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17 September 2005

Air America Scandal News Unmentioned In Boston


Air America Scandal Details Yet To Reach Boston

It may not be as big as Tropical Storm Ophelia, now reaching the Bay State, but surely there must be some reason for the Beantown Air America scandal coverage blackout.

There sure was plenty of room for fawning profiles of liberal talk personalities over the last year in the Boston Globe and weekly Phoenix. Why isn't the diversion of taxpayer funds from a Boys & Girls Club to the liberal network's coffers now equally interesting?

After all, there are two Air America stations in the Boston area, while several personalities and network executives have Massachusetts ties. We hear Al Franken knows quite a lot about Cambridge.

In addition, one of the primary journalists investigating the situation resides in the Bay State. So the Radio Equalizer doesn't want to hear the out-of-state, out-of-mind excuse. There are plenty of local angles.

To be fair, I've so far appeared on two Boston-area radio programs to discuss the Air America scandal, but print publications have been MIA.

Friday, I took the opportunity to ask Boston Globe reporter Scot Lehigh about the coverage blackout, while exchanging emails on the Jay Severin story. He's certainly not in charge of story assignments, but might be a position to know something about the absence of stories on the matter.

Lehigh told me the Globe's media critic position had been vacant since a departure earlier in the year. He thought he'd written something on Air America's messes before leaving for a rival paper, but I wrote back to let him know a search turns up nothing.

To be fair, the archrival Boston Herald hasn't touched it either and that may be the harder pill to swallow. In the past, the Herald could be counted on to go after what the stuffy Globe (sister paper to the New York Times) wouldn't.

Now, the Herald's watered itself down as it readies for a likely upcoming shutdown. Guys, you have little left to lose, why not pump it up? It's looking so tired these days.

I'll give the Globe this: at least they return messages, unlike Boston's other print publications.

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  • I seem to recall from time spent in Cambridge and Boston that they have the internet down there. If they have the internet, they know about the pathetic behaviour of AAR, even without the print dinosaur's input. The newspapers you mention are on the way out, in large part because of the huge bias that newspapers inevitably display. People do not like having blinders put over their eyes by the very people who are supposed to be informing them.

    By Blogger al fin, at 17 September, 2005 09:23  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Peter Porcupine, at 17 September, 2005 14:38  

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