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11 March 2008

Al Franken's Senate Nomination Now Secure


Frankendoggy Scares Rivals, Nomination Now His

Was it caused by the frequent public displays of dog- like behavior? How about his history of unhinged violence and intimidating rhetoric?

Or, did Democrat Mike Ciresi allow Al Franken to scare him out of the primary contest because his own donor base couldn't keep up with Stuart's Hollywood ca$h infusions? Though Ciresi had recently loaned his campaign $2m, whatever is left of it will not be spent fighting the former Air America Radio host.

Whatever the reason, Franken is now almost alone in the race for the Democrat US Senate nomination for Minnesota and it is his to lose.

If not for the way Eliot Spitzer's political meltdown has dominated headlines in the last 24 hours, this might have been the top election- related story.

Amazingly, last week's flap over Stuart's unpaid workers' compensation coverage for Alan Franken Inc employees didn't prevent his key rival's exit. At best, it slowed Ciresi's demise by only a few days.

From FOX News:

ST. PAUL -- Democrat Mike Ciresi is dropping out of the U.S. Senate race. Ciresi announced his withdrawal in a statement Monday afternoon.

The attorney was challenging Al Franken and Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer for the DFL endorsement of the seat currently held by Republican Sen. Norm Coleman.

“In my judgment, continuing the endorsement race would only lead to an unnecessary floor fight,” Ciresi said. “It is time to step aside.”

Ciresi thanked his supporters and campaign staff, reiterated his stance of local and national issues and said he will continue to work in his private life toward the “the common good of our state and nation.”

Does this mean Franken has an Obama- like ability to screw up without undermining his base of support? Possibly, even if Al lacks the engaging speaking style that has made the Illinois senator famous.

So far, Republicans and conservatives at the national level have largely been ignoring Franken's run, hoping this pesky bug will have an untimely meeting with a flyswatter. But it's now certain that the GOP will be forced to create a strategy to deal with him in November, whether they want to or not.

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  • Brian,
    You refer to Franken's Hollywood money. Why don't you also mention that Franken has raised a higher percentage of his money from within Minnesota than has GOP incumbant Norm Coleman?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 March, 2008 17:05  

  • 700K from Minnesota
    650K from Hollywood

    That is barely a higher percentage. And it means jack when talking about Franken. The fact of the matter is that Franken is pictured, and rightfully so, as a puppet of the Hollywood Left.

    You'd be best to just leaving it at that, because it's not getting any better for Angry Al, who has scandals appearing all around him

    By Anonymous WingDing, at 12 March, 2008 17:45  

  • Hey Wingding,

    Do you have a link to the numbers you quoted?

    If so, I'd like to see it.

    By Blogger Ezsuds, at 12 March, 2008 19:11  

  • WingDing,

    You didn't read what I actually said. So let me repeat: Franken raised a higher percentage of his donations from Minnesota than did COLEMAN. In other words, Franken is getting more of his support from actual voters than is the incumbant senator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 March, 2008 07:13  

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