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14 May 2005

Congressional Immigration Reform Advocate Subject Of Scorn

Tancredo Lambasted

Official Accuses Congressman Of Exploiting Cop's Murder

How much can one determined politician, stubbornly willing to stand on principle, accomplish?

In Tom Tancredo's case, it must be quite a lot, given the flak he's recently been taking from liberal opponents. The outspoken Colorado congressman has fought tirelessly against illegal immigration, without fear of name-calling or political pressure.

Nothing scares the left more than an effective conservative, which explains why Denver's liberal establishment is so angry about Tancredo.

On Thursday, in an odd outburst as a KHOW-AM radio guest, Denver City Attorney Cole Finegan accused the congressman of exploiting the death of a city cop, allegedly by an illegal alien, for political purposes.

Going further, Finegan insinuated that Tancredo was interfering with the resulting murder investigation.

Tancredo's contends Denver's PC police policy of not informing the feds when illegals are arrested, means they aren't deported, providing opportunities to commit more crimes on American soil.

That's exactly what happened, he correctly points out, when a thrice-ticketed alien was able to allegedly murder a Denver police detective last week.

Since when does a city attorney, from anywhere, appear on talk radio to blast a member of Congress over his positions? Seems pretty far outside the job description.

Finegan appears to be in the position of providing cover for the city on its immigration policy, in order to deflect public anger over the police officer's murder. In the story, he denies Denver even has a sanctuary policy for illegals, but Tancredo insists it does.

Not only do conservatives need to back Tancredo with everything we've got, we also must encourage other Republicans to join his noble cause.

(Denver Post- Kris Hudson- 14 May 2005)

Finegan told KHOW hosts on Wednesday and Thursday that he is "appalled and flabbergasted" that Tancredo would use the incident to press an anti-immigration agenda. He used sharper words in addressing Tancredo directly on the air.

"Frankly, sir, you are getting in the way of us catching the killer," Finegan said, explaining that some city attorneys who could be helping with the investigation are instead countering Tancredo's claims.

"That is an absolutely outrageous statement," Tancredo, R-Colo., fired back. He said Finegan's responsibility is to help catch the alleged killer, not to get on talk radio and "play first base for the mayor."

Finegan retorted: "Your responsibility is to work in Congress and pass laws and not interfere with our investigation."

Finegan insists Denver has no so-called sanctuary policy - official or unofficial. Rather, the police operations manual says officers are not to arrest or detain people.


  • The last sentence of this piece:

    "Rather, the police operations manual says officers are not to arrest or detain people."

    Sounds like something got left out, or did he actually mean what he said? What ARE the police supposed to do?

    Bill Smith

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 May, 2005 20:17  

  • "Police Department Operations Manual Section 104.52 tells police officers not to question anyone about their immigration status,
    not to call immigration authorities and make inquiries, unless and until they are arrested for a crime." Ice will not bother with an
    illegal in Police hands unless that illegal has committed a felony.

    John Martin

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 May, 2005 15:50  

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