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18 December 2011

Sharpton & Friends: GOP Using Satanic Strategy


Republicans Have Devilish Approach To Winning

Somewhere out there, the Church Lady must be laughing.

What more can be said about the ridiculous notion that Republican strategy is built around Satanic principles? Yet that's what passes for ordinary rhetoric during Al Sharpton's national radio program.

Sure sounds a lot like some of Reverend Wright's sermons, doesn't it?

It also underscores the phoniness of Reverend Sharpton's ongoing effort to mainstream his image. Beneath the surface (new clothes, cable talk show, etc), partisan extremism remains.

From Thursday's syndicated radio program with regular guest Karen Hunter:

AL SHARPTON (4:30): But isn’t it to you [Karen Hunter] a strategy cause I think you eluded to this, isn’t it a strategy that the Republicans seem to be concentrating on everything but really dealing with issues?

Let’s try to change voter ID, let’s try to do this and that about this and that rather than deal with the real problems of the economy the real problems of health care, it’s like distractions.

KAREN HUNTER: Well, that’s the tool of Satan, you know chaos, distraction and all that, lies.

Could it be...... SATAN?


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