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18 April 2005

Liberal Talk Radio Performance Again Being Questioned

Successful Equalizing

Guess What: Readers and Listeners Want The Same Things!

It's been a busy day here at the Radio Equalizer, as it always is, when the news focus is on talk radio.

The eagerly anticipated book South Park Conservatives was released and author Brian C. Anderson's op-ed essay on liberal talk radio appeared in the Los Angeles Times. It meant to credit me for background material, but due to an error, another site was listed in the piece.

From what I've read so far of the review copy, it's clear it will live up to the publicity it has already generated. I'll have more about it soon and in the meantime, see the Amazon link to the right.

As usual, The Radio Equalizer's readership skyrockets when there is a buzz about talk radio's performance, particularly from the left. The previous piece on Air America's ratings is still circulating around the Internet, being linked at more sites every day. It truly has a life of its own.

The more it spreads, the more nasty notes I get, both on the site and in my email box. Funny how sticking to the facts really ticks them off. Liberals are spending more time defending Air America than actually listening to it!

My other items, usually about events in the Northwest and Northeast parts of the country from a conservative viewpoint, do well too, but are seen by a fraction of the readers zooming in on the radio essays.

Which gets me thinking about something: this is just like talk radio!

Programmers can force what they like onto the public and hope for ratings, or go with what is known to be desired by the audience. There's no risk to me when I write what I like, it's just a blog, there hasn't been an investment of millions of dollars in property, equipment and staff.

When radio stations experiment with liberal talk radio, real money is on the line. So I sure hope research and focus groups were involved in determining this market "need", because if was really done on nothing more than the emotional whims of a few corporate suits, the result will be certain disaster.

And that looks to be where lib talk is headed, quickly. More ratings will be released soon and we will be on it here first, as always.


  • Liberal Talk Radio is only being "questioned" by conservatives in denial. The column that you are trumpeting is based on your short sited statement about talk radio.

    In the case of Bill Bennett
    mm, the writer does not tell anyone that Mr. Bennett's show is syndicated by Salem Communications, and airs on radio stations SALEM OWNS ITSELF in markets all over America.

    Take away Salem's stations, and the former Education secretary and notorious big-time gambler has a fraction of Air America's affiliates.
    at this time I dont think anyone can name ONE non-Salem-owned station that carries his show...though there may be a few.

    Now thats more clear ... Salem signed up Bill Bennett to do a talk show ON ITS OWN STATIONS. He has so many affiliates because THEY PUT HIM ON THEIR TALK STATIONS!

    The other problem? Bennett's show is amazingly sleep inducing, even for a Salem show.

    Look, right now there is a challenge growing here to the Right wing dominance of talk radio...its going to grow.slowly or quickly...its going to matter what you uninformed conservatives do to try to stop the momentum....

    There are over 56 million people who didnt buy into the stupid agenda of the GOP.... over 2 million are listening now to AAR and other liberal callers are pulling in smaller shares.....hopefully the others will begin to join this new movement to challenge the folly of one sided politics.

    last though...since you are conservatives..i thought you didnt mind a little health competition...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 April, 2005 16:54  

  • Competition???

    Tanking ratings in all major market isn't competition, it's comedy of the highest order!

    Air America wouldn't exist except for funds from Moveon and Georgie Soros. But the bottom line is that it isn't making squat from advertising - not at reported audience shares.

    Dream on....

    By Blogger Jack Moss, at 21 April, 2005 13:58  

  • So how was "South Park Conservatives" received? As well as you thought? I don't think so.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 June, 2005 16:00  

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