism continues, as the California city aims for an official "France of the West" title. Just a bit more vandalism, looting and arson is needed to reach the goal.

The latest San Francisco Chronicle developments:

In the course of one week, New York Market in West Oakland has been vandalized and set afire, and its owner reported being kidnapped. On Wednesday, police said someone broke into the burned-out building overnight and looted what was left of the stock, including beer and cereal.

The burglary was discovered shortly after 4 a.m. during a check of the store at 3446 Market St., said Officer Danielle Bowman, an Oakland police spokeswoman.

The extent of the loss was unknown, but much of the store's merchandise already had been ruined by a fire that was reported at 1:19 a.m. Monday. Investigators say the blaze appeared to be arson.

The store's owner, Abdel "Tony" Hamdan, told police he had been kidnapped shortly before the fire broke out. He was found in the trunk of a car Monday afternoon in the parking lot of a Safeway store in El Cerrito.

Police arrested two men Tuesday on felony charges of vandalizing two West Oakland corner stores, including New York Market, on Nov. 23. In each attack, several men in suits and bow ties identifying themselves as Muslims trashed merchandise and demanded that the outlets stop selling liquor to African Americans, police said.

Arrested were Yusuf Bey IV, 19, son of the late Black Muslim leader Yusuf Bey, who founded the Your Black Muslim Bakery in North Oakland; and Donald Eugene Cunningham, 73, a bakery associate.

If the infamous Your Black Muslim Bakery, long a hotbed of Bay Area radicalism, is as involved as it now appears, isn't it time to finally boot them from their Oakland International Airport stand? I haven't seen anyone yet address this point.

UPDATE: suspects arraigned, amazingly, they'll face hate crimes charges. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The suspected ringleaders in vandalism incidents at West Oakland liquor stores last week were arraigned today on felony hate crime, vandalism and false imprisonment charges.

Both men are associated with Your Black Muslim Bakery in Oakland, which was founded by Bey's father, Yusuf Bey, who died of cancer two years ago at the age of 67.

The charges stem from incidents late the night of Nov. 23 in which the New York Market at 3446 Market St. and the nearby San Pablo Liquor Store at 2363 San Pablo Ave. were vandalized by a group of about 11 black men dressed in business suits and bow ties who asked why a Muslim-owned store would sell liquor when it's against the teachings of Islam to do so.

Arrest warrants also have been issued for four other suspects who police believe participated in the vandalism. Those suspects are still at large.

According to a report filed in court by Oakland Sgt. Dominique Arotzarena, police believe Bey and Cunningham both led the vandalism at the San Pablo Liquor Store and that Cunningham led the violence at the New York Market.

Arotzarena said the crimes "appear to be motivated by religious beliefs and possibly race."

Cunningham is charged in connection with vandalism at both liquor stores but Bey is only charged in connection with the incident at the San Pablo Liquor Store, Rogers said.

Rogers said he charged Cunningham with four counts of false imprisonment, two hate crime counts and two counts of vandalism. There also are hate crime enhancement clauses on the false imprisonment and vandalism counts against Cunningham, Rogers said.

Bey is charged with one hate crime count, one vandalism count and three counts of false imprisonment, according to Rogers.He also faces hate crime enhancement clauses for the vandalism and false imprisonment charges.

Brown said liquor sales in the black neighborhoods in Oakland "is a big issue for the Muslim community" and "there's a lot of very high emotions."

An Asheville,
North Carolina radio host thinks he blew an interview with Al Franken, but blames his co-host. The discussion begins here.

Is music the answer to talk radio's ratings troubles? Saturday evenings will now switch to standards at New York's WABC-AM. That's a sure sign talk programmers are beginning to give up on the idea of building the format's long-term future, for which weekends have long been utilized.

What happens when you bump into Al Franken at the airport?

A strange debate
sparked by Michelle Malkin's new Janeane Garofolo column: which side is more hate-filled?

David Brock's
Media Matters is really going off the deep end trying to prove Rush Limbaugh is actually happy hostages were taken in Iraq.

And no day is complete without several bizarre anti-O'Reilly tirades. So what if Keith Olbermann thinks he's the worst person in the world? Does that mean it's true? I don't understand Brock's FOX News fixation.

Having listened to the O'Reilly audio clip included in the Media Matters post, there's nothing particularly extreme there. Is the left merely alarmed at the extent of Bill's passion regarding George Soros and Peter Lewis?

Lots of shakeups related to liberal talk radio reported in Phoenix, Ohio and Texas. More details coming soon.

Congressman Bill Delahunt of Southeastern Massachusetts is a shameless apologist for Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez. The Wall Street Journal has the story Bay State newspapers refuse to write.

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Oakland photo: San Francisco Chronicle, Frederic Larson, Islam image: David A Lunde


  • Luckily for them, MediaMatters doesn't have to prove anything too hard since Rush Limbaugh actually did say there was a "part of me that likes this." So unless I'm missing something, he's at least somewhat pleased, if not all out happy.

    I had no idea quoting Bill O'Reilly verbatim was akin to "bizarre anti-O'Reilly tirades." News to me. And yes, O'Reilly is the worst person in the world. The Paris Business Review might not think so, but its true.

    Brian, really, why do you think Fox News hates Christmas and Christians. They were selling holiday ornimants and holiday trees until Media Matters and Daily Kos alerted them. Seriously, is Fox News part of the secular movement hell bent on destroying Christmas? Charlie Daniels, the thinkin' man's Jeff Foxxworthy, won't be too happy about that.

    By Blogger Mr. Kite, at 02 December, 2005 10:21  

  • does the ghastly deed of merely reporting exactly what unhinged hacks like Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh actually say - what an outrage - not.

    By Blogger Robert, at 02 December, 2005 10:43  

  • Limbaugh won't, and shouldn't, take back a single syllable of his comments -- because he has a valid point.

    Read the entire transcript: This is, reportedly, the same group that launched an inane "Adopt-A-Detainee" program.

    So what does that mean exactly? Well, check the Web site:
    "The Adopt-a-Detainee Letter-Writing Campaign, beginning in March 2004, matched individual detainees with congregations, mosques, synagogues, and peace groups in North America and around the world. These groups wrote letters to U.S., Iraqi and other relevant officials on the detainees' behalf."

    Get it? These starry-eyed dingbats apparently believe that terrorism is just a reaction to the oppressive foreign policy of the United States ... and that they can create a peaceful world by just making nice with these wonderful people who have legitimate grievances against America.

    Well, guess what, Pollyanna? You laid down with a rattlesnake and woke up with a couple of fangs in your neck. How ironic: The same sorts of Islamic radicals you've worked so hard to spring from prison just kidnapped you, blindfolded you and may even "Nick Berg" you before it's over with -- perhaps on videotape.

    Obviously (well, to most of us), Limbaugh's point isn't that kidnapping is good or that he wants harm to befall any of the hostages. What he's saying is, this is what happens when you become a useful idiot for barbarians -- and perhaps now, groups like CPT will figure out what they're dealing with.

    By Blogger The4thEstate, at 02 December, 2005 15:01  

  • MediaMatters is a hoot. They can't tell the difference between commentary and news.

    WABC is going oldies on Saturday nights from 6 to 10PM ET, not standards. Can't really blame them - NYC's 33 year Oldies station WCBS-FM flipped formats in June leaving a programming niche wide open for WABC, a heritage Top 40 station, to exploit. And weekend talk listenership is a fraction of weekday levels.

    By Blogger Scott Tilde, at 02 December, 2005 15:25  

  • Further on in the radio-info thread, you'll read about Al Franken mocking a legless Vietnam veteran.

    Anti-vet, anti-Protestant, anti-just about everything else. The only question now is: who in Minnesota will not automatically vote for his opponent?

    By Blogger LonewackoDotCom, at 02 December, 2005 15:54  

  • So Limbaugh isn't say he likes that they've been captured. He's saying he likes that they'll be shown the reality of terrorism. I see. Gotta love that end-justifies-the-means logic. But that's Rushbo for you. Shameless to the extreme.

    And no one is asking him to take back any syllables of his comments. We know he's too stubborn to do so.

    By Blogger Mr. Kite, at 02 December, 2005 15:54  

  • Mr. Kite wrote:So Limbaugh isn't say he likes that they've been captured. He's saying he likes that they'll be shown the reality of terrorism. I see. Gotta love that end-justifies-the-means logic. But that's Rushbo for you. Shameless to the extreme.
    And that's the Left for you -- clueless to the extreme. As these "peace activists" have demonstrated.

    Let me spell it out for you: Limbaugh's point is that you can't go around writing letters to get terrorists out of prison and then complain when these same terrorists (or their ideological comrades) treat you to the same barbaric behavior they've inflicted on thousands of other innocent civilians. Is that concept so difficult to grasp?

    Ask yourself this: Which side of the political aisle files court papers calling for the release of Guantanamo detainees -- the Right or the Left?

    Who worries more about profiling people at airports than about protecting Americans from terrorism -- the Right or the Left?

    Which types of judges continually dream up new "rights" for people who aren't American citizens and weren't even captured on American soil -- conservative or liberal?

    Or let me put it this way:

    The reason Limbaugh and the rest of us react the way we do about this situaion is because the Left and its inane terrorist sympathizers remind us of a person who repeatedly plays with matches and flips us off when we warn him that what he's doing is dangerous.

    Then, when he manages to set his own house on fire, he screams for the fire department to get there NOW and curses the homebuilder for using construction materials that weren't fireproof enough.

    It's not funny in a traditional sense, but it's certainly poetic justice.

    By Blogger The4thEstate, at 03 December, 2005 13:41  

  • situaion = situation

    By Blogger The4thEstate, at 03 December, 2005 13:42  

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