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25 May 2007

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While Conservative Political Talk Thrives, Other Formats Fail

*** Breaking: Rosie Quits The View ***

Think the spectacular failure of yet another "alternative" talk format will quiet industry soreheads who feel conservative political talk is sinking?

Guess again: in just two weeks, hosts will once again gather in New York City, where panelists will continue to rail against Rush Limbaugh, so- called "Rush clones" and everyone else doing right- leaning talk radio.

As they do it every year, bank on it.

Never mind the fact that shock jock- based "hot talk" has just been added to the list of dead radio formats, joining liberal talk, feminist / women's radio (Gloria Steinem's GreenStone Media), lifestyle talk and more that are long forgotten. So much for 24-7 sex chats, crank calls to Chinese restaurants and on- air rape fantasies.

Meanwhile, only one spoken word format is succeeding: conservative talk! In fact, it's thriving and gearing up for the election of a lifetime: 2008's presidential contest.

Unless a few of these angry, left- leaning execs who can't contain their hatred for the format get their way, it's smooth sailing ahead for some of the biggest ratings our medium has ever enjoyed.

One radio insider puts it this way: "there's a crowd out there who thinks political talk has run its course. And of course, who is still standing?"

Frankenhumpty: David A Lunde

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  • So far the only Greenstone Media/
    women's talk stations I know of
    are two computer-in-a-closet
    operations, WNSH 1570 in Beverly MA
    and WTWK 1070 in Plattsbugh, NY.
    The latter is a daytimer which used
    to be prog talk; the former is
    "women's talk" right up till 6 pm
    when the likes of Michael Reagan
    and Jerry Doyle take over.

    Neither has a huge signal or is
    a ratings powerhouse.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 26 May, 2007 11:09  

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