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07 June 2007

Talk Radio, Paris Hilton's Early Release


Talkers Forced To Jump On Topic They Hate: Paris Hilton

To their credit, most talk show hosts would rather play hip- hop records than spend time discussing Paris Hilton's bizarre life. But what happens when she becomes a major newsmaker?

With her surprise release after just a few days in jail, Hilton is again the talk of the nation, with charges of "celebrity justice" and the Reverend Al Sharpton ready to march in protest:

"Though I have nothing but empathy for Ms. Hilton whom I have met and appeared with on Saturday Night Live the night I hosted in 2003, this early release gives all of the appearances of economic and racial favoritism that is constantly cited by poor people and people of color. There are any number of cases of people who handle being incarcerated badly and even have health conditions that are not released.

"I have served several sentences for civil rights and civil disobedience actions and I even fasted which caused health concerns to prison authorities who paid for a doctor to come see me daily rather than release me..."

In this case, Sharpton sure does have a point: would her cellmates be released to home confinement simply for refusing to eat? It would be great to see one or two of them try it.

But what this really boils down to is yet another case of Los Angeles- style celebrity worship that continues to baffle ordinary Americans, from one coast to another. While virtually no one could have predicted that she'd be released after just a few days, why didn't we see this coming?

Meanwhile, back in the world of talk radio, the hotel heiress is calling the shots today and for many hosts, that's a harsh reality. On Rush Limbaugh's show, one caller recommended the immigration bill be renamed the "Paris Hilton Amnesty Act" in honor of America's favorite lawbreaker.

At this point, there's only one way to make this story more interesting: have OJ loan Paris his white Bronco.

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  • I think it is awesome that he is speaking out like that…somebody really needs to. All I do is sit around reading blogs…lol. Actually I do work with Hollywood Zombies, and I think in light of the situation, the picture of her on the website is worth something: Check out the other pics on the site… there are a bunch of other celebrity zombies in the collection as well.

    By Blogger fran, at 07 June, 2007 13:58  

  • I think it is disgusting that Paris Hilton was let out of prison early. What example are we setting for future generations? That as long as you have money you can get away with anything. She did the crime she should have done the time just like any other person. If it had been me then I would not have been given all the special treatment she was given.

    By Blogger tiny56, at 07 June, 2007 17:27  

  • A lot of commentators seem to think this is about money. Its not. Rich people such as Milliken or the Enron and Tyco guys have done or are doing time. This is about celebrity. Who becomes a celebrity? anyone we choose to pay attention to, read about, watch on TV. We made paris a celebrity and now we have to pay for it. Why complain?

    By Blogger upasak, at 07 June, 2007 18:09  

  • Imagin if that was you or I that got a DUI and was put in jail....Do you think we would be let out early or after so many hrs????? I think not. I have 2 children and this is not setting a good example to them, Your teaching our kids they can go drink and drive and get away with it IF YOU HAVE MONEY thats not right. I also would like to know if she would of had an accident and killed someone would she be let out just as early....i guess the old saying is true if you have the money you can do anything right Paris btw you make me sick....

    By Blogger matrix, at 07 June, 2007 18:56  

  • Whats so sad is that Paris is into and out of jail already and William Jefferson(D) is not. Its a crazy mixed up world, I tells ya.

    -The Raging Republican

    By Blogger The Raging Republican, at 07 June, 2007 23:12  

  • "To their credit, most talk show hosts would rather play hip-hop records than spend time discussing Paris Hilton's bizarre life."
    --Brian Maloney

    So Brian, watcha got against hip-hop?

    Surely you aren't a racist?

    Surely being treated as an inferior race by the English over the centuries has taught you something, right? And it wasn't racism, now was it, Brian me boy?

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 08 June, 2007 00:49  

  • I can't stand hip-hop.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 08 June, 2007 11:52  

  • Hey, Hashfanatic:

    Lighten up on these issues. You've already said that you have problems with undocumented workers! Now Hip-Hop? Know your friends; know your enemies!

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 10 June, 2007 23:32  

  • And, ya know, I gotta stop posting at this blog.

    Brian's really deep in Hell. Reacting to his posts will only drag me in there after him.

    By the way, do y'all know who Metrodorus was? He was Epicurus' greatest student. And he would've had the common sense to avoid getting involved in a place like this!

    Ataraxia forever!

    Brian, best wishes, I gotta go. Posting here only makes me uglier. I've gotta get out of here.

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 10 June, 2007 23:36  

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