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19 October 2010

Arianna Ponders Whether Political Opponents Are Entitled To Their Own Opinions


Does Empress Arianna Determine Who May Have Opinions?

For fresh insight into the astoundingly arrogant nature of "progressive" elitism, one need look no further than Arianna Huffington, who has conveniently determined the extent to which others may form their own opinions.

In this case, it's Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who has supposedly crossed the line. While the Huff 'n' Snuff proprietress grudgingly accepts Ginni's right to oppose Obama, the latter is somehow out of bounds in calling him a "tyrant".

Ginni Thomas, of course, is making headlines today for a different reason, after apparently asking Anita Hill for an apology, reopening debate about the latter's allegations (which nearly derailed Clarence's nomination) made in 1991.

From the most recent edition of Both Sides Now, Arianna's syndicated radio talk show, listen as she struggles to accept the idea that the wife of a Supreme Court justice should be allowed to think for herself:

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON (30:20): It's really strange, it's beyond strange, that you have the wife of a Supreme Court justice, not being against Obama, I can understand that, that's her legitimate right.

But saying utterly irrational things about Obama. I mean, calling the president a tyrant is truly beyond the realm of what is real and that's really what we need to be addressing, not disagreements, not opposition, but just irrationality.

MARK GREEN (MODERATOR): But she has the right to do it?

HUFFINGTON: Well, nobody should put her in jail if that’s what your question is… [laughing]

Luckily for the world, Arianna herself never has an irrational moment, or if she does, no one can understand her accent well enough to notice.


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