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21 January 2011

Rosie O'Donnell Addresses Parallels Between Rush Incident And Her Own


Rosie & Friends: Why Can't Chinese Accent Be Imitated?


With Rush Limbaugh under fire for mocking Chinese leader Jintao's speech, Hu better to consult than someone who's been there before?

While Rush's usual enemies quickly make "racist" denunciations, Rosie O'Donnell clearly still feels the sting from when the very same accusations were levelled at her in 2006. Both have generated international headlines.

After comparing sound clips from then and now, the Rosie Radio team wondered why most foreign tongues can be mocked without repercussions, but somehow Chinese is off-limits:

To Rosie & Friends, the issue comes down to intent: was either incident malicious? O'Donnell says she certainly meant no harm, Rush no doubt feels the same way.

When prominent figures from both left and right can so easily become entangled in these flaps, has political correctness reached a point of absolute absurdity in our society?

Interestingly, Barbra Streisand also made a crack this week about being invited to the Hu state dinner because "I once worked in a Chinese restaurant" that would further seem to have potential fallout.


  • Funny how so many "respectable" liberals keep falling in love with the bloodiest communist and fascist tyrannies. It's almost as if they prefer thuggery and slavery. It's certainly clear that they hate those who prefer freedom.

    By Blogger pst314, at 22 January, 2011 13:34  

  • There is no Constitutional protection against being offended.

    By Anonymous Flannery Wills, at 23 January, 2011 01:29  

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