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25 January 2011

Some Liberals Not Jumping Aboard Obama's Happy Train


Arianna Huffington Critical Of Obama's 'Success'

Obama's Happy Train has left the station, but not every lefty is enjoying the Sput-schtick.

Leading up to tonight's antique spacecraft-themed State Of The Union address, lefty Internet empress Arianna Huffington was unusually critical of the Bamster's record of "success" as portrayed by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. Huffington used the most recent edition of Both Sides Now, co-hosted by Mary Matalin, to slam Obama's misplaced priorities regarding jobs and the economy.

Considering Huffington's reported recent participation in a secret White House meeting (which is said to have also featured Maddow), she's either playing hard-to-get or is genuinely upset. Even as Obama is supposedly moving away from hard-left positions, Arianna herself sounds oddly centrist here.

From the show, listen as Huffington and Matalin critique Maddow's emotional and especially partisan cheerleading:

Interestingly, HuffPo itself also doesn't seem particularly excited about the speech, either, but primarily because it wasn't "progressive" enough for their tastes.

Sorry, guys, the new "moderate" Obama is looking toward re-election and the far-left HuffPo/DailyKos base is in his way.


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