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08 November 2009

Libtalker Questions Obama's 'Tough' Talk


Libtalker Makes Unusually Candid Observation


In an unusually candid moment from a host who until recently was a compliant, unquestioning Democrat, libtalker Ed Schultz has made the kind of observation one normally expects to hear from his conservative counterparts.

The unthinkable question: is Obama a wimp?

Just a few months ago, raising this delicate matter in a public setting would be grounds for excommunication from the "progressive" movement, but times certainly have changed.

With PelosiCare having passed the house over the weekend, however, does the MSNBC / syndicated talker feel differently now? We'll find out soon enough.

Here's what he told radio listeners a bit earlier in the week:

SCHULTZ (22:24): I've noticed on a few stump speeches that he (Obama) tells us that he might be small but he's tough. And I have thought about all of the past presidents. I haven't heard a president tell us how tough he is.

Am I wrong? Tell me if I'm wrong. ... And I think that's rather strange, or unusual. You shouldn't have to tell us that. You should illustrate this by taking a trip up to Capitol Hill. And getting some of these people that you helped get into office and calling some markers on health care reform.

Beyond the pitch for Pelosi's health care takeover, it's hard to make a distinction between this and similar rhetoric that results in conservative hosts under fire for daring to criticize the Dear Leader.

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  • I think Barry is very effeminate and he knows it. When he "swaggers" across The White House lawn, it looks to me as if he's trying too hard to appear like an alpha male.

    By Blogger Sandy Childs, at 09 November, 2009 10:13  

  • big deal. Leftist hosts have never been afraid to question the Democratic party, with the exception of Randi Rhodes, who is the biggest Democrat hack in the histroy of broadcasting

    it's the right, who for years on end bent over backwards for the Republicans, it was only recently that the right has attacked the GOP, for 20 solid years conservative radio, were stooges for the GOP

    Every leftist host at this point has attacked Obama, except Randi Rhodes, who would defend Dick Cheney id he had a "D" next to his name

    By Anonymous Icecream4Crow, at 11 November, 2009 09:33  

  • Maloney is full of balogna. It bothers him when a Christian makes a statement. I'd rather hear the Christian than a low life like Maloney. He must be a miserable person. We need to pray for him. He is a pathetic excuse for humanity.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 December, 2011 08:21  

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