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29 June 2006

Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio


For Rush Limbaugh, Talk Hosts In Rare Team-Up

In order to back
one of their own in a time of need, what does it take to get conservative talk hosts to put aside longstanding personal and professional differences?

Quite a lot, it turns out.

Even when talkers sound similar on the issues, the inside- baseball truth is that very few get along with each other. That's because old and unsettled scores, competitive instincts and general egotism are usually in the way.

That's why getting talk hosts together on any issue is a bit like herding cats.

All of this makes the amount of support openly expressed for Rush Limbaugh this week especially remarkable. Even conservative hosts at stations that don't carry the talk titan have joined the effort.

So far, the biggest case- in- point is Bill O'Reilly, who hosts a nationally syndicated radio show that directly competes with Limbaugh's. In the past, the two mega- personalities have not been known to team up on much of anything.

Yet O'Reilly has not only jumped to Limbaugh's defense, he's offered supportive personal advice, as well. From WorldNetDaily:

"He is an American," O'Reilly said of Limbaugh last night on "The O'Reilly Factor," "and I believe powerful people in his home county are trying unjustly to harm him."

Though Limbaugh was not arrested, O'Reilly noted it was unusual authorities checked the shaving kits of people flying on private planes, and that the story was leaked to the press almost immediately.

"This is malicious, and this is unnecessary," said O'Reilly. "I only can conclude that in Palm Beach, where Mr. Limbaugh lives, they're out to get this guy."

O'Reilly said he had no vested interest in coming to Limbaugh's defense, having met the fellow broadcaster only "once for about 10 seconds," but he ripped local officials for trying to destroy the most listened to man in the history of radio.

"It was a malicious, cheap, cheap tactic by the Palm Beach authorities, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves," he said. "If I were Limbaugh, I'd move right on out of there. I'd get out of there. ... This is a political persecution. That's what this is."

Expose The Left has video of this FOX News Channel segment.

So why, at least for the time being, have past differences been overcome? For one thing, it represents a clear case of overzealous big government intruding into a person's private life.

How can rivals not denounce that?

In addition, megahosts such as O'Reilly likely realize it's only a matter of time before they too become the next victims of politically- motivated prosecutorial abuses of power.

Meanwhile, where are the liberal hosts on this clear invasion of a person's privacy (an issue they claim to care so much about)?

Bypassing an opportunity to score badly- needed credibility points by appearing fair and reasonable, they can't seem to get past Rush = Fat + Drugs + Viagra.

ALSO: our buddy Les Kinsolving actually asked Tony Snow about the Rush / Viagra issue at the White House!

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  • i was driving when you were on WRKO in boston over the 4th of july for a couple of days. it was the first time i heard you. are you filling in for anyone at WRKO again, and do you have your own talk show? WRKO really listens to their audience. people call and email the program director enough to make or break a host in a heartbeat. i really wish you the best and hope that we hear you frequently on WRKO.

    By Blogger Angelina Lenahan, at 05 July, 2006 06:49  

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