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31 January 2007

Rush Limbaugh, Seattle Radio Ratings


In Seattle, Rush Now Leads All News And Talk Shows

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For any successful talk station, just how important is Rush Limbaugh?

In Seattle, an ultra- competitive talk radio market, new ratings results representing the all- important Fall 2006 Arbitron Ratings Survey underscore the tremendous impact of featuring the nation's number one host.

For the first time in recent memory, El Rushbo is not only fending off four competitors during his 9am - noon timeslot, he's beating every news and talk show heard anywhere in the region, liberal or conservative and regardless of the time slot.

With a staggering 116% percent surge in the key adults aged 25-54 demographic, Rush clobbered everything the Puget Sound Area had to offer, with an enormous 5.4 share of the audience.

Heard on Bonneville's newly- acquired KTTH-AM, the talk titan scored three times the audience of longtime KIRO libtalker Dave Ross, who has been struggling for some time. And Rush ran circles around the liberal- conservative team of Ken Schram and John Carlson on the once- proud KVI, beating them by a factor of four.

In addition, he more than doubled his "progressive" competition at CBS Radio's KPTK- AM.

Beyond his own results, a carryover effect was felt on KTTH for programs that precede and follow his, leading to an overall surge for the station. Meanwhile, Limbaugh's former Seattle - Tacoma outlet, KVI- AM, has been badly hurt by the loss of his program.

Amplifying the damage, the addition of local shows featuring liberals and moderates has likely alienated KVI's traditional audience. Once a ratings powerhouse, KVI now ranks fifth overall among news and talk stations in the area.

In addition to KVI's significant weakness, KTTH is troubled between 3pm and midnight, while KIRO is in very bad shape during the evenings and some midday hours. In fact, KTTH now beats KIRO overall in the 25-54 demo.

So far, an hour- long local daily show hosted by former MSNBC anchor Ron Reagan Jr has not produced ratings results for KIRO, or much of a buzz in the Emerald City.

Previously, we've mentioned Limbaugh's strong ratings results in other cities, including Boston. So far, Rush has seen a small decline in Chicago and a larger one in Portland, Oregon. But overall, he's still going strong.

Disclosure note: your Radio Equalizer has previously worked as a host at KVI, in addition to KIRO, under its outgoing ownership regime.

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  • The Fishers had to mess with success. Maybe they should just sell before they make KVI a block timer like the Beatons did to KIEV in Los Angeles and then sold it. KIEV is now KRLA.

    By Blogger PCD, at 31 January, 2007 09:06  

  • Being a Rush 24/7 Member I wonder how many listen to the pod casts.

    I do listen to Rush live if I am out and about. But the pod cast is incredible on the step mill and on long drives.

    I do drop in on both KTTH with Micheal Medved abd KVI Sean Hannity occasionally..

    Once in awhile I am abused by Michael Savage... but rarely..

    By Blogger Jetero, at 31 January, 2007 11:39  

  • do you hate America, jetero, you little pillow biting con sissy ?

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 31 January, 2007 12:59  

  • Sewerboy, AKA Minister of Poop, Can you cease being an immature little jerk? Care to threaten me with a visit from your wife (for the what numbered time?)??

    By Blogger PCD, at 31 January, 2007 13:28  

  • MoP, your vitriole and hyperbole are doing nothing but contributing to the knee-jerk reactionism which drives politics in general...

    seriously, I don't expect Brian to be a reasoned "reporter", nor do I expect his supporters to hold him to anything resembling ethics or integrity.

    however, your words and responses are blatantly insupportable, as you have descended some time ago into rampant hatred and self-delusion (regarding the worthiness of your efforts here - mind you, in that sense, we're all delusional :) but not all of us are extreme).

    I may point out what I consider relevant factual errors in judgement on Brian's part, but I do not resort to unhinged hatred.

    your efforts are only feeding the broken system - a system upon which people like Brian are counting upon.

    after all, it is the extremist who supports folks like Brian and his ilk (please note - I'm not referring to specific political party or bent - this is a systemic problem). And extremist like you, MoP, provide them the windmills at which they prefer to tilt.

    Stick to the sheer facts. Call them out on provable facts. Stop descending into rampant useless hatred.

    Or shut up.

    You're not helping anyone, including yourself.

    By Blogger TJ, at 31 January, 2007 14:51  

  • TJ
    someone has to treat the radical right, the same way they treat us. It is that simple. I dubunk facts and also baselessly attack, because they do. They do it, I will do it. Not rocket science

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 31 January, 2007 15:44  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger TJ, at 31 January, 2007 15:58  

  • Rather than starve the beast, you choose to feed it.

    That's quite the opposite of a reasonable tactic, in my opinion.

    Honestly, I would hope that everyone ignores you, MoP. You do nothing to improve the discourse.

    By your own admittance, you simply resort to using their tactics against them...however, the tactics used (and not just by "them" - there are plenty of examples out there on both sides) are simply for sport - to appeal to the worst in people, for the purposes of ratings and income.

    Nothing wrong with ratings or income, mind you.

    I personally have behaved as you currently are, MoP, and am ashamed that I have to admit it.

    Shining the light of Brian's own fact to try to get him to realize just how awful, pathetic and disingenous some of his posts are is a pointless, self-serving excercise, but I don't think I raise it to he level of hyperbole anymore. I certainly have fun with it, and get goofy with it- but I don't get crazy.

    I guess the real difference betwixt you and I is that I toy with it at a much more intellectual level.

    enjoy your hatred, MoP - I hope it's not the most joy you get out of life.

    By Blogger TJ, at 31 January, 2007 16:12  

  • and while I'm speaking of intellectual honesty...

    there's virtually nothing I can find "wrong" with this report, Brian.

    You do well when you omit the unnecessary and childish snarkiness that is too often your nature put on display.

    Try, oh try to remain sensible.

    By Blogger TJ, at 31 January, 2007 16:53  

  • Brian will you please give us Savage's ratings on KTTH? Thanks.

    By Blogger joe, at 31 January, 2007 19:27  

  • Joe, Savage is faring poorly on KTTH these days, as is Bryan Suits on KVI at the same time. Afternoon drive is a real weak point for both stations.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 31 January, 2007 21:45  

  • Welcome back Brian. Missed your commentary. And you started out with the radio ratings of my local stations.

    It confirms what I thought. Ken Shrambo has destroyed KVI. John Carlson is a pompous ass when paired with Shrambie. He does much better by himself on the 3 to 6 show.

    Bryan Suits is a good kid, but he doesn't have a radio voice.

    How is KTTH doing with their sports venture?

    And Savage, when I mistakenly get on the station, it is usually there for only a few seconds.

    By Blogger tradersmith, at 01 February, 2007 09:55  

  • Yes TJ, the tatics are low, but TJ, these tatics work, a literal ad-hom "attack the lib media" has successfully molded the minds of many a young voters into becomming Republicans, based on ad-hom attacks on liberals. It appeals to a certain element, mainly young people. I find nothing wrong with using the same tatic on the right from the left. If the insults are found entertaining from the right, why should someone such as myself ( a podcaster and web stream host) not use them as well? It has appeal. It is more entertaining than NPR style radio, although I personally prefer serious discussion. The straight foward style of say a Hartman, does not appeal to enough people, where as an angry, viscious host like Marc Levin or say Bob Grant, have much appeal. I use the same venom and anger (and yes sometimes hate and below the belt insults) to the same effect.
    I guess it is not called for on this blog though, you have a point.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 01 February, 2007 11:06  

  • Sorry, Brian, you were here all the time; it was my browser which went south on me for yours and hot airs web sites. I have to do a special refresh. I was stuck on Jan 18.

    By Blogger tradersmith, at 01 February, 2007 11:49  

  • I love it when a talk show host can make a major dent in ratings in a part of the country that left America years ago.

    By Blogger Owen, at 01 February, 2007 20:39  

  • Oweeeee, there are only two parts of the country that have "left" America, and that is Washington, DC, and Crawford, Texas.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 01 February, 2007 22:10  

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