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12 June 2006

New Media Seminar, Ronan Tynan, New York City, Sean Hannity


At Talkers Convention, Some Show Disrespect

With one disturbing exception, Sean Hannity's "Opening Bash" reception at the now- concluded New Media Seminar in New York City was executed flawlessly.

Kicking off the annual convention of talk radio's key players at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Battery Park, Hannity and ABC invited legendary Irish tenor Ronan Tynan to sing a moving rendition of "God Bless America".

And as one would expect, he delivered the goods. Providing a rare, up-close experience in a small setting, Tynan's immense talent made it look simply effortless.

Sadly, there was one barrier between the famous tenor and his audience: a small group of radio execs and others (perhaps 15-20 people) who carried on cell phone conversations and chatted with fellow attendees. One major suit, best known for his support of liberal talk radio, was a standout offender.

Even as others turned around to give these jerks a disapproving stare, the message simply couldn't cut through their sheer arrogance.

For a few of these egomaniacs, the attitude is clear: I'm running your stations, what are you going to do about it? I'll do what I please!

Next time your favorite conservative host is canned, do keep in mind the unfortunate fact that these very clods oversee many hundreds of talk radio stations across the country.

Was their blabbing a verbal form of flag- burning? To your Radio Equalizer, it sure felt that way.

One liberal who did show respect was Jerry Springer. Successfully able to ignore the conversations going on immediately around him, we watched Jerry instead give eye contact and avoid the annoying distractions.

To the culprits in this sad display of disrespect: next time, SHUT THE HELL UP during "God Bless America". If it happens again, your favorite Radio Equalizer will name names. Consider this your only warning.

ALSO: Over the next several days, watch for extensive coverage of the convention at both Inside Radio and the Radio Equalizer.

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Springer photo: James Edstrom, NBC


  • This is great parody writing, B.M.

    Too bad you couldn't call Jimmy Stewart from the grave to provide the keynote, rescue a kitty cat from a tree, pull a baby out of a well, and birth quintuplets.

    It's pure gold.

    By Blogger WHT, at 12 June, 2006 23:23  

  • Let me know where the kitty is, and I'll be right there.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 13 June, 2006 04:27  

  • i was actually at this convention too, and i particularly noticed one man (some douche with a goatee and spiked hair, possibly early to mid thirties) who was from the Heritage Foundation, who talked on his phone and to other guests during every presentation.

    By Blogger hardcore conservative genious, at 13 June, 2006 09:51  

  • Guess one can't judge a book by its cover--I usually equate spiked hair, a goatee et al with liberals. Takes all kinds I guess.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 13 June, 2006 19:22  

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