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13 May 2007

JV & Elvis Fired, Asian Groups Celebrate, Rosie O'Donnell


After Jocks Canned, Asian Activists Overjoyed

News that FREE FM / New York's JV & Elvis show had been cancelled spread quickly over the weekend among Asian activist groups, with some even taking partial credit for the move by CBS Radio.

Meanwhile, considering some of Rosie O'Donnell's recent behavior, isn't there an obvious double- standard? More on that below.

First, from Fallout Central, here's some of the gloat- fest:

Yes, thanks to the strength and solidarity of the Asian American community, “The Dog House” has been taken off of CBS Radio. Jeff Vandergrift (”JV”), Dan Lay (”Elvis”), and the producer of the CBS Radio show “The Dog House” have all been canned by CBS.


On April 27, 2007, FALLOUT CENTRAL stood alongside 120 members of the Asian American community in protest directly in front of CBS headquarters demanding that Vandergrift and Lay be fired. This massive show of solidarity sent a loud message to CBS executives that immediate action must be taken, and they heard us loud and clear!! One week later, FALLOUT CENTRAL stood by the leaders of several Asian American community organization leaders in a face to face meeting with Thomas Chiusano, President and General Manager, WFNY 92.3 Free FM, and other CBS executives. During this meeting, CBS apologized for the highly offensive nature of these radio broadcasts, agreed with our position, and opened up the discussion with us regarding the immediate action that they were prepared to take.


Each of these sponsors quickly retracted their sponsorship from Vandergrift & Lay’s radio show “The Dog House”, thereby standing in solidarity with us in our determined effort to bring dignity to the Asian American Community. Their withdrawal of financial support from this kind of racist radio programming which denigrates the Asian American community served to further strengthen our loud and clear message to CBS, and to the world, that our community will not tolerate racist portrayals and blatantly offensive –yet seemingly excusable— “comedy” skits which denigrate our community.

CBS, consistent with its own conduct policy, made a bold statement against the racist and highly offensive nature of this kind of radio programming, and canned Jeff Vandergrift ,Dan Lay, and “The Dog House” show producer today.

This represents a significant step forward for the Asian American community. This is only the beginning.

If anyone attempts to denigrate our community expecting that we’ll “just accept it” and “just go away”, we look forward to surprising them with our response. The days of attacking, marginalizing and dehumanizing Asians in the media without any repercussions are over.

To see our previous coverage, click here.

Meanwhile, a loyal Radio Equalizer reader sends along this compelling thought:

How is it that these guys -- however obnoxious -- get fired for mocking a single, specific asian, while that overstuffed sack o' suet Rosie got a complete pass when she mocked ALL asians on The View?

It'd make an interesting coda to this story to repost that video clip.

It certainly seems an appropriate comparison. In case you'd forgotten, here's a reminder of that dubious moment in television history.

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  • why, indeed, was the right wing successful at swiftboating rosie o'donnell right out of her job, when she DARED to question the official 9/11 version/sham??

    anyone who can compare rosie's comedic take on a fictional chinese newscast about danny devito, versus the doghouse losers' vile, racist, filthy slur, is indeed "a sack o' suet" themselves, and unworthy of further consideration...

    i LOVE it when the right-wing's dependency on moral relativism bites itself in the hind quarters at EXACTLY the perfect moment...

    for SHAME, brian, for once again pandering to your lowest common denominator

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 May, 2007 21:47  

  • What a jackass you are Maloney. You classify Imus as a flaming liberal, ejaculate over yourself with glee over his firing and now you can talk about double standards.

    You and your "loyal reader" can go frak yourselves.

    By Blogger elmonica, at 13 May, 2007 22:46  

  • Wow...

    Did I just see a left winger named HashFanatic ( really...we get it) criticize a right wingers "moral relativism".

    And...Imus is thrown under the bus by his own liberal peeps...and no longer recognized as a liberal?

    History revision is quick these days.

    By Blogger jeremy, at 14 May, 2007 18:16  

  • You two should really stop the drug usage. You both accuse Brian of saying and doing things he didn't do. Check the archives. What you accuse him of is fantasy. How anyone can say the Rosie was fired is definitely in another world. Brian never wrote it. I have followed this blog for a couple of years now. While the phrasing sometimes leans towards sensationalism, Brian has done a good job of reporting on issues in the radio industry.

    On the other hand, you two are just a couple of trolls trying to get attention. Hope you're satisified. Now go away.

    Actually, the reason Rosie got a pass was because she was TV, and The DogHouse was radio. What Dog House did was wrong, and would have been tolerated a few years ago, or at least just protested in some way. Shock jocks take a chance, sometimes they lose. I also suspect that there may be more at play with this show also. I have never seen a show get cancelled because of protests. Usually the reasons are monetary. Advertisers, while sometimes skittish, don't usually jump ship onless they just don't see a return for their money.

    By Blogger Cincimaddog, at 14 May, 2007 18:27  

  • "Now go away..."

    no, dawg, BITE ME

    "What you accuse him of is fantasy.."

    well, why don't you explain it to us, since it's your fantasy and all...

    "How anyone can say the Rosie was fired is definitely in another world..."


    no one said she was fired, and i was referring to what happened with the network after her discussion regarding the question of 9/11 truth

    if i had been referring to the danny devito bit, i'd have pointed out that the shirt laundress imitated rosie almost immediately on hot air, in a very bizarre takeoff that was certainly not innocent improv

    but rosie was attacked relentlessly and feverishly by (you) enablers and syncophants of the special-interest cabal that is your bread and butter, and pressuring networks, sponsors, and manipulating public opinion with personal smears over a different opinion that most americans hold is arguably worse than having her fired outright

    "Brian has done a good job of reporting on issues in the radio industry..."

    yes, and fox news is the premier cable news network, "combat missions have ended", "the world is safer, yet not yet safe", "oceans no longer protect us", and "if you go on chasing rabbits, then you'll know for sure..."

    "Actually, the reason Rosie got a pass was because she was TV, and The DogHouse was radio..."

    no, rosie was using a stereotype in conjunction with a sarcastic, comedic device to point out the irony of what is newsworthy in far-off places in the world, and the two weak-assed losers concocted a mean-spirited, juvenile, vicious joke that virtually no one on earth found funny, and the right wing meat puppets coopted their sacred cause of martyrdom, out of lack of anything else to develop a psychotic persecution complex over

    "Advertisers, while sometimes skittish, don't usually jump ship onless they just don't see a return for their money..."

    or, maybe it was a lousy show from a fading genre, and the jocks can either use their time to get their chops together, or find more meaningful lines of work

    either way, it works for me

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 14 May, 2007 22:14  

  • The world we live in is ridiculious. I do want to know why Rosie can get away with making fun of the asian population and The Dog House can not. What JV & Elvis did was called a PRANK CALL, right there you know it is supposed to be a damn joke. This is crazy! Someone please tell me why Carlos Mencia can make jokes about blacks, spanish, WHITES, Asians, and other groups but his ass is still on the air. This is bullshit and everyone knows it. The asian community is only making a scene because they saw what happened to IMUS and figured they could have the same thing happen for them.

    By Blogger mckeon171, at 16 May, 2007 21:56  

  • Oh, yeah,,that's it,,,it's a vast right wing conspiracy to get Rosie out of her job. Funny, cause she states that she quit of her own volition.
    However, her butt should have been out the door with the racial slur directed at Asians. God forbid anyone should say anything amiss in her presence about lesbians! "rolls eyes" .
    As long as you "say" you're politically correct, your butt is covered.
    Apparently it's still allowable for lesbians to DIS people of an actual race.
    And, yes, you may brush it off, but Asians are still seething over her racism.

    By Blogger BGnes, at 25 May, 2007 13:35  

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