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26 June 2007

Rush Limbaugh, Trent Lott, Talk Radio


Back From Golf Trip, Rush Feeling Powerful

After a week away, Rush Limbaugh clearly couldn't wait to return to the airwaves and resume running the country. For the occasion, his website was redesigned and new graphic images now proclaim the talk titan as our nation's leader.

But instead of merely joking about Senator Trent Lott's assertion that talk radio is calling the shots in America, Limbaugh tore into the Republican from Mississippi yesterday, accusing him of "trying to slither out of this" in a weekend news show appearance:

RUSH: All right, Trent Lott. He made this comment actually before last week, but only yesterday did he show up on Fox News Sunday to discuss this. What he said was talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem. It's about the immigration bill and how the people on talk radio got the immigration bill killed. And Lott thinks it's a problem. So he shows up on television yesterday with Chris Wallace and Senator Dianne Feinstein.

One of the questions that Wallace asked Trent Lott was this. "Let's start with the controversy over talk radio because Senator Lott you stirred up quite a hornet's nest this week when you said, 'Talk radio is running America, we have to deal with that problem.' Here was the reaction from a conservative talk show host."

RUSH ARCHIVE: Talk radio is the American voter. That's what bothers Trent Lott.

WALLACE: Senator, your response.

LOTT: One of the mistakes that we have made many times on legislation is it's introduced, it comes out of committee, we bring it to the floor, we never bother to explain what we're trying to do and what is in it. I think that was the mistake that was made with immigration. Talk radio defined it without us explaining that there were reasons for it and the good things that were in it. So the onus is not on them. It's on us to do a better job of communicating what we're trying to do.

RUSH: Trying to slither out of this.

LOTT: -- look, I've been defended by talk radio many times --

RUSH: Damn right.

LOTT: -- and I will support their right to tell their side of the story, right, left, or the middle, forever. I don't think in this Fairness Doctrine it would try to require that there be X-amount on both sides is fair. So, you know, it's caused quite a stir, but, you know, it goes with the territory.

RUSH: What a slither job that was. He slithered out of that. Well, I can't describe how things in my life have slithered out of my control and keep it family oriented, but I'm telling you, this is -- (laughing) -- he did not want to be held account to this. "Oh, that's not what I mean." So the next question, "Senator, I'm not going to let you off the hook quite that easily. You said this also last week. 'I'm sure senators on both sides of the aisle being pounded by these talk radio people don't even know what's in the bill.' Now, I talked to some of the talk radio people, and they say you make it sound like they're leading around their listeners like a bunch of sheep. They say, look, they know what's in the bill, the listeners know what's in the bill, and they don't like it."

LOTT: As a matter of fact, I do talk radio in my own state in particular, but others, and I'm sure Diane does, too. I was doing one interview, and the talk radio host said to his credit, "What are you trying to do here?" And I explained that we were trying to improve a bad situation. And that's a summation of it. And he said, "Well, tell me four things in this bill that you think are significantly better than the current law." So I ticked them all. He said, "That's in there?" I said, yeah. See, that's the point. It's not that they are maliciously trying to --

RUSH: Oh, here we go.

LOTT: -- distort it, and this is a complicated bill with a lot of moving parts. Some of it I don't like. You know, I'm not committed to voting for the final product. The wheels may come off. But I am committed to trying. That's what the United States Senate should be trying to do.

RUSH: Well, Senator Lott, ladies and gentlemen, has asked to say something to those of you in this audience as a result of this controversy. (Trent Lott message spoof.) You know what I thought about doing today? I ought to not tell you; I'll just do it one day. No, I'll tell you. I actually thought about showing up here today with a gag in my mouth and still talking to you. To speak as though I am being gagged, sort of like I used to put the condom on the microphone to illustrate safe talk or the absurdity of safe sex and to put the gag in my mouth and say, "Hi, folks, this is Rush Limbaugh, the man who is running America." And, by the way, when they say talk radio, they mean Rush Limbaugh.

Coming back from Vermont on, I guess Thursday afternoon after we played up there, we had Fox News on the airplane, and I'm watching, they're playing videotape of me in the studio doing the program and talking to somebody about this Think Progress report or this Center for American Progress, the John Podesta group that thinks that there's a big problem with talk radio, needs to be handled legislatively.

One of the gentlemen on the airplane, one of the guests said, "Why are you in this?" I said, "Because I am talk radio." He's a Connecticut guy, not sure what this was all about, reads the New York Times. I'm watching this, and it is kind of surreal. So I thought about showing up here with a gag in my mouth, as the man who runs America. But let me say this.

As the man who runs America, and Trent Lott I don't think successfully slithered out of that comment -- if I'm running America, here are my decisions today. I'm going to have more decisions for America tomorrow and maybe even some the day after that. I have decided today as the man who runs America to move Trent Lott from the Senate back to the House. I have decided that tax cuts are no longer temporary. They are permanent. I have decided that September will be American Excellence Month. I have decided that energy independence will be a reality and not a slogan. Therefore I am authorizing ANWR on a fast track and we're going to build ten new nuclear plants starting tomorrow. Number five, I pronounce speaker Nancy Pelosi a failed leader of the House.

To your Radio Equalizer, what was most alarming was the amount of agreement between Lott and Feinstein during their weekend interview. Is there any difference between the two parties at this point?

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  • Let's seeif the Patriotic Pig man, freak address's this issue
    Lawrence M. Lebowitz, Vice President of Marketing, Cohen & Grigsby.

    OK Immigration Watchdog members, if that does not grab your attention, you must in a coma. Eddie, get the bucket handy for this one. Your pants are going to fit much better after this one. Send this to all Americans who care about the systematic replacement of the American worker by cheaper foreign labor. All done legally and in the public eye. Disgusting! This is a wake up call.

    This video is causing quite a reaction on You Tube and among Information Technology world. They’re pissed off!! I caught drift of this legal scam on Lou Dobbs today. Dobbs exposed this charade by bringing to light little known videos on You Tube. A law firm in Pittsburgh gives a presentation on how to disqualify American workers and higher lower wage immigrants through various visa programs.

    The videos have since been removed due to the outrage. Luckily, an intelligent patriot captured the videos before they were pulled and produced a highlights version now showing on the You Tube web site. After watching it, you may want to contact the Law firm and let them know what you think. They’re getting a lot of flack from this. GuardDog

    Cohen & Grigsby
    Main office:
    Pittsburgh, PA
    11 Stanwix Street
    15th Floor
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1319
    TEL: 412.297.4900
    FAX: 412.209.0672

    I somehow doubt the drug addled Pig man freak of nature would even have a frank discussion of something like this, because this issue is a result of conservative free-market ideology.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 26 June, 2007 13:47  

  • Would the freak ever address the elimination of Americans from the work force?

    ooooooooffffffffff corse not, he does not care, scum like this freak use the immigration issue for xenophibic fear mongering purposes.

    Would this monster ever address the results of FREE MARKET, such as seminars on how to not hire Amerians?


    and knuckle draggers like Maloney are terrified of these issues as well

    Proud Republicans of what you have done to America.... I say let their be a labor uprising and eliminate all the pigs who have done this to America (thats right, the enemy within, the free market whore) If you support the "free market' with no regualtion, you are Anti-American scum

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 26 June, 2007 13:51  

  • You're funny MOP. Always good for a laugh.

    By Blogger Michael B., at 26 June, 2007 14:23  

  • Micheal

    You find the elimination of American workers, right here in America funny?

    you find seminars on how to hire cheap labor funny?

    I dont find this funny

    Do you find the message funny?
    Or you do enjoy the anger?

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 26 June, 2007 14:30  

  • Damn straight MOP,

    These Republican maggots don't understand the concept of responsible capitalism.

    That video perfectly illustrates that it is corporate interests that drives illegal immigration.

    I hope this bill passes just to spite these A-holes and their twisted value system and that another 12 million illegals enter the country in the next two years and move into their neighborhoods.

    Further, may your progeny marry illegal aliens and may you all be forced to learn Spanish just to communicate with your grandchildren.

    vete al carajo bendejos!

    P.S. Pasty Pudges: I am as white as your hairy, pock-marked butts.

    By Blogger elmonica, at 26 June, 2007 14:44  

  • I tend to think this is the reason why some Democrats are supporting this bill, kind of like out of spite, to teach the free market hacks a lesson.... The most objectionable passage of the bill is the guest worker, of corse in all the discussions on RNC radio nobody talks about the guest workers.
    I would think every conservative talk show host would discuss the article above since their whole gimmick is "Im patriotic look at me wrapped in a flag"........ somehow the free market eliminating American workers , slowly but surely is as patriotic as apple pie to these freaks.

    These cons forget who has fought for the laboror, who has fought for unions and fair labor practices.... That would be traditional liberals... Let this immigration bill be a lesson to all the cons, who continue to vote against their own best interest. I would love to see every last con lose their job to the patriotic conservative free market without regulation......

    For years these idiots have trashed unions, trashed worker rights and called it socialism. This is the result of their stupidity, they bit the hand that has fed them, the brave liberals who have battled for the American family.... Look what's left a DLC dominated Democratic party (who have shifted because of the 90's backlash against Liberals, from populist liberal party into conservative light) and the GOP (100% big business whores). People like the pig man are to blame as they are who who puts these ideas into the average American's heads, these freaks have turned Americans against their own best interest. The Democratic party shifted because in the mid 90's "conservative ideology" was polling high.

    Con radio at one time was a powerful force, the destruction of the American worker is the result of conservative talk radio planting the seeds. Con radio recrutied their useful idiots in the 90's, who today run right wing blogs and continue to trash the party in the best interst of the American people , the traditional Democratic party, the liberal wing of the Democratic party.

    On the positive side to conservative talk radio, they have also recruited many, many liberals. When I was 15, many years ago, I used to think I was a conservative.... Right wing radio itself, is exactly what shifted me to the left. Endless hours of Bob Grant, Limbaugh and at the time Dennis Prager and Mike Medved resulted in the forming of my political stance.... opposite everything these scum bags stand for........ So maybe RNC radio is good for something after all.

    speaking of radio, our show hit the air 1 hour late yesterday, somehow our IP has hijacked, took a while to fix!

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 26 June, 2007 15:08  

  • That's what I love about the comments section here. You crazy kids on the left never cease to amuse me. It must be miserable being so unhinged about every little thing with which you disagree. Keep up the good work Brian! Reporting on radio news and driving liberals batty all in one fell swoop: BRAVO!

    By Blogger Michael B., at 26 June, 2007 22:04  

  • I love ripping you retarded knuckle draggers to shreds... You are retarded, understand Michael?

    you take party over county and think this is a joke?

    you filthy co*cks*cker.

    This is no joke, I posted a VITAL story about how your failed laizze faire free market bullshit is destroying America, and you learned nothing from it.

    You are a worthless Anti-american idiot. Your ignorance and lack of interest in real issue becides "lib lib lib" makes you a damm traitor

    You filthy bastard. It's all a joke to these pieces of human excrement, lib lib lib lib lib, as they destroy our country

    It's not a football game C*ck face, you are destroying America, c*ckface, its not a joke to me.. This is not a joke or a game to me.

    Why do cons despise America?
    Your lack of inteest in vital issues makes you a traitor

    nothing crazy bout what I posted, you are too ignorant to understand it.
    So in your mind it is acceptable to outsource American jobs and teach companies how to legally not hire Americans?

    You dirty little C*ckface. IT is all "lib lib lib lib lib" to you. You are not even capable of understanding a single issue. You are the kind of individual who deserves to lose everything to chaep labor. I cant wait to your job is outsourced, c*ckface.

    This hack is the perfect example of today's con sh*T, ignorant of all issues, does not care about anything other than "lib lib lib lib", and thinks the destruction of America is a joke.. You dirty little bastard. Do not ever display an American flag, you are a traitor

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 27 June, 2007 10:53  

  • Filthy cons take Limbaugh over their own country.

    party over country

    all the time..........

    that would be a good slogan for Right wing radio

    "all party over country... all the time"

    and these c*ck knockers called us "traitors" in 2002!!!!

    Poor con sh*its, I bet you still dream about 9-11 and 2001-2002 the era of the con sh*t, when America took you seriously. I have enjoyed watching your sick little world crumble.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 27 June, 2007 10:56  

  • Ahhh, did poor MOP not get a hug today? Here ya go friend, I'll give you a hug! ****HUG**** There, now don't you feel better?

    By Blogger Michael B., at 27 June, 2007 20:03  

  • Great, another Rethug pervert.

    Who else actually believes El Tushbo is into women, anyway?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 27 June, 2007 23:47  

  • "This is no joke, I posted a VITAL story about how your failed laizze faire free market bullshit is destroying America, and you learned nothing from it."

    That because you are an idiot who says to much crap that no one pay any attention to you any more.

    By Blogger pf1, at 28 June, 2007 01:20  

  • "That because you are an idiot who says to much crap that no one pay any attention to you any more."


    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 29 June, 2007 18:53  

  • Oh my GOD. Minister of Propaganda... Can you marry me? Honestly - I have NEVER seen anyone (other than myself, of course LOL) GET IT so well...and just spew it so well! I am cracking up.
    Seriously, I LOVE that you are willing to defend the anger. They try to destroy our country and then we get angry about it (because, unlike the neo-con, laissez-faire, libertarian IDIOTS, we actually DO love our country) and then they make "fun" of us for being angry. It quite literally makes you want to pull your hair out. Well, THEIR hair...but I digress.
    And I always see liberals trying to be so reasonable and nice...Never wanting to actually call these idiots...well, idiots. Mother Jones and Mary Elizabeth Lease ("Raise less corn and more Hell.") and the labor activists and populists would be spinning in their graves if they saw how wimpy we have become in defending our values.
    Ya know what's funny...I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I sent Lou Dobbs the link to that video a couple of weeks ago. I wonder...

    = )

    Anyway, thanks for making my night. I'll leave with a quote:

    "...the big trouble with dumb bastards is that they are too dumb to believe there is such a thing as being smart."
    -- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

    By Blogger Bartleby, at 30 June, 2007 01:40  

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