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07 November 2006

Rep Jim Gibbons, State Senator Dina Titus, Nevada


Dirty Anti- Gibbons Campaign Is America's Sleaziest

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When political historians someday look back on the 2006 elections, one contest will surely stand out for its sewer- level attacks against a man who truly didn't deserve them: Rep Jim Gibbons (R- NV).

Your Radio Equalizer can speak from personal experience on this one: something's truly rotten in Vegas.

Gibbons is running for governor of Nevada against longtime Democrat State Senator Dina Titus and had long been expected to win the race handily.

That all changed, however, when a barrage of truly disgusting allegations were suddenly piled on top of Gibbons in the final weeks of the campaign.

Titus, a UNLV political science professor and Silver State facsimile of nasty Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire, denies responsibility for any of the ugly attacks, but the reality is that it all has to be coming from somewhere.

And that somewhere surely must include the Friends Of Titus who work in the Las Vegas- area media, in addition to the left side of the blogosphere, which has been smelling blood on this one since the summertime.

All of this is especially disturbing when one considers that this is perhaps Nevada's first legitimate gubernatorial election, where the candidates were truly selected by Silver State citizens, rather than forced upon them by powerful and shadowy casino operators.

In the past, both Democrats and Republicans have simply been selected by gambling interests utilizing their shady and high- powered Carson City lobbyists. Senator Harry Reid, by the way, is a product of this very same regime. But explosive population growth has somewhat diminished the power of the casino owners in recent years.

Gibbons, the only House member who served in both the Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars, has a blemish- free record on Capitol Hill going back to 1996, which makes these allegations all the more suspicious. Serving a huge district that includes most of the state outside of Las Vegas, he has sailed to re-election victory each time since then. Over the course of a decade, the media has had every opportunity to rip him apart, had they seen a reason to do so.

Far ahead in the polls until recent weeks, Gibbons has been accused of hiring an illegal alien, dispensing favors to contributors and worst of all, actually attacking a woman inside a Las Vegas parking structure on October 13.

That woman, Chrissy Mazzeo, a 32- year- old cocktail waitress (shown in this AP photo), seemed especially confident of her allegations until security officers in charge of the facility realized they did in fact have recorded footage of the time and place where Mazzeo claimed the incident had occurred.

And sure enough, when the video was reviewed (after Gibbons went to court to have it released), there was absolutely no evidence to support her claims, despite the fact that 25 cameras were positioned inside the car park.

As for the claims that Jim and Dawn Gibbons had once hired an illegal immigrant, there is some truth to the allegation, but it is an old one. So old, in fact, that it predates Jim's first congressional run. And newspapers did cover it at the time!

At most, this flap makes the Gibbons family guilty of hypocrisy on the illegal immigration issue and he will take his lumps for that today. But an examination by a Las Vegas television station brought forward evidence that Dawn had taken well- meaning steps to legitimize their housekeeper.

From YouTube, here's the investigative piece:

Between 1996 and 1998, your Radio Equalizer got to know both Rep Gibbons and wife Dawn (who has also served in the Nevada State Assembly) quite well while working in the state as a radio talk show host on KOH 780 AM. During his first congressional campaign, Gibbons was a key focus of our attention on the program.

As a result, I was with both of them in a variety of settings, including in- person interviews at the station, fundraising events in private homes, at his congressional office in Reno, political events and elsewhere.

In no instance did I detect the slightest bit of questionable behavior from either one of them. Considering that I've worked around a number of candidates and politicians over the years, it quickly becomes easy to get a sense of who is trustworthy and who has something to hide.

In fact, they both come across as far more genuine than most in politics, without the phony personality issues that sometimes makes the business tough to stomach. Gibbons stands out as the cleanest of them all and his last 10 years in the House Of Representatives certainly backs up my gut sense about him.

While there's no evidence at this time to back up any assertion that Sen Titus is behind any of the sleaze, I've had a few run-ins with her as well. During that time I often covered the Nevada State Legislative in Carson City, where it was hard not to bump into Titus, who treated the place as though it was her fortress.

I'll never forget one incident that occurred when broadcasting from the Capitol lobby, when I made a critical remark about Titus. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she appeared from an unmarked side door I thought was a closet, but was really an unused back exit from her office.

In an instant, she was staring right at me, projecting a death ray that remains embedded in my mind to this day.

Had she heard my critical remark on her office radio? You betcha.

If Gibbons does in fact win today, it will be because voters have rejected the truly disgusting tactics utilized in what is by far America's sleaziest 2006 contest. At the same time, Nevada will be well- served by its first truly independent, casino- free governor.

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  • I was surprised by Dina's campaign. Her ads never told us a thing about her which leads me to believe that there isn't much there.

    Your analysis appears to be right on.

    The DEMS are talking about picking up votes because they represent the values of people --- what values did Dina project? Oh, yes, the John Kerry values...enough said.

    By Blogger Kurt, at 07 November, 2006 11:02  

  • This "ad" is reflective of the Republican party.

    Instead of calling you the Republican party were going to call you the Ted Haggerty party. Conduct is more important than words Kurt.

    enough said.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 07 November, 2006 13:10  

  • Elmonica, you are truly a broken record.

    By Blogger CowboyBebop, at 07 November, 2006 13:48  

  • Desperate right wing Maloney with a desperate attempt at showing "dems being negative"
    Dems are not the party in trouble for threatening voters, heard about Virginia?? Yep, they are threatening Democrats with arrest if they vote. They are looking into voter intimidation charges in Virginia by Senator Macacawitz.
    Lets not forget the robo-dialers, tricking voters into thinking Democrats are calling them over and over, while its the Republicans

    They are filthy, filthy people. filthy Anti-American perverted freaks. If you support the GOP you support voter supression,intimidation and pedophilia. No cowboyboylover, this will NEVER go away. We will call you freaks pedophiles forever. You no longer control smear, name calling and ad-hom. You thought you can do it forever, you though the right wing can call people "traitors", "homos" etc etc, without retaliation. Now , it's your turn, to take the abuse, you filthy filthy little nazi

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 07 November, 2006 14:28  

  • Minister of Propaganda, et al.

    You really do have serious problems, you should talk to someone about. I say this seriously, kindly, and gently.

    It is simply not normal to get this excited, even for a mid-term election.

    Nothing in this discussion rises to the level of the personal name calling that you are doing.

    Please think about this, and consider getting help.

    You do have moments when you can make a serious point, -as an aquaintence of some time now - I'm getting concerned about your behavior over recent weeks.

    This story is about election dirty tricks - something as old as the Republic or perhaps as old as the Roman Senate. Consider commenting on the story....

    By Blogger Lokki, at 07 November, 2006 15:04  

  • Poor Elmonica. Nothing new, nothing original. oh yeah, it's the Dem motto. attack, make some stuff up, get some dead people to vote, then scream racism when they ask for ID.


    By Blogger Owen, at 07 November, 2006 18:41  

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