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11 January 2005

Thoughts and Prayers for Les Kinsolving

The oddest irony for me on Monday was that as the Rathergate report was being released to public and heads were rolling at CBS, the person who was responsible for propelling my CBS story into national coverage last September, was undergoing triple bypass surgery after having a heart attack.

Legendary White House Correspondent and Radio Talk Show Host Les Kinsolving is who I'm talking about. They don't make reporters like this anymore, a man who takes nothing at face value, always questioning, always stirring the pot.

Have you ever heard him host a talk show? No need for callers- Les has too much to say of importance.

Not only did he make sure my story got the coverage it deserved, he had plenty of great personal advice for dealing with the situation. His WorldNetDaily column on the story was the most accurate of anything written about the affair.

Kinsolving has always had the ability to see the angle that others overlooked, underplayed, or missed entirely. That's why we must have him back as soon as possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Les.

Click here for info on how to let him know how much we want to hear from him again soon!


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