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29 May 2007

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Lefty Dr Laura Bashers Jump The Shark

While the right remains relatively quiet on the subject, lefty websites are continuing to pound away at Dr Laura Schlessinger. Since a controversy erupted over a MySpace page with disturbing images that might be linked to her son, "progressive" blogs haven't let up.

Never mind that the story originated with a known enemy of Dr Laura's work, or that it still isn't clear what role, if any, Deryk Schlessinger might have had in the subsequently- removed site.

He is currently serving his country in Afghanistan. We've previously covered the story here and here.

In fact, there have been no updates on any "investigation" since the story first broke. And Dr Laura herself has said little, if anything, about the issue.

That hasn't stopped a series of increasingly cheap shots taken by liberals who despise Dr Laura's no- nonsense approach to families and social behavior, however. Topping them all is the latest tirade in this ongoing smear campaign, this time from the unhinged radical activists at Counterpunch:

Dr. Laura's Little Monster


So the "kid" of "my kid's mom" appears to have grown up into a sociopath. Yes, Derek Schlessinger, beloved soldier-boy scion of talk radio's Queen of Moralizing Mean, has shown the world just what it means to be Dr. Laura's kid.

It seems that 21-year-old Deryk, a United States Army special forces paratrooper recently stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan, is following in his famous mom's footsteps by producing his own "show" that attempts to entertain by spewing hate, intolerance, sexism, sadism, virulent racism and casual brutality. Deryk's mom's show is on radio. Deryk's show is on Myspace. Well, it was.

Unlike his mom's long run on Hate Talk Radio, Deryk's Myspace page was soon cancelled. Myspace is a website where anyone with an email address can put on a multi-media show about their favorite subject ­ themselves! - complete with photos, blogs, music and video. It's censored, of course (Rupert Murdock wouldn't have it any other way); no nudity or explicit sex is allowed. However, you can run a picture of yourself sucking on the barrel of a gun, as young Deryk Schlessinger did.

You can also show "cartoon depictions of rape, murder, torture and child molestationa photograph of a bound and blindfolded detainee captioned "My Sweet Little Habib"; accounts of illicit drug use; and a blog entry headlined by a series of obscenities and racial epithets," as Deryk's Myspace page featured, according to Matthew D. LaPlante who broke the story in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Just as his mom's radio show is filled with fervor for war and neo-con puritanism, Deryk's Myspace blog was filled with enthusiasm for his mission: "Yes . . . F--KING Yes!!! I LOVE MY JOB, it takes everything reckless and deviant and heathenistic (sic) and just overall bad about me and hyper focuses these traits into my job of running around this horrid place doing nasty things to people that deserve it . . . and some that don't."

Here, "Dr Susan" cites her "evidence":

The blog and Myspace page were credited to and included many photographs of Deryk, including the one of him sucking on the gun like the Reverend Ted Haggard sucking on a gay hooker, with a goofy look in his eyes as he gives the thumbs up with his free hand. Speaking of which, what's with all these lunatics posing with guns in their mouths? Seung-Hui Cho, the nut that shot up Virginia Tech, just did it in his public relations video. What is the gun-in-the-mouth pose supposed to show off - their brave and heroic fellatio skills?

Just because a site is "credited to" somebody doesn't mean that person is actually behind it. Case in point: a fake page created at one of the social networking sites last year in the name of yours truly.

And truly sick is the idea of comparing Deryk to the Virginia Tech shooter. Isn't that the textbook definition of jumping the shark?

In the end, the "progressive" left deserves to be called on the carpet for this reckless disregard for the truth. Instead of waiting for hard evidence to appear of Deryk's guilt, these smear merchants demonstrate no self- control.

As a result, why should they have credibility on any other issue?

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  • The lack of other credible sources to this story is telling.

    By Blogger Yomi Mizuhara, at 29 May, 2007 20:48  

  • Yomi,
    As a former Townhall blogger and conservative sophisticate, what the hell are you doing reading this trashy rag?

    Didn't you get the notice that this is a liberal-only blog with the exception of a few trolls like PCD?

    By Blogger elmonica, at 29 May, 2007 22:57  

  • As far as I can tell, no one has denied that Deryk was responsible for this site.

    He really did it.

    And it shows his dememted "mom" has raised a bent, psychopathic killer.

    Great work, Schessinger.

    She fucked her way into her job, and now she shrieks at others who she judges to be immoral.

    Give me a break.

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 30 May, 2007 00:44  

  • Yomi, how many WEEKS does this hosebeater need to concoct a sufficiently believable cover story?

    I don't suppose it's because no such story is possible, and would be debunked in minutes, FURTHER embarrassing these vile mother/son parasites?

    If it proves anything, it's that neither the adorable little scamp Deryk and his fraudulent, scheming, money-hungry docking station of a breeder see absolutely nothing wrong with what Deryk has been playing around with.

    They will soon do the rounds of the rightard chat shows, proclaiming the threat to "free speech" and spinning tall tales of the wonderful schools and hospitals they've built in Iraq...

    Hopefully they will meet their maker together in an unfortunate interstate pileup....

    America is so sick of this old bag and her repeated inability to behave herself like a normal, decent human being.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 30 May, 2007 01:17  

  • "In the end, the "progressive" left deserves to be called on the carpet..."

    No, the so-called "Dr." Laura needs to be taken off the air, permanently.

    And Derk should be dishonorably discharged.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 30 May, 2007 01:28  

  • Yomi,

    Elmo, metro, hash, and MoPoop in all is multiple personalities are just cybersquatters here. They don't own the site and are just the reprobates Dr. Laura talks about. The truth hurts them and they lash out at all their perceived enemies, except themselves.

    By Blogger PCD, at 30 May, 2007 08:32  

  • Hashfan: Show me other legit sources that have covered this story, and I may change my mind. As of now, there have been none...which means the story is effectively dead, despite how much you wish it to continue.

    PCD: Of course they are squatters. But it shows that Maloney is effective, because he has continuous attention.

    By Blogger Yomi Mizuhara, at 30 May, 2007 16:08  

  • Yomi??

    You are PROVING my point, which is the story itself was suppressed in the so-called "mainstream" (actually government-censored) media....

    "Dr." Laura is part of a powerful cabal of individuals who actually work against the best interests of AMERICANS but nonetheless control what the sheeple read, hear, and see....understand, I am a leftist, not a liberal. I am absolutely unconcerned with "changing your mind".

    Absolutely NO ONE, even "Dr." Laura's paid spinmeisters, or even the official military mouthpieces of the occupation, are even suggesting that Derk had no hand in composing his myspace filth, knowing his own arrogance will not permit it, and in fact, that it is desirable cred in his mother's subculture, and will serve them both well.

    Since you are more accustomed to the types of subhuman flotsam that frequent "Townhall" and other subversive neocon websites, perhaps you'd do well to save your inventive paranoid conspiracies and attempts to rewrite history for the Kevin McCulloughs of the world, because it ain't flying with me.

    "Dr." Laura, besides not even being professionally qualified to issue forth in the capacity she continues to cling to, is a vile whore with no real principles and moral foundation, who changes religions more often than she changes her bedsheets.

    You can either classify her son's fascinating predilections with child rape at knifepoint either as the glorious results of a clearly misspent youth, or the mind of the typical, young, right-wing American "warrior" at large.

    Happily, either way you are screwed.

    May both of their names be speedily be erased from memory.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 30 May, 2007 21:28  

  • "Maloney is effective, because he has continuous attention."

    I agree (although perhaps not exactly in the manner in which you intend).

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 30 May, 2007 21:29  

  • Hash,

    You are delusional about Government Censorship. Now, if you want to talk about Democrat party censorship of the airwaves, you may be actually speaking the truth for once.

    By Blogger PCD, at 31 May, 2007 09:06  

  • Fudgie, does Hughie feed you your lines?

    I don't imagine the words "Democratic Party", "liberalism", or "leftist" leaping into the consciousness of any sane American when war crimes, torture, ritual sex abuse of children, or hypocritical moral judgements on the radio are mentioned at the dinner table.

    The Republican Party and America's right wing is simply refusing to accept the consequences of its own excesses, and you essentially support that tactic (for lack of a better defense, and the laziness and slackness of mind characteristic of neocons).

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 31 May, 2007 10:15  

  • Hash,

    So you're saying that liberal newspapers are not going to report this because "Dr. Laura" is powerful?

    That ain't the way of the media, hash. You don't seem to know how the media works, especially the newspaper media.

    By Blogger Yomi Mizuhara, at 31 May, 2007 17:47  

  • Gomi, there is no such thing as a "liberal" American newspaper. They are all under supervision of the neocon regime; it is a question of degree. This was demonstrated in Brian's own article, as the original Salt Lake Trib reporter was castigated for actually reporting the truth (gasp!) about the Schlessinger vermin.

    The government-controlled media is simply not free to report without prejudice on any issue regarding the failed "war on terror", neocon permissiveness toward war crimes and ritual sex abuse of Iraqi children, the so-called "warriors" (and the physical and mental defectives the armed services accepts), and any supporters of the apartheid state of Israel, not to mention the pivotal role they have played in promoting the catastrophe in Iraq.

    What is the "newspaper media"? (And you should wonder why you were booted off

    You barely seem to know how AMERICA works, much less any of its media aspects.

    Why is that somehow not surprising?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 31 May, 2007 19:56  

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