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02 May 2005

Dems Lose A Round

GOP Wins Election Contest Battle

But War Continues, Uncertain As Ever

Big news from Chelan County, Washington, where Judge John Bridges has handed Republicans a key win in their court challenge of Gov. Christine Gregoire's alleged November gubernatorial victory.

The GOP will be allowed to use a statistical computation method, to determine whether enough voting felons could have cast ballots for Christine Gregoire, to put her over the top.

The judge cautioned this doesn't mean the argument will succeed, just that it can be used in the hearing, due to begin in three weeks. Democrats sought to block that from happening.

It's too soon to do handstands, but if the judge had ruled against Republicans today, it would have been devastating to their election challenge.

Can't wait for the Dem spin to begin:

(AP via KIRO-TV- 2 May 2005)

Republicans won an important victory Monday in their legal challenge of the election of Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire when a judge allowed them to use the "proportional analysis" method in their attempt to prove that illegal votes swayed the election.

However, Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges cautioned Republicans that just because he's allowing them to use the argument does not mean it necessarily will work in the trial that is to begin May 23.

Republican Dino Rossi is challenging Gregoire's November election. Rossi, a former state senator and real estate investor, won the first count and machine recount. But Gregoire, formerly the state's attorney general, won by 129 votes in a hand recount of 2.9 million ballots.

Republicans claim they've identified more than 1,000 illegal votes -- mostly felons, but also unverified provisional ballots and a few dead voters. Using the proportional analysis method, they want the court to subtract illegal votes from both candidates' totals according to precinct voting patterns.

For example, if 10 illegal votes came from a precinct that voted 60 percent for Gregoire and 40 percent for Rossi, the Republicans would deduct six votes from Gregoire and four from Rossi. Most of the illegal votes Republicans have identified come from King County, which went 58 percent for Gregoire.


  • Sounds more than fair.

    But have you ever noticed (of course you have, that was a rhetorical question) that every story you hear about vote fraud, the alleged fraudulently-cast votes always benefit Democrats? Gee, isn't that strange?

    Okay... forcibly yanking tongue back out of cheek now....

    By Blogger CrankyBeach, at 02 May, 2005 17:16  

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