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09 December 2005



Winds clocked at 75mph here about 30 minutes ago, roof shingles and fence panels in mid-air, ice, thunder, lightning and television weathercasters all caught off guard. One said he was going to crawl under his desk. Plane struck by lightning at Logan Airport two hours ago.

I've never seen a storm like this: one minute it was partly cloudy, but within five minutes, there were gale-force winds and almost instant structural damage.

So many experienced weathercasters have recently been fired from Boston television stations that it turned into amateur hour at a critical time. Nice cost-cutting, guys, Todd Gross is laughing his head off.

Boston Herald update here.

As Howard Dean would say, YEARGGGHHH!

Still planning a number of stories for tonight and the weekend, power permitting (for some reason, it's still on here, but off everywhere else), so do check back.

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YEARGGGHHH by Roman Genn for Michelle Malkin's Unhinged


  • I got caught in that wind on my way back to work after lunch, here in Newport. I could see the sheets of rain zooming across the fifty years of parking lot between me and the building. It was a struggle to get across the icy pavement, I really had to bend my knees and push hard. Nearly got a bit of aluminum siding lodged in my brain on the way in. Quite a workout!

    By Blogger Robosquirrel, at 10 December, 2005 16:55  

  • Brian - down Cape, over 4,000 people STILL don't have power, and 200 yr old trees lie across the road like toothpicks.

    But hey, that can never compare to a three decker on fire in Dorchester for state-wide interest, right? Just ask Channels 4, 5 and 7!

    By Blogger Peter Porcupine, at 12 December, 2005 13:45  

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