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19 December 2009

Liberal Caller Expresses Left's Deep Frustration With Obama


Why Did Dems Push Plan Few Voters Support?

When the epitaph is likely written for the Democratic Party in November 2010, perhaps we'll then know why Team Obama pushed so hard for a massive health care bill that even its own base opposed.

With little support remaining beyond tenuous backing from the middle (and moderate senators who required bribes to get on board), what has been accomplished? While conservatives have battled this boondoggle since the beginning, increasing anger from the left has begun to boil over, with some turning to liberal talk programs to express their frustration.

From a union member who says he adamantly supported Obama last year, here's one caller who seems to typify the dissention in the ranks:

CALLER - ED SCHULTZ SHOW - 16 DEC 09 (13:09): I called you when Obama announced for president and I told him, told you I'd volunteer to be a bodyguard and take a bullet for him.

And now I can't even stand to see his mug.

The question: from here, what will Democrats do to bring their base back into line? That's where the situation truly becomes dangerous.

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  • It's all about control folks. That's everything the left desires. They want to control everything in every American's life. Nothing more, nothing less. I'll take the jail time because I'm not taking government-run health care & I'm sure as hell not paying the fines levied by the I.R.S. To Hell with the Federal Government, Democrats AND Republicans!

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 21 December, 2009 12:33  

  • I'm a pharmacist, and I think that when the government forces everyone to have an electronic medical record, there are going to be a lot of people who unfortunately won't be able to get jobs anymore because of what is in their medical records that are supposed to be kept private. Anything that is online can be hacked into.

    This is a terrible bill. There are going to be many senior citizens that needlessly suffer and die because of this. Dr Ezekiel Emmanuel is planning to cut off medical care to the elderly and the disabled.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 December, 2009 18:23  

  • This is what the Greeks called hubris both for Obama and the Democrats. I hope our country is still a democratic republic and not a socialist oligarchy when they get their comeupance.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 December, 2009 10:14  

  • I think most dems are stunned by Obama's success in the face of the birthers and teaparties. Obama looks like he's playing multi- dimensional chess, while the GOP is still trying to master checkers.

    By Blogger seekers, at 22 December, 2009 13:52  

  • What is your definition of success, seekers?

    By Anonymous Unaffiliated Voter, at 16 January, 2010 16:10  

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