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29 March 2011

Rosie O'Donnell: I Feel Sorry For Chris Brown!


Rosie O'Donnell: Racism Behind Chris Brown's Treatment


BOY, did we miss Rosie O'Donnell!

During the two weeks she was away from her satellite radio program, we were stuck covering B-grade liberal talk insanity. But now, the woman who wrote the book on broadcast nuttiness is back and quickly setting new standards others could only hope to emulate.

Never one to disappoint, a refreshed Rosie immediately launched into a tirade about how supposed "racism" is behind Rhianna-beater/hip hop thug Chris Brown's "mistreatment". Never mind the trashed green room, it was really about stereotyping!

Listen as the White Liberal Guilt Express roars right out of the station. O'Donnell adds a special touch in scolding the African-American Good Morning America host (Robin Roberts) who improperly interviewed Brown:

ROSIE O'DONNELL ( HOUR ONE - 58:38): I can name twenty-five stars who trash dressing rooms, who trash hotel rooms. I just don't know why this kid seems to be held to a different standard than anyone else.

JANETTE BARBER (executive producer): I can't help but go, is there a racist thing here, because--

O'DONNELL: I totally think there is, and I also think it's why he felt he was safer with Robin Roberts.

BARBER: ...I was thinking of Kanye West. Is he the one that they wouldn't let get over the thing at the music awards--

O'DONNELL: With Taylor Swift.

BARBER: Wasn't there a thing a few months ago where they wouldn't let him get past that, either?

O'DONNELL: ...With Matt Lauer.

BARBER: Black rappers are not allowed to be angry and then recover from it?

O'DONNELL: Well, I do think that there is a societal paradigm in which you have to be an angel or a thug if you're a black male.

Beating Rhianna was mere "anger" that Brown needed to "recover from"? THIS is liberal feminism in 2011?


  • It wasn't a beating, it was a kinetic romantic interaction

    By Anonymous Raving Lunatic, at 30 March, 2011 12:48  

  • Right. Blame the provacative questions instead of a man who can't control himself. Rosie O'Donnell is no liberal and certainly no feminist.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 March, 2011 00:06  

  • Yeah, Ike Turner was the victim when he beat the sh!t out of Tina as well. If you believe that guys like Brown are "victims", you are beyond help. But then again, this is Rosie, & she is beyond help.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 31 March, 2011 08:13  

  • If you made up a crude stereotype of a braindead progressive enslaved to their twisted world view, that every black is a "victim" of white oppression, no matter what they did....

    You couldn't make up Rosie, nobody would believe anyone could be that stupid and not live in a managed care facility. It'd just be too over the top,.. My God that woman is stupid. He beat a woman half to death, and Rosie think's he's being treated badly?..

    By Blogger Mark81150, at 06 April, 2011 01:28  

  • Good grief! This woman is out of her mind. How utterly absurd of her to say that Chris Brown is being held to a different standard that the other celebrities who trash hotel and dressing rooms. Does she have any idea how stupid that sounds? So it's ok for him to do it because other people get away with it?

    And what kind of feminist stands up for a man who beat the crap out of his girlfriend? I'm appalled. Why is anyone even giving this person press of any sort?

    By Anonymous Felicia, at 10 April, 2011 13:20  

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