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11 April 2007

Imus In The Morning Affiliates, Nappy-Headed Hos Flap, Rutgers, Advertisers


Will Affiliates Drop Imus?

*** See Below: DJ Fired For Saying "Nappy-Headed Hos" ***

Following news that a number of "Imus In The Morning" advertisers have pulled their spots from his show, the radio industry is now waiting for the other shoe to drop.

If it somehow avoids outright cancellation, will radio affiliates dump his program? In newspapers across the country today, speculation was rampant.

Had this happened to just about any other host, his outright sacking would have been a given by now, but Imus has two things going for him: a history of decent revenues and a few programmers who have a strong emotional attachment to the I-Man.

Why did a low- rated show with few stations outside the Northeast attract so many advertisers? It has long been a mystery, but may have something to do with Don's connections to powerful elitists in politics and business. In addition, the MSNBC simulcast provided key exposure that kept him from fading into the sunset.

As for emotional support, there are a few people in radio who will defend Don Imus until the very end. Why? The answer is simple: he's long been a stealth libtalker, one who will suck up to John Kerry and call for the death of Dick Cheney, all without the overt ideological tag affixed to Air America's talkers.

Some of these corporate suits will cite his "charitable work" as a reason for keeping him on the air, though even that has been controversial for Imus. By the way, he's hardly the only host raising money for good causes, as Rush Limbaugh has long demonstrated.

So far, none of his radio affiliates have announced plans to cancel the show. But that could happen at any time, even today. In the meantime, stations may be waiting to find out whether "Imus In The Morning" sees its plug pulled at the network level.

NEW: A DJ has been fired for repeating Don Imus' now- infamous phrase on the air! From All Access:

Morning Jock At WSBG Canned For Imus Inspired Remark

NASSAU BROADCASTING Classic Hits WSBG/STROUDSBURG morning host GARY SMITH has been fired over a stunt that used the same phrase that got DON IMUS into trouble. According to a report in the POCONO RECORD, listeners heard SMITH use "I'm a nappy-headed ho" as the "Phrase that Pays" on the air TUESDAY morning.

COO RICK MUSSELMAN released this statement, "GARY SMITH was terminated from employment at WSBG today for comments made on his show yesterday. GARY used 'Nappy-haired ho's' as 'the Phrase that Pays' yesterday. GARY has been the morning person at WSBG for 17 years. We are all saddened by his lack of judgment but after reviewing the tape there was little choice but to terminate employment. We also carry IMUS on sister station WVPO and will make a determined on the status of IMUS' show during the next two weeks."

How could they fire the jock and then decide to keep Imus? It seems his cancellation there is now a given.

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  • Maloney
    finally he committed the hackery.
    I knew it would take a little while

    "imus is a stelth lib talker"


    Imus is a registered republican
    and has stated repeatedly he is "probably the only Republican at WFAN"

    Imus is also backnig McCain for president

    I knew it would be a few posts before Maloney drooled on the keyboard and scrieked "lib" regarding Imus

    Imus is not a "lib" and him backing Kerry does not make him a "lib", it simple means he is a Republican who does not take party over country. Anyone with 1/1000th of a brain would have supported Kerry in 2004

    does not make you a "lib", it simply means you are not functionally retarded and it means you do not take party over country

    Imus=Republican with 1/100000000th of a brain, not a "lib"

    Again which lib is supporting MCAIN??
    Don Imus is supporting McCain.

    Maloney, ever thought of sellnig used cars?
    You are a good f*cking liar

    the only person in America who takes you seriously is that freak PCD

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 11 April, 2007 15:06  

  • had this happened to just about any other host, his outright sacking would have been a given by now

    More garbage.......

    Imus was attacked non-stop for 4 solid days now

    Michael Savage, condoned a transexuals murder, not a peep from the MSM.

    so any other host theory??

    which is worse condoning murder or making a nasty racial joke?

    I would say condining murder......

    but remember who Savage backed for president.... Bush...... Savage as a solid right winger will NEVER be held accountable for a word he says
    nor will GLEN BECK, a woman hating, muslim hating, nasty piece of work
    ( yeah I know Savage was canned from the TV)
    Imus being a Republican, who is objective enough to trash Bush and Cheney along with 80% of America, got hit hard, smply because he is a well known figure.... Republican YES, mouthpiece NO. Imus is a middle of the road registered Republican, not a radical neo-con like Savage and Hannity, and Beck and Gallagher, all more hatefull, all getting away with 100% hate on the radio.

    If I were you Maloney I would be defending Imus simply because this is the first salvo being aimed at conservative and Republican hosts. I guarantee you one thing, Imus is just the start. All of the hate spewing right wing freaks are going to be taken AIM at.

    You cons are such simpletons your attacking Imus with the angle that he is a "lib" meanwhile missing the big picture.... You should be defending your own, DON IMUS, registered Republian and McCain lover is one of YOUR OWN

    You missed the picture so badly, you and the entire right wing media are attacking Imus, especially FOX...

    We get what you are doing, you are deflecting away from the fact that Imus is ONE OF YOURS, by jumping on the anti-Imus bandwagon(which I fully support) abd painting him as a LIB!!!!

    It is going to backfire in your face, as IMUS is the first Republican-Con host who is being targeted.

    Who will be next Brian??

    I say Sharpton should target, Beck, than Savage.

    It is time to remove the right from the airwaves

    one dirty neo-con at a time
    one filthy little hate mongering past white enemy of America at a time

    First Imus
    than Savage

    than Hannity

    than Limbaugh (so irrelevant i would wait on him)

    than O'riley

    than the lower tier of neo-con past white enemies of America

    Mike Gallagher
    Marc Levin
    Laura Ingrham
    Janet Parcell

    I say cleanse the airwaves of right wing scum forever

    They are so radical, they belong on the internet, not commercial radio

    Let right wingers linger on public access and I-tunes

    that is all they are fit for

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 11 April, 2007 15:34  

  • Imus being called a stealth lib is strange since his D.C. affiliate has a right-wing talk format with Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Jerry Doyle and Michael Savage.

    By Blogger Everett W., at 11 April, 2007 16:18  

  • Obviously, Imus is a Republican who supported Kerry.
    He is not a lib
    Cons are such simpletons they miss it 100%

    They are rallying around his firing (along with the libs who of corse get it) in a weak effort to paint Imus as a "liberal talk show host"......

    Of corse "libs" are supporting what is happening to Imus, becausew this will open up the door to removing every last right wing hate monger from the radio.

    I can't wait to see the look on Maloney's face, when one of the right wing hate mongers is targeted next.

    It will be hysterical

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 11 April, 2007 16:35  

  • MoPoop,

    You off the meds again? You and Imus are out of the same cloth, closet bigots.

    By Blogger PCD, at 11 April, 2007 16:48  

  • Projection again PCD???

    Imus is one of yours


    a Republican
    registered republican and McCain supporter

    Me a bigot?

    you little freak

    I should smash your face in con flunkie, but of corse you don't have the testicles to meet me, you little sperm gobbling Bushie

    PCD, you are a fucking worthless freak
    Only you listen to Maloney and take him seriously

    I wonder PCD are you mentally retarded?

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 11 April, 2007 17:03  

  • mop, i agree

    let's burn the mother down

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 11 April, 2007 18:22  

  • Hash the hate monger and MoPoop are getting their hate on. What a pair of losers.

    By Blogger PCD, at 12 April, 2007 00:30  

  • you need to grow a pair, fudgie

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 April, 2007 10:02  

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