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30 October 2006

Rush Limbaugh, Washington Post


Media Types Continue Relentless Rush Bashing

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Taking advantage of
the current climate to further pound away at Rush Limbaugh, several mainstream media outlets have now moved into some rather strange territory. But hey, in a truly one- sided newsroom environment, who's going to keep partisan attitudes in check?

Leading the way is the Washington Post, where a piece by William Saletan in yesterday's edition suggested that Limbaugh's show is a great place for unmotivated freeloaders to get worked up over welfare cheats as they pass the hours:

I once had a friend who listened to Rush Limbaugh three hours a day. He was a Republican operative. He sat in my apartment, wearing headphones, while I worked. He swore that if I put on the headphones for 10 minutes, I'd be hooked. So I put them on.

Inside the headphones was another world. Everyone in this world thought the same way, except for liberals, and they were only cartoon characters, to be defeated as though in a video game. In the real world, my friend was unemployed and had been staying with me, rent-free, for two months. But inside the headphones, he could laugh about welfare bums instead of pounding the pavement.

I thought about that last week when Limbaugh went after his latest target: Michael J. Fox. The actor, who has Parkinson's disease, has been appearing in ads for candidates who support government-funded embryonic stem cell research. The ads promote such research as a potential cure for Parkinson's and other diseases.

There you have it: this poor liberal reporter was kind enough to offer his "Republican operative" friend a free place to stay, but Rush Limbaugh kept him from being motivated enough to find a job!

Stop it, Rush, you're hurting people!

Elsewhere, liberal political cartoonists have especially been taking liberties with the fallout of the Rush / Michael J Fox flap, carrying the story to fresh extremes. At NewsBusters, Noel Sheppard has been keeping track:

It’s election season: Do you know where good taste is?

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mike Luckovich certainly doesn’t. In the past week, he has published two cartoons mocking conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s recent brouhaha with Michael J. Fox.

One used flag-draped caskets to make a truly sardonic point (hat tip to Ms Underestimated), while another could have come straight out of an absurdly sophomoric piece of tripe written by so-called comedian Al Franken. Shouldn't fat jokes be anathema to a Pulitzer Prize winner?

Click here to see the cartoons in question.

With liberal media types still feeling there is much to gain by attacking Rush, expect this trend to continue, particularly through election day.

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  • I agreee with the Washington Post op-ed. Limbaugh listeners are unemployed freeloaders, I used to personally know someone similiar to the person described in the op-ed, an unemployed cocaine addict, who inherited a little money, ran a small business into the ground and was 6 moths behiend on rent. Always focused on "liberals" and always listening to Limbaugh.
    Limbaugh is for the bigot whute trash failure, who can not take responsibility.
    Yes the drug addled pig is a bigot. Remember his T.V show, he talked about "welfare mothers" implying they are all black and ran a picture of a chimp in the background?? The scum ignored the fact that only 30% of welfare mothers are black. Remember that one? He can run, but the drug addled pig, can not hide from his past.
    limbaugh listeners are mostly low lifes or the inheritedly rich

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 30 October, 2006 12:00  

  • "Limbaugh, on the other hand, flagrantly broke the law by procuring large amounts of drugs and then escaped the punishment that someone who is not white, wealthy and famous would have gotten. He spends his time insulting people and gets paid handsomely to do so; now we have seen that even those with serious diseases don’t get a reprieve from his cruel bluster. And his apology doesn’t cancel out the nastiness of his original comment."

    Patti Davis - Ronald Reagan's daughter.

    By Blogger Robert, at 30 October, 2006 13:24  

  • "I agreee with the Washington Post op-ed. Limbaugh listeners are unemployed freeloaders..."

    Regretably, you anecdotal evidence isn't supported by any statistics... However I can give an interesting one:

    Rush has tons of sponsors who advertise on his show because people listen to the advertisements and buy things.

    Now Franken, on the other hand, has no advertising sponsors... presumably because no one listening to the show buys anything.

    Now, given this empirical evidence, which group -Liberals or Conservatives - would appear to have more disposable income?

    By Blogger Lokki, at 30 October, 2006 16:03  

  • Not true. Franken has sponsors.

    In fact, there seem to be more of them then prior to the bankruptcy.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 30 October, 2006 16:44  

  • Must be those really stupid advertisers Lokki, buying ads to target folks who as "unemployed freeloaders" cant afford to buy any of the advertisers products. But then if advertisers were all smart, why would any of them be paying for time on Airhead America? Or is all about making campaign contributions in excess of McCain Feingold limits those the vehicle of Airhead? Hmmmm

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 30 October, 2006 18:45  

  • I don't know why, stupidlyonsteroids.

    I'm not an unemployed freeloader, none of my friends, loved ones, relatives, etc., are unemployed freeloaders, and we all listen to Air America!

    Most likely, we'd be targeted as better consumers because we buy and don't steal!

    (Just a guess.)

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 30 October, 2006 19:58  

  • Strawman: I can turn around and state that I know one person - and I do - who listens to my local AAR affiliate all day, and is currently working on his second re-up of his unemployment. Thus, utilizing the mad logickal skillz you have displayed here, I can conclude that AAR listeners are, in the main, unemployed slackers who would rather sit around and listen to the radio all day and let my taxes pay their way.

    You may have something good to say, but every time you generalize an argument (thus getting your nickname "Strawman") like you did in your response, you piss people off and turn them off to anything else you might have to say.

    And FWIW - if (as you suggest) "only 30% of welfare mothers are black" but African Americans constitute roughly 12% of the population, then those numbers demonstrate that that, at that time, African American females were disproportionately represented on the welfare roles.

    Think before you spew. It'll make you look a lot less like hash.

    Hash - you say Franken has sponsors. Who are they? How many sponsors did Franken have pre-chapter 11 as opposed to post-chapter 11?

    By Blogger JD, at 30 October, 2006 21:11  

  • Well, I'm not really a big follower of Al Franken's program, but the sponsors I did notice on his program seemed to grow sparser as AAR's first phase drew to a close.

    What I have observed in passing was the sponsors I have heard post-Chapter 11 seemed a bit more respectable in terms of corporate recognition. I'll definitely keep an ear out for any particular names. It's not a BIG difference-but it is perceptible.

    Now, the other side of that coin is that, recently, I've had cause to monitor Limbaugh's program, and I've noticed a marked DECREASE in the perceived status of his sponsors. Some of them seemed to be targeted to the "World Net Daily" fringe of the right-gold, quack curatives, and the such. That's not characteristic of Rush-much more reflective of Levin, Savage, and the like.

    This is significant because, apart from the substantial number of listeners who will definitely be taking a hiatus from his program for a while (it's decidedly not kosher for your average rising executive to be HEARD listening, while public opinion among working people is almost totally against him), these ads are evidently national and I would imagine this would make more than a few eyebrows go up.

    You won't see much fallout regarding this fool's vicious rantings and performance art until after year-end, when such decisions have been well-conferred and decided upon.

    Listening to Limbaugh, I realized just how "unhinged" and irrational his bloviating really has become. I think, if you're a regular listener, it may not be as perceptible. I must say I was startled by his deterioration, and, as the nation moves toward change and listeners realize Franken is eminently more sensible and far more grounded in reality, I believe many centrist-right types bored with Rush's bombast may choose to disagree with the dullard they dislike, then tune in with a psychotic they agree with.

    Folks, it's that obvious.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 30 October, 2006 23:51  

  • Hash Translation: "I don't have a fookin' clue what I'm talking about, but I thought I'd throw some crap out and see if the folks on the Equalizer would believe it. But, since I got called on it, I think I'll double down... toss some more unsubstantiated crap up on the wall and see what sticks."

    C'mon, hash - "perceived DECREASE in the perceived status of his sponsors" ? And who, exactly, is conducting that 'perception' - You? The Strawman?

    Give us a little credit here, dude. You're screwing yourself into the ground on this one.

    By Blogger JD, at 31 October, 2006 00:08  

  • Hash must have the inside scoop on Rush. Let’s see next year where he is and where Al Franken is. My money is on Rush kicking Al’s Butt. Any takers.

    By Blogger PF1, at 31 October, 2006 00:41  

  • I just have that feeling.

    I'm not saying he's going down for the count, but I believe, if he doesn't pull himself together and get some help, he's going to run into bad seasons until he does.

    There is definitely a serious problem there.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 31 October, 2006 00:44  

  • While I sure this poll would be dismissed by Maloney, it is a telling indication of where mainstream America stands.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 31 October, 2006 01:35  

  • Hash

    They have been saying that for a longtime. You are right it might happen one day. I do not think it will, but I have not been listening in the last few years because of work(notice the time I am blogging) I do not blame the left for hating him he is good at what he does. Their is no one better.

    By Blogger PF1, at 31 October, 2006 02:09  

  • Hash you calling me ( or anyone for that matter ) stupid, is well a "pot have you met this kettle as yet?" kind of a moment. Seriously, anyone but the congentially stupid would still be embarassed by their claiming Rob Glazer as an evil conservative out to sabotage Airhead America.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 31 October, 2006 13:02  

  • Why is our country divided?
    For eight years, limbaugh, has been the "spokes puppet" vehicle of the Bush Administration's strategy of "divide & conquer". His venue is his syndicated "entertainment" radio show from which he incessantly spews hatred toward all Americans, who, under their "freedom of though & speech", disagree with bush. They are accused of being, Anti-American, not patriotic, the enemy; it is "them vs. us". Again, divide & conquer. How Un-American is that! His followers are like little sheep who assume his ill spirited thinking, only to regurgitate his venom as though it were a religion. Talk to any limbaugh follower across this country, and you will hear the same mantra. Now limbaugh and his right wingers can begin their despicable attack on President, Barack Obama. How American is that!

    By Blogger suzie, at 05 November, 2008 02:30  

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