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10 October 2006

Gloria Wise / Air America Scandal, Eliot Spitzer


AG: More To Come

Working to cool outrage in New York City over exceptionally weak punishment for Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club executives, New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer assured citizens yesterday that he wasn't done investigating wrongdoing connected with the sleazy scandal.

In a deal announced late last week, only two former insiders would face fines, with no jail time, or even a requirement that they repay all of the money. At the time, it appeared no one connected with Air America Radio, which received $875,000 in taxpayer funds intended for the inner- city charity, would be sanctioned.

Now, according to today's New York Post, that may not be the case:



October 10, 2006 -- Attorney General Eliot Spitzer yesterday defended the no-jail plea deal given to two former Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club executives who admitted pillaging the charity.

He said that there were several "factors" that would go into such a deal and that the probe into the charity's plunder was continuing.

"Any agreements that my office has entered into we obviously think are appropriate," Spitzer, the gubernatorial front-runner, said at the Columbus Day Parade on Fifth Avenue, "given all the various considerations and factors that you weigh: age, magnitude [of the crime] and then other factors."

Last week, the city Department of Investigation reported that the club's executive director, Charles Rosen, and its deputy director, Jeffrey Aulenbach, and three employees, had ripped off $1.2 million over the years.

The bulk of the cash went for an illegal loan to the Air America radio network. But some was used by the officials for personal home renovations, a Volvo and even tennis bills.

With Spitzer running for governor, it was obviously important that this be clarified and the weak punishment justified. Why he waited until this week, after a number of negative headlines had appeared, is a mystery.

At the same time, it's still not clear what "other factors" he was alluding to, given the volume of evidence against the perps in this truly sick case of robbing the poor and elderly in order to line the pockets of others, as well as funding a liberal talk radio network with much of the loot.

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  • Somehow, I don't think this scandal will bring down Spitzer, although in Maloney's world it should.

    Had to chuckle over this this.
    It is about duping the base.

    By Blogger none, at 10 October, 2006 13:33  

  • and again with the dishonest plastering of Franken's face all over a story a that has nothing to do with Franken...

    Better get on the horn with O'Reilly and Malkin, Maloney. Even Malkin isn't supporting the non-story anymore, now that it very obviously was nothing that Air America as a corporation or Franken as an employee did wrong...

    Keep beating that dead horse!

    By Blogger TJ, at 10 October, 2006 13:44  

  • Nice try, TJ, it's Spitzer saying he's not done investigating this. In your world the messenger is always to blame.

    We've never expected Franken to be indicted and have made it clear what we think he did wrong.

    But you'd like to twist all of that by posting the same message over and over.

    All about 2008, isn't it?

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 10 October, 2006 18:38  

  • I don't think it's all about 2008 for the Hydra.

    It's about making it to 2 p.m. when the nurse brings the medication again.

    Quite seriously... things really are a bit over the top here as far as hate and bile go.


    The fact is that this IS an Air America story, and Al Franken IS the public face of Air America.

    They have NO spokesperson; they have NO executives who speak to the press; They don't even have a Peacock.

    There's nothing to use as a symbol of Air America except Franken.

    If you're forgive the analogy
    (and you guys never do)

    Al Franken is to Air America
    Mickey Mouse is to Disney

    Mickey doesn't run the company but he's a representative symbol... and no, you can't use one of the other hosts instead -

    That would be like using Goofy

    By Blogger Lokki, at 11 October, 2006 12:21  

  • What a dumbbell.

    Since when is Al Franken the public face of America?

    With the wingnuts, it's all about obfuscating, and never taking responsibility for their own crimes.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 11 October, 2006 14:41  

  • Ya know, Lokki - you're right!

    AAR & Franken are the story for Brian - without the windmill against which he can tilt, his reporting is otherwise just another white-collar crime.

    Which is, in fact what this is.

    You are right in another respect - the Walt Disney was siphoning money from somewhere, then all of the placards would be Mickey Mouse parodies.

    Though, that doesn't quite compare, does it? In that analogy, AAR was as much the victim as "the kids".

    It was Cohen (spelling?) + the crooked Gloria Wise guys who did this.

    The simple fact that Brian desperately hopes everyone ignores in favor for their sheer irrational hatred for any and everything that represents an opposing viewpoint (or, in Brian's case, hatred of anyone who can keep a job in Radio while he cannot).

    By Blogger TJ, at 11 October, 2006 15:25  

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