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02 November 2006

Al Franken Show, San Francisco Cancellation, Ratings


In Bay Area Ratings, Franken Crushed By Others

We now know what likely led to Al Franken's abrupt termination from the San Francisco airwaves: an unmitigated ratings catastrophe!

Thanks to a source who today made the numbers available to your Radio Equalizer, we have the complete details on what is the strongest probable reason for Stuart's sudden Bay Area cancellation.

Since our first report, readers have been shaking their heads in disbelief that Franken could be sacked in what is perhaps the nation's most liberal region. But the numbers don't lie.

Managing just a tiny 0.7 share of the 25-54 year- old audience from 9am- to- noon Pacific Time on KQKE-AM, Franken has been handily beaten by conservative Rush Limbaugh (who scored a 3.1 share) and mostly apolitical market heavyweight Ronn Owens (with a 5.0).

Translated into actual listeners, it means that KSFO's Rush Limbaugh had four for every Franken tune-in, while against KGO's Owens, it was about a seven- to- one ratio in the Bay Area.

And none of the excuses we've seen so readily utilized by "progressives" can apply here: KQKE has an excellent signal, the station has been promoted in the market and has had more than two years to catch on locally.

Yet overall, KQKE has been able to attract only about 30% of what conservative KSFO achieves and roughly 20% of news / talk market leader KGO's.

Franken, for his part, was a drag on the station, rather than a benefit. Several other shows, including those hosted by Ed Schultz and even Randi Rhodes, performed better.

For our friend Stuart, these figures couldn't look more ominous, especially considering his $2m annual salary and $3m overall program budget.

For this ill- fated liberal talk show, how soon will it all come to a close?

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  • Would someone weigh in on the possiblility of the fairness doctrine being reimposed. In the event the Dems take the House is that a potential?

    Also, Brian, You have an opportunity to take your hated Drudge to task. He has printed nothing of this HUGE scandal involving Ted Haggerty, one of the most influential Evangelical leaders in the country who has been a ccussed of repeatedly using the services of a male prostitute and taking drugs. Apparently there are voicemails

    By Blogger TED, at 03 November, 2006 00:07  

  • Even the most simple-minded individual would see such a figure and realize that obviously there's, uh, a glitch in the statistical reporting.

    Then again, I forgot where I was posting for a minute there...

    But, then again, I'm still waiting for an explanation as to how George Soros funded Air America!

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 03 November, 2006 00:32  

  • Hash you sound just like AL. uh uh uhuh Listen to his show he says that 1000 times every show. Maybe that is why his numbers are low. Uh that couldn't be uh it. Uh they are uh out to uh get me.

    By Blogger PF1, at 03 November, 2006 00:49  

  • Ted,

    The Devil can corrupt even the finest of souls. The Republicans are the party of Jesus Christ our Lord. Brother Haggerty may have strayed from his flock but we forgive him. We must stay united and continue the Lords work of persecuting the queers, ravaging Iraq, and ending Darwinism.

    Remember, a vote for the Democrats is a vote for evil and immorality. Despite our constant hypocrisy, we are the party of righteousness!

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 03 November, 2006 01:00  

  • This is fun....

    Let me see if I've got it so I can play along with you Libs, erh, Progressives (sorry) on this discussion.

    Statistical data isn't valid evidence... too easily misread.

    But a claim with no evidence to support it, made by a self-described homosexual prostitute, a few days before an election is undisputable fact...

    Have I got it?

    By Blogger Lokki, at 03 November, 2006 10:56  

  • But a claim with no evidence to support it, made by a self-described homosexual prostitute, a few days before an election is undisputable fact...

    Have I got it?

    Nope. It doesn't look like it.

    The evidence that you claim not to exist is being looked at right now. From MSNBC:

    Jones provided to KUSA-TV what he said were voice mails from Haggard. The station had University of Colorado expert Richard Sanders compare them to its earlier interview of Haggard.

    Another anti-gay gay theocon exposed.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 03 November, 2006 12:06  

  • Boy, is Jesus going to be mad at him.....

    Voicemails? sigh....

    Queer, Horny, AND stupid....

    That's no way to go through life. Particularly as a minister.

    By Blogger Lokki, at 03 November, 2006 12:22  

  • You'll have ample opportunity to hang out with him in Hell and ask him for yourself, Lokjaw.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 03 November, 2006 13:06  

  • Now Hashfanatic -

    Please explain the reason for the gratuitous attack on me personally.

    Although I don't think much of you, I haven't bothered to express it...

    Perhaps I look strange to you viewed through your medications or lack thereof.

    But then, I suppose, everything does.

    But DO Watch out for the man with the little white jacket he wants you to try on. He's not your friend, either.

    But don't worry, even when he catches you, you'll be able to listen to Air America for your head.

    By Blogger Lokki, at 03 November, 2006 17:53  

  • Because just two posts before you realized the story had teeth, you were more than thrilled to, in knee-jerk fashion, to attack the ACCUSER, and let a hypocrite remain blameless, just because it suited your political purposes.

    Do you have any particular problem with people who DO take medication, or is it just those who do it illegally, as the devil Bush and Limpbowel?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 03 November, 2006 22:14  

  • The fact remains that Air America is failing and that Mr. Franken has failed to impress even his mother.

    Your medications are of little interest to us, hashfanatic, unless you get access to a keyboard after palming your pills instead of swallowing them.

    One pill will make you smaller while two will make you tall, but the ones Al Franken gives you won't do anything at all...

    But enough. As pointed out in a thread newer than this one, you never post on-topic.

    The topic here is Al Franken's failure.... not you.

    By Blogger Lokki, at 06 November, 2006 11:50  

  • Why wouldn't Al Franken do well in San Francisco, where he clearly has a sympathetic audience? I really can't figure that out - I listened to the show a few times, and it's pretty dull, no doubt, but you would at least expect San Francisco to support it, and run away from Limbaugh. Instead, the ratings show he doesn't have an audience - next to nothing.

    Amazing, especially given the publicity....

    By Blogger thinkcon, at 06 November, 2006 14:26  

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