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28 July 2008

NYC Affiliate Shaky, SF Protest Targets Michael Savage


Major Station Might Dump Embattled Savage

As syndicated talker
Michael Savage continues to battle a backlash against comments he made regarding children and autism, the latest news is mixed: while a key affiliate may be considering pulling the plug, turnout in a San Francisco protest appeared smaller than expected.

To date, only about ten stations have cancelled his show, most of them relatively small and insignificant. Now, however, there are rumblings that WOR 710 AM in New York City is testing a lineup without the "Savage Nation" host. That could mean the loss of a major outlet in the nation's largest market.

In fact, WOR quietly tested a possible replacement on Friday evening. Featuring former station personalities Ellis Henican and Donna Hanover (as guest), the unannounced show filled the slot normally occupied by Savage.

That move appears to conflict with the station's official stance, which has been to stand by its programming, even if it doesn't agree with Savage's use of words. That could point to an internal tug-of-war over the proper response to the situation.

In a statement issued by WOR management, Vice President and General Manager Jerry Crowley said this:

It should be noted that WOR is neither responsible for nor endorses the views of Michael Savage. This is a syndicated show that WOR airs for our listeners’ enjoyment.

WOR is in the business of serving the community in which we broadcast. That is our stated goal, and we will continue to do so. We regret any consternation that Michael Savage's remarks may have caused to our listeners, and we hope that the ensuing dialogue will lead us all to a better place.

Without a strong bench of available local talent in New York City, however, WOR faces a daunting task in replacing him. Cancellation means allowing WABC's Mark Levin to steal away Savage's entire audience, wiping out 710's evening listenership.

For their part, Henican and Hanover struggled to generate numbers in their previous respective timeslots and were subsequently replaced by other programming.

With the industry still failing to develop talented hosts who can step in on short notice, local talk radio in the Big Apple remains exceptionally weak, despite the constant supply of terrific regional topics.

In a sign that the outrage over Savage's remarks may be fading a bit, however, turnout in a widely- publicized protest was considerably less than expected. Held outside the studios of his San Francisco affiliate, KNEW-AM, KGO-7 has reported a turnout of around 100 people. There was a general feeling that the number would be greater, perhaps as many as 1000.

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  • Brian:

    As a listener of Michael Savage, but someone who has a borderline case of Autism/Asperger's Syndrome according to the doctor who diagnosed me, this has been a very dangerous slope to trend on.

    But, there is a blog called Hating Autism, that despite the title exposes the TRUTH about Autism, so called neurodiversity, and the exposure of phonies who claim to be Autistic, when they really aren't putting those who legitimately have it in danger.

    I know of someone who really has a bad case of Autism and he should get as much treatment as possible.

    What this is all about is Media Matters and their Marxist, Hate America ways to see the Fairness Doctrine return.

    If WOR cancels Savage, their owners Buckley Broadcasting, have caved in to the leftist, fascists from Media Matters and the biodiversity frauds exposed by Hating Autism:

    What about in CT? Buckley owns the Talk of CT quadcast, helmed by WDRC 1360. I checked their website, and their Vice President and General Manager, Eric Fahnoe made an audio statement on the matter:

    This will never go away as long as Media Matters is around.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 28 July, 2008 06:19  

  • Bob Anthony, you are projecting. FASCISM is a trait of the right. you have no grasp of politics nor history.

    fascism is a right wing ideology, not a left wing ideology. After all Hitler was blaming COMMUNISTS for everything and he was a FASCIST, he was a RIGHT WINGER

    Hitler blamed communists for EVERYTHING, just like Michael Savage, just like the right wing

    Savage is a FASCIST, not the lfet, not media matters, YOU, and your hero Savage, FASCIST SCUM.

    Savage is the biggest nazi baiter on the radio, everyone who disagrees with him is a Nazi.

    This piece of garbage does not belong on the radio, and you are a fascist piece of Anti-American conservatrash

    WOR dumps Savage I will invest in advertising on WOR, to the tune 0f $100,000. I run advertising for a small mail order company.

    RIGHT WING extremism = FASCISM

    2 totally different ideologies, NEVER call the left FASCISTS, the right wing extremists like SAVAGE are FASCISTS

    By Anonymous RIGHTWING=FASCISM, at 28 July, 2008 11:39  

  • I don't think RIGHTWING=FASCISM passes the smell test. His writing suggests he must sell manure as the advertising manager for a small mail order company

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2008 12:45  

  • You should have supported airhead America, but with there limited audience with limited income no bang for your buck. If you would admit it, Rush is the place to invest ad income with the highest income average among listeners.

    As for Savage, would not care if he left radio. Can’t stand his Brooklyn stories.

    “NEVER call the left FASCISTS”

    The extreme left are FASCISTS.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2008 13:48  

  • The alleged 'quiet test' you reference took place on a night of 'Best of Savage,' in other words, the test did not replace an original broadcast.By the way, Steve Malzberg on WOR had Savage on live on his show today in PM drive. Projecting that Savage listeners will become Mark Levin listeners continues to miss the point. Savage is not a Republican. Levin is a Republican, and although they share some ideals, Levin does not take the political risks Savage does,as anyone who listens will know. Savage's words are not what got the email campaign started against him. His political views caused him to long ago be targeted by Meda Matters for America, a non-profit group which does not list its donors but states it targets conservatives. One prominent politician has stated he gave seed money to David Brock for the organization. As far as finding replacement talent, there isn't going to be any. It doesn't exist--look at all those who've tried and failed. That's why they and you want Savage--because he cannot be replaced.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 28 July, 2008 23:37  

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