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04 May 2005

Wednesday Action Update

What's New Today

--- My WorldNetDaily essay on conservative talk radio's bump in the road and future prospects has now been published. Find it here and feel free to leave comments below.

--- Michelle Malkin has a very interesting take on the "South Park Conservatives" debate, also at WorldNetDaily today.

--- Red State Rant has the latest German political Euro-babble. Excellent piece.

--- Orbusmax features Geov Parrish's one-sided pro-Air America piece next to my item. Orb may be the only balanced, fair news source in Seattle. Parrish thinks Seattle saved Air America, he may be right, but leaves out the nasty truth.

--- Isn't It Rich has a great piece on gender politics and feminism today.

--- Museum of Left Wing Lunacy, a four-star site, has the full report on recent protests against the Navy at the University of Hawaii. Don't miss this.

--- P Scott Cummins has the latest important dispatches from Africa. You won't see these items anywhere else.


  • My favorite part of the Parrish piece was how Franken goes on and on about how Rush's chief source of information is "his butt". Yet, 3 questions later, Franken is bragging that AAR is "cover[age] in 50 to 55 percent of the country".

    Uh ... WHAT?!? According to them, they don't even have the signal strength to cover half of Manhatten, but they've got 50% nationwide coverage? That's gotta be Franken's funniest bit in Years.

    By Anonymous SaveFarris, at 04 May, 2005 15:00  

  • Right-wing talk's worst enemy is the fish-hack turned puker-jock. This new, monsterous, no-talent is what happens when the low-pay local positions continually found vacant are stuffed with friends and relatives of the station manager. It's a cancer that seems to be afflicting more formats than talk, these days...And helping the out-of-town buyers ruin free radio for everyone.

    By Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box, at 04 May, 2005 21:56  

  • savefarris:

    I wrote a new item you might want to check out, with a very similar thought process. Thanks for pointing this out!

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 05 May, 2005 01:23  

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