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11 May 2007

JV & Elvis Fired, Chinese Restaurant Prank, Free FM New York


Hannity: Shockers Lose Show Over Chinese Prank

An on- air stunt involving a nasty prank call to a Chinese restaurant has apparently led to the sackings of two New York City- based shock jocks.

According to Sean Hannity on Friday's Hannity & Colmes show, FREE FM / New York's JV & Elvis were canned today after a weeks- long suspension. Until now, it was unclear whether the duo would return to the airwaves.

Including anti- Asian language that some found offensive, the phone call featured a robotic sounding voice that attempted to order "fried lice". Now, it seems, the duo will have plenty of time to enjoy the Pu-Pu Platters at their neighborhood Asian take- away.

For our previous coverage of the story, click here.

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