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05 January 2012

Former CNN Host Bill Press Suggests Rick Santorum Enjoys Bestiality


'Progressives' Pounce On Santorum After Iowa Success

Is it really any surprise to see our ever-tolerant "progressive" friends pounce on Rick Santorum after his top-tier finish in this week's Iowa Caucuses?

They've hated the former Pennsylvania senator for years, engaging in childish antics including the infamously vulgar manipulation of his Google search results.

But now that he represents a real threat to Obama's regime, Operation Sick Rick has been officially unleashed upon the American electorate. Every potential slanderous attack is ready for deployment as needed.

Doing his part is former CNN host / nasty syndicated libtalker Bill Press, who was happy to suggest Santorum enjoys bestiality when he's not busy on the campaign trail. From Thursday's program:

BILL PRESS (52:56): Once the microscope goes on Rick Santorum, Americans will learn that maybe he has more baggage maybe than the rest of them. This is not a man with your average American opinions. Santorum for example as a strict Catholic is on the record as being against all forms of birth control. No more condoms no more pills no more diaphragm, just lots more unwanted babies.

Santorum is not only against gay marriage he is against any exercise of homosexuality, which he equates as man on dog, whether he’s speaking of his own experience, we don’t know.

This routine is right out of the partisan campaign playbook: define your opponent before he has a chance to define himself. That doesn't make this attack method any less disgusting, however.

SPECIAL BONUS SILLINESS: Obama the real winner in Iowa!


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