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07 August 2008

Rhodes Airs Anti-McCain Smear Skit


Libtalker's Parody Skit Smears John McCain

*** NEW: TV Station Ambushes Host, Confronts Him With Questions About Ratings Cheating Scandal ***

After the backlash that has resulted from her past attempts at prerecorded parody, you might think Randi Rhodes would have learned her lesson by now.

But libtalk's favorite loose cannon is at it again, this time placing the words of a book author right into John McCain's mouth.

The resulting smear is made far worse by her suggestion that McCain supporters believe Obama wants people to die via ridiculous "post-birth abortions". And to infer that Jerome Corsi speaks for the McCain campaign is dishonest, to say the least.

From anyone else, there might be genuine comedic potential in a silly comment from the opposition. With her history of unhinged skits, however, including one suggesting President Bush be taken out Sopranos-style and another asserting that Mitt Romney supporters would commit mass murder if their candidate didn't receive the nomination, the former Air America host would do well to steer clear of this subject area.

But Randi Rhodes never learns, does she?

Here's the clip, followed by a transcript:

ANNOUNCER: The following is a paid advertisement from John McCain for President. Barack Obama has accused John McCain of negative campaigning. That’s because Obama wants to distract you from the real issue. Barack Obama wants to kill children. Don’t believe me. Just listen to author Jerome Corsi speaking to Sean Hannity on Obama’s insane plan for post-birth abortions.

CORSI: After a child’s born he said, the woman still has the right to kill the child with an abortion.

ANNOUNCER: That's right.

RHODES: (in the background) Oh my God.

ANNOUNCER: Barack Obama thinks you should have the right to abort their children, even after the children are born. Juts how long after they are born is anybody’s guess. After a day, a week, when they are in grade school? How about Junior High? If you’re thinking about voting for Barack Obama, first ask yourself this, how are you getting along with your Mother? Is she temperamental? Moody? Do you owe her any money. Cause if Barack Obama is President at anytime…

RHODES: (Laughing in the background)

ANNOUNCER: your Mother can take you to a Planned Parenthood Clinic and have you terminated. John McCain’s mother is 96 year old. Her son is 71 and she hasn’t killed him yet. Now those are family values.

RHODES: Laughing (in the background)

ANNOUNCER: So don’t believe Barack Obama when starts whining about negative campaigning. Vote for John McCain or Barack Obama will let your mother kill you.

OTHER VOICE: Spank me I’ve been (interrupted)

JOHN MCCAIN MOCK VOICE: (elderly voice) I’m John McCain and I support this message.

RHODES: Ahh oh. Man. That is the lowest of the low. Barack Obama wants to kill the born. Corporal punishment? No Capital punishment for babies. That’s where Barack Obama stands.

That is the most amazing thing I have ever heard. Eh ah. Billy don’t make me come in there, I’ll have you aborted, I swear. Ha ha ha ha. Get in the car. Get in the car. Billy? I swear we are just going to the mall. Ha ha ha ha.

After her removal from Air America, Rhodes did lose a number of affiliates. But she's still heard in many places, including WJNO in West Palm Beach, from where she now broadcasts. Is this really the best programming available for their afternoon drive slot?

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  • I was once a fan, but Randi Rhodes is a manipulative liar who has apparently ginned up her synchophants with veiled references to violence against Americans.

    She has carte blanche from Drobny at NovaM to bloviate mindlessly at anyone to the ideological left of Chairman Mao.

    She has battled drug and alcohol addiction, on and off, for several years, while her "daughter", Jessica, was actually the interracial offspring of her deceased lesbian sister.

    During a point in time during her final bruising round with AAR, and prior to her discharge, Randi became increasingly more enamored with Barack Obama, and black liberation theology, as she devolved into talk radio poison, her marriage and personal life crumbled, and her spirituality and faith as a Jewish believer in Christianity seemed to vanish in a nightly haze of Ketel One vodkas and Parliament Lights...

    Her new "New York" friends, like Barry Crimmins, Tim Allan Walker, etc., dropped her like a hot potato when they found out she had all the loyalty of a restroom paper towel and changed "relationships" more frequently than she changed bedsheets....

    After her discharge from AAR, she floated back to the relative obscurity of her old Florida studio, this time under the aegis of extreme-leftist Nova M, and adopted an even more hateful, aggressive on-air persona.

    Her radio show is essentially an outlet for, to, and on behalf of the furious extremists, murky elements, and flower children turned power children, that seem to make up such a large percentage of Obama's voting bloc.

    The same theme is frightening echoed on Randi's message board, where a particular composite of Randi's new targeted demographic of listener, pro-socialist, pro-reparations, pro-drug legalization, extremist gay radical-agenda, anti-security,
    and decidedly opposed to familiar American values and morals, can reinforce the program topics and, in cases, supplant her unprofessional, unnecessary "staff".

    Randi was once an entertaining, informed, well-researched, Democrat and radio host who allowed her personal demons and rage to drag her over to the hard, vicious, violent extreme-left dead-end street that Malloy paved for her.

    Years of deceptive, prima-donna tactics in dealing with others, suicide-blonde judgment in professional choices, an insatiable appetite for renumeration as her output and her morals dropped to zero, could well be said to have been the final nail in Air America's coffin, a description which she would no doubt revel in.

    By Anonymous hashfanatic, at 07 August, 2008 23:33  

  • One more thing, Brian.

    Why are you so quick to distance yourself from Jerome Corsi? None of your former compatriots on the right wing side of the dial seem reticent..

    Could it be that "conservative" commentators no longer can afford the luxury of cherry-picking where they pick their "truth"?

    By Anonymous hashfanatic, at 07 August, 2008 23:37  

  • HASH



    AND what's wrong with the bit? it mocks everything People from the right have been saying about Obama..

    POOR HASH you really fell for all their lies, obama is a conservative Hash....... they warped your mind.... you want more weak clinton-like leadership...obama is the candidate for you..... Rhodes is stupid for even thinking obama is a leftist, he is a capitalist infidel, a free market pig.....

    just like you hash.... join the GOP, Socialism is on the move... obama WILL NOT BRING IT

    Hash, you sound like a cowrdly right winger

    By Anonymous hash-embraces-the-right, at 08 August, 2008 14:40  

  • Is "Hash" Barry Crimmins?? He suddenly stopped appearing on her show. He must have figured out what a fraud & liar Rhodes is.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 August, 2008 15:37  

  • Jared, the "GOP" is not necessary to invoke except as a means to an end, we all know of the fundamental rot that exists within, the dissatisfaction of even their most ardent acolytes.

    But your similarly obsolete Bolshevik revolution is just as much of a sham, you would move East Second and Ditmas to East Twenty-Second, and that's just not an option for most of us.

    Less rhetoric, more skill, Jared.

    Less tantrums, more solutions.

    You seem blessed of good heart and impassioned belief. I respect you, though I must choose another path.

    Thank you, and be safe.


    By Anonymous hashfanatic, at 08 August, 2008 16:09  

  • love or lump rhodes, and no matter whatever controversy she has caused in the past -

    there is absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever with that skit.

    you're grasping at straws where there are none, brian.

    methinks you're going for that multi-directly noteriety attempt - not enough to kiss partisan ass to get on TV, radio, but now you've positioned yourself to pretend to take at least some credit should she lose her job.

    you're an opportunist - in the lamest of fashions.

    it's just amusing to me that neither your detractors, your supporters, nor even the middle-of-the-road'ers have a clue that you're a desperate never-was.

    By Anonymous TJ, at 08 August, 2008 16:57  

  • "Is "Hash" Barry Crimmins??"

    No. I should only have such talent and sense of humor...

    "He suddenly stopped appearing on her show. He must have figured out what a fraud & liar Rhodes is."

    A few years ago, he and others were suddenly dismissed without cause.

    Randi was in a position to stick up for her friends and loyal cohorts, but said and did nothing.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    By Anonymous hashfanatic, at 08 August, 2008 20:09  

  • "you're grasping at straws where there are none..."

    Ordinarily, you would not be wrong, tj.

    But Randi has been down this road, with questionable skits that allude to violence. She has always painted herself as being marvelously uninvolved in these stunts, yet they occur, again and again.

    From its inception, progressive radio was to have taken the high road, and risen above such irresponsible hijinks. She and Malloy fall back on them, however, whenever their talent fails to propel them above the fray.

    During a speech on one of her boat "cruises" with AAR, Randi once alienated a significant number of her faithful by promoting the concept of a "Democratic Karl Rove", a leftist bookend to match the monster she once decried.

    Never be surprised when a talk show host appears to switch ideologies and tactics, mid-stream.

    In the case of her fellow Rove-evilian, it was one of Randi's last original ideas, and a dreadful talisman of what was to follow.

    By Anonymous hashfanatic, at 08 August, 2008 20:21  

  • "it's just amusing to me that neither your detractors, your supporters, nor even the middle-of-the-road'ers have a clue that you're a desperate never-was."

    TJ, on the other hand, knowing where Brian's support comes from, would it be cynical to assume Randi's recent victory over CACI in court might be the inspiration for his piece?

    Just asking. I never think of myself as THAT cynical, do you?

    By Anonymous hashfanatic, at 08 August, 2008 23:16  

  • From the beginning, I thought CACI was foolish to file suit against Rhodes and said so on this site. I'm amazed it dragged on for so long.

    I didn't write about the latest decision because it seemed anti-climatic.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 09 August, 2008 00:27  

  • My apologies for assuming the worst.

    By Anonymous hashfanatic, at 09 August, 2008 01:02  

  • It's all about the money for Randi Rhodes.
    She has got to be the hypocrite of all time. She mocked & laughed at Cindy McCain and said Cindy had too many face lifts and plastic surgeries. Rhodes had a face lift last December. She talked about it when she returned in Jan.08. In fact Rhodes has had at least 8-10 plastic surgeries on her face. The Palm Beach Post wrote an article about her 6 procedures she had done in the nineties. She ripped John McCain- said John McCain called Cindy the C... word. I have tape of Randi Rhodes calling Hillary Clinton the C... word- on her show. She laughed and mocked Limbaugh when he was addicted to Rx drugs. Rhodes was fired from her job in Seminole, TX. because she was a cocaine addict. Her hypocrisy goes on & on. And her audience hasn't a clue.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 August, 2008 17:02  

  • Military Veteran Randi Rhodes has Bigger Balls than ANY conservative blow hole on the radio.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 August, 2008 06:05  

  • hash, Rhodes didn't come up with the violence in this one, Jerome Corsi did, and she parodied it.

    And I say again - regardless of the questionable and controversial nature of previous skits, this one doesn't touch that level of controversy - she was purely lampooning the statement of Corsi, not coming up with her own "violent" ideas or rhetoric.

    As for your suggestion that Brian's timing was interesting regarding the CACI lawsuit - I wasn't even aware of it, and in spite of Brian's "anti-climatic" explanation, I am that much of a cynic ;)

    But, of course Brian didn't report a favorable outcome for Rhodes - the timing of this post may have been interesting, but at the very least he's not going to report something positive for those he rails against in his partisan attempts at noteriety.

    By Anonymous TJ, at 11 August, 2008 12:32  

  • How exactly is that "skit" supposed to be funny? I can forgive a mean-spirited skit if its funny, but that just seemed really lame.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 August, 2008 13:45  

  • "How exactly is that "skit" supposed to be funny? I can forgive a mean-spirited skit if its funny, but that just seemed really lame."

    considering the crap that was spewing out of Corsi's mouth (I've watched & heard his entire bit on fox news), that skit was spot-on and lampooned the guy perfectly.

    And it wasn't mean-spirited in the least - Corsi did that, Rhodes parodied (seems silly how people don't get that - they seem much more interested in knee-jerking to Rhodes - and I don't care about her one way or the other).

    No one seems to realize that Corsi really did say, on fox, and without anyone on the air telling him how stupid he was, that Barack Obama wants "born babies" killed. Not babies in the womb, not partial-birth, "born". He said that. Repeatedly.

    Guy deserves to get lampooned.

    And, lastly, whether you find it funny or not, there's nothing in that skit for you to "forgive". what an odd choice of word.

    By Anonymous TJ, at 11 August, 2008 17:58  

  • How would I be a "New York" friend? I live in Jupiter, Florida and I'm from Texas. Just wondering'.

    By Blogger T.A. WAlker, at 06 November, 2011 23:32  

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