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13 January 2005

Think the Media Isn't Liberal?

Need more evidence the media is liberal? Here it comes, from Seattle, of course.

Two stations were already pursuing outgoing first lady Mona Lee Locke before her husband, Democrat Governor Gary Locke of Washington, had even completed his term.

Why would TV stations be so interested in someone with such obvious ties to the Democrat party? Because they simply don't care how they are perceived. All of this activism over RaTHergate and a CBS station turns right around and hires a Democrat insider.

What's worse is her stated aim of covering political stories. What could possibly be more inappropriate than that?

(Seattle Times)

Mona Lee Locke, Washington state's outgoing first lady, will return to her television-news roots when she joins KIRO-TV in April, the station announced yesterday.

Locke's service to the state alongside outgoing Gov. Gary Locke ends at noon today, with the inauguration of Christine Gregoire as governor. Locke, a former reporter for KING, will join KIRO part time as an anchor and reporter in April.

"I was approached by a couple of stations. KIRO just seemed like a great fit for me," Locke said yesterday. "Their philosophy is much like mine, and the position they offered was the perfect fit for what I was looking for."

Locke's duties at KIRO will include reporting on various issues for special assignments and working on documentaries, she said. Among topics she's interested in are education and politics.


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