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09 May 2005

Embattled Mayor Will Take A Break

On 'Vacation'

Spokane's Jim West Will Focus On Allegations

(Note: I will be discussing the West situation tonight on the Victoria Taft Show, on Portland's KPAM 860 AM, at 8pm PDT)

Spokane's mayoral mess continues to take twists and turns, as the embattled mayor announces he'll step down for several weeks, to work on his defense and perhaps assess his political future, as well.

I'm not sure why it's necessary to step down merely to craft a response to allegations, but he's probably not getting much work done these days.

Meanwhile, Tacoma News-Tribune Editor Dave Zeeck has taken the Spokane Spokesman-Review to task over the dubious method used to entrap Mayor West. Zeeck thinks the paper already had a compelling story, but undermined their case with questionable reporting practices.

And, underscoring the out-of-control press feeding frenzy here, is a report from KXLY-4 in Spokane, on especially questionable new allegations against West, too disgusting to mention here further.

Again, I'm not here to defend West or take his side, he could be guilty, but there's been a reckless disregard for normal journalistic ethics and standards here. Gossip and secondhand information, from the kind of sources reporters usually avoid, have been accepted as gospel.

I've never seen the Northwest news media more out of control on any issue. He could be prove to be guilty as sin, but the papers and TV stations already tried and convicted Jim West, without a fair hearing.

Be sure to monitor Orbusmax for the latest on this strange situation.


  • Yellow-press sensationalism and crapaganda bubbled beneath the surface during the Reagan years, emerging in the "decade of greed and selfishness" slogan, accelerating with Sally Jessy Raphael and Jerry Springer in the 90s. Now, with their fishwraps losing subscribers and big-three networks bowing to the blogosphere, the Fourth Branch of government must pull out all the stops to get a following.
    Unfortunatly for them, even the miseducated from the gubmint screw-ools aren't buying it anymore.
    Viva la revolucion!!!

    By Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box, at 09 May, 2005 23:37  

  • Hey Brian Baloney - you have to be kidding right?

    You righties crack me up. When one of your own gets caught with a sticky keyboard, you go balistic over attacks on his "personal" life. (As if using a city computer to get off is personal.) Where was this thinking when you guys spent $80 million in tax dollars to look into President Clinton's sex life?

    If this were a Dem in office, Faux News Channel would have million dollar graphics spouting headlines; DID GAY DEM BUGGER LITTLE BOY SCOUTS?

    You can't have it both ways....although it looks like you and Jim would like to! HE HE!

    By Anonymous Scott, at 10 May, 2005 09:34  

  • It is time for the Washingon Republican Party to officially condemn Jim West.

    If they don't conservatvives will sit out of the next election. They will stay home.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 May, 2005 11:50  

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