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12 April 2007

Imus, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, MSNBC Cancels Simulcast, Nappy-Headed Hos


Pumped Up After Victory, Jackson, Sharpton Push For More

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Over the past few years, your Radio Equalizer's opposition to Don Imus has been made more than clear.

If Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don't quit while they are way, way ahead, however, they are risking a sympathetic backlash in the I-Man's favor. With their own heavy baggage from past misdeeds, many have noted the deep irony of seeing these two on a high horse regarding race issues.

Not content just to see Imus off the air, Jackson and Sharpton are now making a full- court press to seize control of MSNBC's entire schedule! From there, they'll grab all of NBC and CBS to boot.

Now that's an ego trip.

Don't believe your Radio Equalizer? Take a look for yourself:

The Rev. Al Sharpton said in New York that he would put pressure on CBS but that the issue was larger than Imus.

"I think we also have to have now a broad discussion on how the music industry allows this to be used," Sharpton said. "I don't think that we should stop at NBC, and I don't think we should stop at Imus."

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said he planned to meet with CBS and NBC executives on Thursday with a delegation of other civil rights activists and lawmakers to discuss the Imus situation and diversity in broadcasting.

"Imus is on 1,040 hours a week and yet they have virtually no black show hosts. That is true for other networks as well," Jackson said. "We must raise the ethical standard for all of them."

On second thought, Jesse, that's a brilliant idea! Let's review the entire MSNBC lineup and cut some of the deadweight.

Your Radio Equalizer nominates Keith Olbermann to take the first hit, followed by Chris Matthews and much of the remaining schedule.

Who exactly did you have in mind to fill those positions? Yourself, you say? As well as a slot for Sharpton?

Go ahead, you can have the entire network, as nobody's watching it anyway.

MSNBS, Olbybaby: David A Lunde

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  • i thought the fatwa against olbermann
    had been rescinded
    since your attack dog execs
    essentially had him muzzled

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 April, 2007 00:26  

  • Actually, when will MSNBC just dry up and blow away?

    Who really watches it?

    By Blogger PCD, at 12 April, 2007 10:24  

  • There are only 168 hours per week, yet the reverend says Imus is on 1040 of them.

    Can anyone explain this?

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 12 April, 2007 15:52  

  • Missouri,

    Sharpton is a big mouthed idiot for whom reality bites. He's almost as bad as a slip and fall ambulance chasing Democrat with his lack of math skills.

    Sharpton must not have finished lying on his federal tax return and had that on his mind when he made that statement.

    By Blogger PCD, at 12 April, 2007 16:12  

  • it is a shame that jesse jackson is only looking for a way to sepparate the black and white groups,he didnt win the Imas issue just waite a month and see,don was out of line on what he said but jackson and sharpton are trying to make don out to be some serious giggot,he raises millions for black and white children,and canser,what has jackson ever done. He calls himself a reverand but he cheats on his wife he should be removed from being a reverand,those are solum vows we take and he cant even follow them.what gives him the voice of american morals.I use to believe in free speach.I may not agree with imus but,dont listen

    By Blogger robinhood, at 12 April, 2007 17:43  

  • Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton the face of the democratic party, LOL

    By Blogger pf1, at 13 April, 2007 03:24  

  • pcd

    "Sharpton is a big mouthed idiot for whom reality bites..."

    lovin' that hate speech, cracker


    check your attitude or I assure you we can furnish you with candidates even more unpalatable to you

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 April, 2007 07:21  

  • You can't do shit because you are weak.

    By Blogger pf1, at 13 April, 2007 07:55  

  • don't bet on it, pussy crybaby

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 April, 2007 11:34  

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