The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

15 June 2006

Howard Stern, George Takei, Lars Larson, KXL


Plus: Is Howard Stern Really Fighting For Free Speech?

A programmer overseeing nationally syndicated talk host Lars Larson's local program has admitted to censoring his show.

During Talkers Magazine's New Media Seminar, KXL-AM / Portland Program Director James Derby indicated that he'd recently prohibited Larson from any further criticism of a Portland- area hospital, after pressure from the sales department.

According to Derby, who sat on the "Programming News/Talk Radio" panel during the New York City-held convention, Larson's comments were met with opposition from sales executives, who had recently successfully courted the hospital as a client.

Not only is Larson nationally syndicated by Westwood One, he's a powerhouse conservative talker in his home state of Oregon. In today's talk talent-poor environment, replacing him would be next to impossible.

Why does the ratings- generating Larson put up with this kind of crap?

In my latest Inside Radio column, find out why KXL's open admission of every host's darkest fear is harmful to the station and its multi-billionaire (and supposedly "progressive") owner Paul Allen.

Also in the piece: is Howard Stern really a key defender of the First Amendment? Read about Stern sidekick George Takei's (also of Star Trek fame) highly unusual Freedom of Speech Award acceptance speech.

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  • That story about KXL is surprising. I can't imagine James doing that to Lars. I live in Oregon and--while I don't get to listen too often--it's pretty clear that Lars's show is THE conservative media in this state.

    By Blogger David, at 15 June, 2006 22:37  

  • i really can't believe that you haven't posted anything about bush increasing indecency fines for radio and television. that could have an enormous impact on both sides of the aisle.

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 16 June, 2006 10:14  

  • Maloney would never question or analyse anything Bush does. It is not legal to do that according to the "right wing Bush hack playbook". It does exist. As a matter of fact as reported yesterday, members of the G.O.P were actually given a book on how to debate the Iraqi war, during the debate they had yesterday. A.P actually reported this. The playbook said "use cut and run frequently" and the phrase "Iraq is vital in the war on Terror". G.O.P members do not have an opinion, they are actually instructed how to defend their parties actions. That is indeed SICK. Maloney is going by a similar set of guidelines, only his is for pundit-hacks and not members of the senate and congress. When you are dealing with talking points and playbooks, how can you possibly expect any real discussion or criticism by the pundit running this wonderful (cough cough) blog? Maloney loves it though, 80% of his readers are like me, they read it to laugh at the wing nuts. the other 20% actually post and agree with. If every person who read this blog posted, it would be embarassing for Maloney.

    By Blogger rightwingwhiner, at 16 June, 2006 15:21  

  • rightwingwhiner, did you give back the tax cut W gave you????

    By Blogger M, at 16 June, 2006 22:44  

  • ..well........??

    By Blogger M, at 16 June, 2006 22:44  

  • What tax Break? you mean that $150 charity check from 3 years ago? I'm earning the same as 2002 and I'm owing, not getting a penny back. So your logic, all the lies, deception and erosion of the constitution, the thousands of corpses from Iraq, 9/11 (bush's negligance) and Katrina were worth it for that little rebate check? Sick. Righties are definatly sick.

    By Blogger rightwingwhiner, at 19 June, 2006 10:31  

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