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28 December 2006

Liberal Talk Radio, Central Coast, Paul Sanford


Why Did Libtalker Jump From Monterey Hotel?

On the day when a Moonbat Hall Of Fame is finally constructed, its first inductee ought to be libtalker, California civil rights attorney, White House correspondent and Pledge of Allegiance foe Paul Sanford.

After jumping from as high as the 12th floor of a Monterey hotel earlier this week, Sanford passed away at the age of 50. A longtime activist in Santa Cruz's perpetually- unhinged "progressive" community, he was originally from Boston.

Here is coverage from the Monterey County Herald and Santa Cruz Sentinel.

What in the world would have possessed him to make this leap? Between Sanford's various left wing causes, some of which kept him in the media spotlight, it's hard to believe he didn't have at least one fight to look forward to in the future.

This sounds like a mystery we're probably not going to get to the bottom of for some time.

In at least one way, it would be fair to consider him the left's version of Jeff Gannon, the conservative who obtained a White House Press Corp credential under murky circumstances. Claiming to represent Air America Radio affiliate KOMY- AM, Sanford also found his way into press conferences and asked particularly loaded questions about whether the Bush Administration was guilty of treason.

But according to KOMY owner Michael Zwerling, he did not have permission to represent the station at the White House. When pressed, Sanford claimed he worked for Air America Radio, but Zwerling later contacted the White House as the controversy over his presence there grew.

As a result, Sanford sued Zwerling and KOMY, over this matter and a contract dispute related to his deal with the station. A court date was set for February, 2007. From the Sentinel's coverage:

More recently, Sanford was in court on his own behalf, in a breach of contract and defamation lawsuit against Michael Zwerling, the owner of KSCO and KOMY radio stations. According to his attorney and friend Shawn Mills, Sanford alleged that Zwerling broke a 2005 agreement to sell airtime to Sanford and provide him with media credentials. Zwerling declined to comment.

According to media accounts, the disagreement between the men started after Sanford used a KOMY press credential to join the White House press corps and asked then-press secretary Scott McClellan if the administration's leak of Valerie Plame's identity was tantamount to treason. It's unclear what will happen with the case, which was set for trial in February.

"I know it was particularly troubling for him," Brennan said. "He felt he was treated very poorly and it was difficult for him to understand."

From the Herald's version:

Mills said Sanford decided in recent years to add journalism to his many occupations.

Almost immediately, he caused a stir after he joined the White House Press Corps in 2005, making waves as the first reporter to ask then-White House press secretary Scott McClellan whether the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame's name might be considered an act of treason.

"There has been a lot of speculation concerning the meaning of the underlying statute and the grand jury investigation concerning Mr. Rove," Sanford asked. "The question is, have the legal counsel to the White House or White House staff reviewed the statute in sufficient specificity to determine whether a violation of that statute would, in effect, constitute treason?"

McClellan was apparently flustered by the question and replied that "those are matters for those overseeing the investigation to decide."

The White House incident sparked controversy after Beltway bloggers incorrectly described Sanford as a reporter for the Air America radio network. At the time, he was associated with Watsonville radio station KOMY, an Air America affiliate, and Sanford told reporters he never claimed to work for Air America.

Sanford eventually filed suit against station owner Michael Zwerling after Zwerling was reported as saying Sanford had not been authorized to represent the station as a reporter, a statement Sanford refuted.

Mills represented Sanford in that suit, which was scheduled to begin in Santa Cruz County Superior Court in February. Mills said he did not know if the case will continue after Sanford's sudden death.

Although the dispute with Zwerling caused Sanford a great deal of stress at the time, Mills said his friend was feeling fine about it and believed he would soon be vindicated in court.

In 2004, Sanford also made national news for his role in an infamous court battle against the Pledge of Allegiance. From the Sentinel:

In 2004, Sanford appeared before the Supreme Court with Michael Newdow, an atheist who sued the Elk Grove Unified School District, claiming that the mention of God in the Pledge of Allegiance violated the First Amendment's separation of church and state.

As to why a guy with a big court battle coming up in February would choose to take his own life, we do not have a good theory. It seems likely that others, including the local media, will continue to probe this very strange case.

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  • I'm sure Hillary Clinton was behind this. She probably even pushed him. Look what she did to Vince Foster!

    (For any irony-impaired idealogues out there, that's just a joke!)

    By Blogger John, at 28 December, 2006 21:15  

  • why?
    most likely reality intruded and he realized that the 60s are as dead as his life was.
    Hopefully this is a continuing trend, i look forward to Minister of Lies and Elmornica to take up hang gliding or fire making.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 December, 2006 22:24  

  • I look forward to your incineration but, hey, we can't all have what we want when we want it...

    God, when are the Muslims gonna give this nation what it so richly deserves?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 28 December, 2006 23:52  

  • wpDunn,

    While those aren't sports I participate in, maybe you will get lucky and I will get hit by a car.

    Don't blame us for the out of control comment section. It is Maloney's fault. He needs to talk to PCD who has a very professional looking blog with strict comment control.

    By Blogger none, at 28 December, 2006 23:53  

  • Not as good as the Autistic Patriot or the other "big men" who just don't accept comments!

    Maybe we could use candles made from Monica Crowley's hair to shed "light" on the situation!

    Elmonica, you can't cut grease with rose petals and lavender've got to use ammonia.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 29 December, 2006 00:03  

  • Just for the record, Dubya is in Crawford, at least as far as we know, and nowhere near the left coast.

    By Blogger rich glasgow, at 29 December, 2006 00:52  

  • Maloney,
    I think a found a hot topic for talk radio tomorrow.

    Check this out and pass it on to Rush, Sean, and Laura.

    By Blogger none, at 29 December, 2006 02:53  

  • Actually, that poll by the (cr)AP should reflect what talk radio thinks public enemy number one is--THE MEDIA!

    To the (cr)AP and to ABCCBSNBCCNNNPRMSNBC--the whole giant corporate conglomerate media ANY Republican is an enemy. They go soft on Democrats for the most part but attack conservatives. Why? Simple--they were taught by their ponytail sporting, bad smelling, hippie commie profs at J-School how to write!

    If anything, there should be media reform and it MUST begin at the education level. And flame on all you left-wing RETARDS (since I see someone's decided to call my bluff), but people like David Horowitz and his Academic Freedom mantra need to be pushed and encouraged. Also, a little common sense would help out as well.

    And as far as that liberal who decided to commit hari cari (sp?)--GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 29 December, 2006 06:59  

  • They need to be "pushed and encouraged"-like you-into a nice, hot fire...a prelude of where you would wind up any-whu-whu-way!!

    Is the little bus here for the Patriot yet? He needs to go to program!!

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 29 December, 2006 07:42  

  • Elmonica,

    It's easy not to allow comments when your blog is 404ing...


    What exactly does this nation deserve?

    By Blogger Snowed In, at 29 December, 2006 10:06  

  • Snowed, I honestly don't know....but I know screwing up other nations' tribal systems of government won't come at a dear price to us....we'll have to let God be the "decider" for that, now.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 29 December, 2006 14:02  

  • Snowed In,
    PCD's website is I think. When you check his profile you have to click on the "My Web Page" and not the blog name Packer Dan.

    By Blogger none, at 29 December, 2006 15:23  

  • By the way Snowedin - here is the link to the comment policy.

    By Blogger none, at 29 December, 2006 16:41  

  • Answer: He didn't jump!

    Based on the Herald story, there's no way this guy was a suicide. Has 3 kids, just bought a new home, beginning a new business venture and still more reasons to stay alive.

    Keep watching for developments, especially related to that impending court date!

    And finally, even if one was to commit suicide (which is highly rare in white men in his age range in good health), they wouldn't choose a swan dive off of a building onto concrete!

    By Blogger el secreto, at 30 December, 2006 01:03  

  • Haha! I remember Brian Baloney's talk show on KSCO. Didn't you get fired by Zwerling once for lying about a local politician? Hmm, why yes, it was something like that. But then, seems to be a fairly common occurrence for you now. Perhaps it has something to do with an inability to tell the truth?

    Sucks to be you.

    If America stands for truth and justice, this is no place for you. Why don't you move to Liarland.

    By Blogger rabit, at 31 December, 2006 12:47  

  • Elmonica,

    I occasionally write for Iowa Voice. It is not my blog. I had a blog a couple of years ago but dropped it.

    Brian at Iowa Voice does allow comments. I don't know what your problems are beyond the usual liberal total dysfunction.

    By Blogger PCD, at 02 January, 2007 14:28  

  • NO WAY was this a suicide. I spent the day with Paul in Boston three weeks before the alleged incident. Big plans. Bigger heart. An accurate and unbending dedication to the system of checks and balances which define the US Constitution. Too many curious co-incidences surround this case. Would love to see a police report. No note. Everything to live for. Good father. Lion-hearted athlete. Principled man. Something rotten in the state of Santa Cruz. The truth has a way of wheedling its way to the spotlight. Help me help the truth expose what really happened!

    By Blogger CTwriter, at 27 January, 2007 13:30  

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