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09 September 2009

Libtalk's Latest Smear Campaign Underway


Libtalkers Blame Conservatives For Fire, Coming Terrorism


Faced with sinking poll numbers and an administration seemingly in disarray over a number of political missteps, those who carry water for Obama now find themselves in a tricky position.

That has our liberal talk radio and blogospheric friends cooking a new smear strategy: to accuse conservatives of plotting and even carrying out acts of terrorism.

From the DailyKos to Ed Schultz and Mike Malloy, the scare campaign is already underway. Call it the rhetorical answer to lighter fluid at a barbecue.

First, from Mike Malloy's show, how conservatives are directly responsible for the Station Fire in Los Angeles:

MIKE MALLOY (1:40): The incident commander, at the so-called Station Fire, the one that's burned 150,000 acres, and is responsible for the deaths of two firefighters; the incident commander, Mike Dietrich, says this is an act of domestic terrorism.

Now, who is known for committing acts of terrorism in the United States? The last big one was Timothy McVeigh, who took the lives of 168 people, I think this is exactly what the report from Department of Homeland Security four to five months ago was warning against.

That these insane people, the neo-fascists on the right, the Republicans who have flipped out, the ones who are terrified that the President of the United States is going to address schoolchildren, the ones who are convinced that in an attempt to reign in health care costs to make it a little easier and more competitive is acting in the spirit of Adolf Hitler; the ones who carry guns; these crazy SOBs are the ones responsible, in my opinion, for the fire.

I would not be surprised to find out that someone had the copy of the protocols of the Elders of Zion in their back pocket; or a book of racist information about those damn Negroes in the other back pocket; or somebody who used to be a Klansman; or an NRA board member perhaps, yeah, that would make sense, wouldn't it; or somebody who works for (US Senator) Jim Inhofe out in Oklahoma, or one of the tea baggers, or one of the birthers, or one of the deathers, or a whole group of them decided hey, it's a perfect opportunity man, it is California, let's go get all the fruits and nuts out there - let's set a big ass fire.

I am pretty convinced that this act of domestic terrorism, that's what it's called by the station fire commander, Mike Dietrich, he said any act against the wild is domestic terrorism. Now who usually commits these acts of domestic terrorism? Bill Ayers? No! Some goddamn hippie? No!

Usually, it's a crazed right-winger that has been pushed beyond the limit of their little tiny lemur brains by people like Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity or crazy-eyes Michelle Malkin, they are the ones that push people that committ acts of terror!

ED SCHULTZ FILL-IN HOST (01:37): Are the Republicans so mentally ill that another Oklahoma City bombing is looming?

HOST (02:31): I'm scared now for my country, I am. People have gone so far off the rails that something very, very scary, I feel it coming and I'm trying to deny my feelings but I gotta share it with you right here on the Ed Schultz show.

HOST: He was so hateful of the federal government and I blame Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, the whole bunch of those guys who whipped up such hysteria about the government, the government (!!), that a couple of wackos took matters into their own hands, got violent and blew things up, and I feel the hysteria building now.

From here, watch for how this kind of language works its way into the programming at MSNBC and other mainstream media outlets. Libtalk's motto: the smears start here!

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  • WOW, I am shocked that the libtards would cook up such a thing. And what might be the motive?

    I guess it's just the latest attempt to discredit the tea party patriots.

    But why would the tea party patriots do such a thing? Or any thinking human being for that matter?

    By Blogger tarpon, at 09 September, 2009 18:49  

  • It's called projection!

    By Blogger rich glasgow, at 09 September, 2009 21:00  

  • Wait till they find out it's the same person who cooked up the Obama/Joker poster.

    By Blogger Lone Ranger, at 09 September, 2009 23:23  

  • Don't forget, Brian: Malloy did this a couple of years ago. He blamed California fires on "the Bush crime family". My gosh, I have seen drunks downtown who are smarter than this moron.

    Hey, how about if I blame the fires on Manny Ramirez? It's his way of striking back at the Dodgers for catching him with women's hormones. My theory makes about as much sense as Malloy's does.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 September, 2009 00:46  

  • I'm surprised MoPoop isn't chiming in with his delusions and threats against those who disagree with him. He's a lowercase obama.

    By Blogger PCD, at 10 September, 2009 07:17  

  • poll numbers down?

    Still higher than the party of the rich

    America will NEVER vote the party of the CEO again

    America givesthe GOP much lower numbers than the Dems

    20% in all areas
    Dems 49-50% in all areas


    By Anonymous REAGAN=KILLEROFAMERICA, GOP=TERRORISTS, at 15 September, 2009 15:18  

  • tea party patriots? Try 60,000 traitors and ditto-heads

    someone should have opened fire at the scum

    500,000 came to the Anti-War march in 2003, half a million patriots
    cons, your no longer part of America

    we want you out, you dirty, cock sucking, Bush trash

    We are the majority
    you are terrorists

    By Anonymous treabagterrorists, at 15 September, 2009 15:23  

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