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03 October 2006

The Latest From Bay State Showdown: 2006


Updates From Bay State Showdown

New at Bay State Showdown, our sister site:

Angry independent guber- natorial candidate Christy Mihos continues to do Democrat Deval Patrick's bidding, to the point that Christy's own siblings have now officially denounced his bullying tactics against Republican Lt Gov Kerry Healey. Will this cut Christy's support even further?

Just how important is tonight's gubernatorial debate? It's truly hard to imagine Healey closing the gap with Patrick if she doesn't score a home run in this second inning.

Whose "hero"? One of Christy's key slams against Kerry during the first debate may have been completely made up. In fact, the Boston Globe can find no evidence to support his claim that she once called now- unpopular former Acting Governor Jane Swift "her hero".

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