The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

26 January 2006

Response To O'Reilly Factor- Fox News Channel Visit


To new readers arriving at The Radio Equalizer after last night's O'Reilly Factor guest visit. In addition to the essay I talked about with Bill, there are many other recent updates here on talk radio, television and politics.

Feel free to scroll down if you'd like to see them.

And to the regulars, thanks again for your support.

Meanwhile, Brainster offers his view of our Air America scandal coverage, as does Michelle Malkin, Ace Of Spades, Pardon My English and Free Republic.

Thanks also to Orbusmax, IHillary and Lundesigns.

The Political Teen has video of the segment, as does Blog For Books, while Musing Minds made a transcript. The blogosphere is officially on the ball.

Additional thanks: Viking Pundit, Memeorandum and California Conservative.

Watch for more investigative work in the days ahead and new material here later today.

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Frankenfallen: David A Lunde


  • Thanks for the link Brian. Mind & Media really appreciates it!

    By Blogger Stacy L. Harp, at 26 January, 2006 10:45  

  • Hi Y'all:
    Now that you've seen the fat, unattractive, unemployed, living off the largesse of his in-laws, loser Maloney on tv- (incidentally has there ever been a guy more appropriately tagged with the phrase "you've got a face for radio"? Too bad he hasn't the skill to have a radio job in years)

    Anyway, as a host on Air America, I provide you the service of knowing just who is trying to trump up a scandel of which AAR has not been a part of since they repaid this loan months ago!

    Notice the dim one's own bio on this very page-- "compared to Rush in TIME magazine..." ever wonder what that article actually said....

    It's entitled:

    Austin Nevada: Conspiracy USA, in the middle of nowhere where the highway is empty it all fits together.

    "The drive-time talk jock (out here it's always drive time) is the inflammatory Brian Maloney, who makes Rush Limbaugh sound like Alan Alda. Maloney tends to open his monologues with the question that prefaces most conspiracy rants: "Don't you find it interesting that...?" For Maloney, who preaches that President Clinton is an "agent of influence" for the Chinese, there seems to be no such thing as a meaningless coincidence... When a caller nominates Charlton Heston for Speaker of the House, it is not a joke."

    It really does all fit together doesn't it. You loon. /laughter

    p.s. I make $850,000.00 annually on AAR plus merchandising! That's exactly 850,000 dollars plus merchandising more than Maloney made in radio last year!

    By Blogger samseder, at 26 January, 2006 11:31  

  • Al Franken has three times the listeners in New York, in the 25-54 sought demographic, then Bill O'Lielly. How much does O'Lielly make for his dead one hour radio show?

    BTW, your statement about AAR being kept afloat by some loose money millionaire is without proof.

    By Blogger Dick Tuck, at 26 January, 2006 11:38  

  • When O'Lielly lies about the ratings, you simply nod and say "that's right." You know you don't subscribe to Arbitron, so have know idea that O'Lielly is lying about the ratings. You lack credibility. What's O'Lielly's ratings like?

    By Blogger Dick Tuck, at 26 January, 2006 11:40  

  • samseder:
    If they are paying an ass like you $850,000 a year + merchandising... then they are in real trouble!

    I base that observation on your childish comment - fortunately I've never heard (of)you. But then again I listen to people like Dennis Prager and would listen to Brian if he was available in the Twin Cities.

    Keep up the good work Brian, and I also appreciate The Political Teen with his vidio links.

    By Blogger nancy, at 26 January, 2006 12:56  

  • Great job on FOX last night. We're proud of our hometown boy. thanks for staying on the liars at AAR.

    By Blogger chardonnay1, at 26 January, 2006 14:30  

  • Its amazing how you and O'reilly consistently said that AAR were spreading propaganda, but failed to site anything. What cable news network uses the statement "some people say" to report news? and you say AAR reports propaganda. You both actually said you had it out for AAR. I thought Fox news was supposed to be fair and balanced. humm

    By Blogger Iraq War Veteran, at 26 January, 2006 22:18  

  • Brian did a great job.

    There's a new book out there exposing Franken from head to toe- 'Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives' (WND Books)

    By Blogger J.Payre, at 26 January, 2006 23:36  

  • Can I interject something here? I started listening to AAR on the internet the very first day they went on the air. I'm not crazy about Al's sense of humor (Sam is much funnier, Randi is funnier, and Marc Maron leaves them all in the dust), but his guests bring more intelligence to the radio in an hour than the collected right-wingnut spewmeisters bring in a year. Today was a great example of what I mean. Al brought on an economist from the regional Fed bank to talk about the economic payback for early childhood education. Since I'm an educator who's extremely alarmed at the right's decades-long efforts to dismantle public education, this was wonderful to hear. He got two segments to tell his story, and he made a very good job of presenting his methods and the implications for workforce development and the future of the country. He validated a big chunk of what I've believed, but he added a load of facts to back up my arguments.

    Is amadán thú, a Bhriain.

    By Blogger Jeany, at 27 January, 2006 23:07  

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