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30 November 2008

Talkers, Newly-Elected Face Resurgence Of Terrorism


Terrorism Didn't Go Away, It Just Took An Election Break

Though the Bombay
Islamist terror siege may finally be over, the real fallout here at home has yet to begin. Due to the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Washington was largely shut down, while most media personalities were enjoying a rare, post-election breather from their duties (though we did see Hannity & Colmes return for a Friday show which covered the unfolding events).

We now know that terrorism hasn't yet been defeated, it just took a short break in order to keep Republicans from winning November's elections.

On Monday, this reality check from India will profoundly affect our political landscape, with many winners and losers:

Conservative talkers, cable hosts and bloggers will be strongly positioned to successfully push for a continued tough line against terrorism despite single-party Democratic control. Though the attacks may have occurred overseas, Americans were key targets.

Liberals and their mainstream media fellow-travellers who argued that Obama's election would make the world love us have been proven wrong. On the contrary, perceived weakness on America's part will only embolden terrorists to destroy more innocent human life.

Because Americans were targeted and killed, this can't be portrayed as an internal matter specific to India.

"Progressives" who thought Obama would carry out their defeatist agenda are the big losers, with further disillusionment sure to follow. As global events dictate his actions, rather than the other way around, Obama will simply not be able to go soft in the War on Terror: his career is based first and foremost on ego and amassing power.

Does anyone really believe Gitmo will be shut down, for example?

After dominating the headlines for months, the economy may take a back seat to homeland security, especially as governments and private businesses take stock of their own defenses and speculation heats up over where terrorists will strike next.

Thanks to these heartless thugs, the American political winds have once again shifted. And while Democrats may have won November's elections, they remain on the losing side of this issue.

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  • Re: hosts on holiday, Michael Savage was on the air Friday, opened his show with Mozart's Requiem in remembrance of the tortured and slaughtered in Bombay. He discussed the miraculous survival of an infant of murdered American parents there along with the various political issues.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 01 December, 2008 01:51  

  • History is a lot more complex than "dems are weak on defense and Anti-war" and "Republicans are strong"
    Democratic policies helped destroy the soviet Union and at the same time create terrorism!!

    The terrorists in India are directly tied to the Pakistani GOVERNMENT, this is not Al Queda. These are rogue elements within the Pakistani government itself.....

    Ready to learn something?

    The Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISA, helped train the Taliban in 1979..... at OUR request under Jimmy Carter. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the foreign policy adviser of Carter was the individual who decided the way to defeat the Soviet Union forever was to draw them into a war with Afghanistan!!! In other words Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski helped defeat the Soviet Empire, but at what cost?
    The ISA helped train the Taliban, for the war with the Soviet Union. This terrorist attack in India, is unquestionably related to the ISA and the clandestine terrorist groups in the ISA, who we trained, armed and supported to defeat the Soviet Union...

    So Jimmy Carter was a "war hawk"? That is exactly what the historic chain of events prove..... Ronald Reagan was not responsible for training the Taliban as "liberals" like to claim???? That is also what history tells us (Reagan just continued the same Carter policy)

    So in other words Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski's obsession with the Soviet Union, lead to the demise of the Soviet Union and also the emboldening of Pakistani terrorist groups, stationed in Afghanistan and hidden within the ISA in Pakistan.

    Credit Carter with the demise of the Soviet Union and the emboldening of Muslim terrorists.

    International affairs is a lot more complex than "libs" and "cons".. unfortunately dishonest hacks on the right (as an example) and the left.... simplify complex situations.

    Digest that

    By Anonymous Carter=Reagan=Bush=Clinton=Bush=Obama, at 01 December, 2008 12:35  

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