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05 September 2009

MSNBC'S Rachel Maddow Mocks Finger-Biting Victim


MSNBC Host Caps Libtalk's Cruel Summer

In the warped world of liberal talk, this has been one particularly nasty summer. Between Air America, MSNBC and the other lefty voices, we're left to wonder whether there has been some sort of contest running to see who can behave in the cruelest manner.

Does one host's mean-spirited remark inspire another to move even further over the line? Is there money at stake?

Certainly, no potential smear is considered too extreme for this crowd.

In this caught-on-tape excerpt from her MSNBC program, watch as libtalker Rachel Maddow mocks the victim of a vicious finger-severing attack during an ObamaCare protest in California:

MADDOW (00:44 in segment on Maddow MSNBC site titled "Rep. Weiner on health care fight"): Well, luckily to the extent that word can ever apply to a person who's just had their finger bitten off, luckily, the bitee, despite proclaiming his belief that health care reform is part of a giant scheme for the government to 'grab what's left of our freedom away from us,' luckily that guy, the bitee, is covered by Medicare!

The great, big, government-run, single-payer health care system in this country that removes the threat of bankruptcy pursuant to injury for Americans age 65 and older.

Yes, Rachel, there's
no doubt this fingerless man now feels much better, having been set straight on the issue by a smug MSNBC host. By the way, the missing digit was not reattached, which certainly doesn't fit Maddow's central thesis.

Can't Rachel's targets be chosen a bit better than this? Or is this the price of admission at NBC's cable smear outlet?

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  • Are you really that stupid, Brian? Rachel didn't mock the victim, she merely pointed out the irony that he was against government health care, but needed Medicare (a govenment program) to pay for his care. Sheesh

    Definition: Irony

    By Anonymous pbrauer, at 05 September, 2009 23:46  

  • It is not ironic for a senior citizen to protest the inevitable collapse of Social Security system while receiving monthly ss checks.

    It is not ironic for a citizen to protest the financial destruction of the entire country due to an inconceivably huge expansion of another government boondoggle while receiving Medicare.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 September, 2009 18:41  

  • PBrauer: With the on-screen graphic "Fickle Finger of Fight", Maddow & Company show cruel disrespect for the person who lost a finger. This is mockery of the victim.

    By Blogger Chromium, at 08 September, 2009 09:32  

  • Worse Than Waterboarding: Maimed Man at MoveOn Protest Is Butt of Rachel Maddow's Sick Jokes

    By Anonymous StewartIII, at 08 September, 2009 20:31  

  • I fully support hurting the enemy of the worknig class

    cons deserve more than removed fingers, they deserve to be rounded up and deported

    they are enemies of the worker

    I'm glad union patriots are showing up and beating the piss out of conservative scum

    It warms my heart
    Break their skulls
    break their arms

    cripple the enemy
    the enemmy of the worker, is the enemy of my country


    they don't hit back
    they have no spine
    talk radio replaces their guts



    By Anonymous BREAKCONSKULLS, at 09 September, 2009 11:08  

  • No way! That graphic was put there by the producer, not by Rachel.

    Here is what she said:

    luckily, the bitee, despite proclaiming his belief that health care reform is part of a giant scheme for the government to 'grab what's left of our freedom away from us,' luckily that guy, the bitee, is covered by Medicare!

    By Anonymous pbrauer, at 09 September, 2009 17:05  

  • She mocked and demonstrated the clear lack of class liberal talk show hosts so often exhibit.

    By Blogger Carl, at 09 September, 2009 20:01  

  • For eight years we lived with a Republican administration, six of which the Republicans had a clear majority in both houses. Had I attempted to attend one of Bush's town Hall meetings(oops I forgot, the audience was hand picked, with a pistol strapped to my leg, I wouldn't be here to comment. The disingenuousness of the hate spewing right wing resembles nothing of the party of Lincoln and T.R. We now own Washington...get over it and start using critical thinking to achieve your goals. The people have spoken.

    By Blogger peterzee, at 10 September, 2009 00:55  

  • PBrauer:

    Maddow & Company includes her producer, director and other hired hands that put the show on. Just as GWB was properly criticized for standing under a "Mission Accomplished" banner, Maddow deserves criticism for speaking in front of that graphic unless she convincingly shows it was put there against her wishes.

    By Blogger Chromium, at 10 September, 2009 09:19  

  • Chromium,

    I understand you want to be picky and have an issue with the graphics. I GOT THAT! Sheesh

    I am focused on what she actually said and in noway did she mock the guy. She said that luckily he had Medicare.

    By Anonymous pbrauer, at 10 September, 2009 16:53  

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