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20 May 2007

Rush Limbaugh Barack Obama Parody, NBC's Today Show


Left, Right Bracing For NBC's Limbaugh Hit Piece

Is NBC really serious about airing an exposé on Rush Limbaugh's "Barack The Magic Negro" parody song? Do they realize the controversy is now two months old?

Perhaps the Today show should be renamed Stale, Warmed- Over News From March.

In any case, Limbaugh and many on the right are bracing for what is sure to be a dishonest attack against the talk titan, with out- of- context quotes a certainty. Few are expecting an accurate explanation about the true origin of the phrase: a liberal Los Angeles Times columnist.

With the story scheduled to air on Monday, El Rushbo has taken the unusual step of firing a pre-emptive shot across the mainstream media's bow. And on the left, bloggers are hoping for a juicy hit piece to fuel their anti- Rush agenda.

In a monologue transcribed and posted online, Rush is demanding that NBC get the story right, while fully expecting them to twist it into something damaging:

Do Not Repeat the Lies:
Get Your Facts Straight on "Barack, the 'Magic Negro'"

RUSH: Right as the last hour was ending, I see H.R. feverishly pacing in there on his cell phone, and I know what that means. When H.R. is taking a phone call during the show it means the media is on the warpath, and, lo and behold, guess what we just learned? The wizards at the Today Show plan, on Monday, to do a big exposé on my parody tune "Barack, the 'Magic Negro.'" Now, this first aired on March 21st. This is May 18th. By the time they get around to doing their profile, it will be two months old as a story.

In these two months, I have spent countless minutes on this program explaining the genesis of the parody. I have gone line by line translating and explaining it, demonstrating that everything in it is based on fact and words that were uttered by liberals. In this period of time, Barack Obama has laughed it off and called it dumb. In this period of time, Al Sharpton responded. Just this week we had the audio sound bite where Sharpton was asked about it and said (paraphrased), "Limbaugh has the right to do this. He's attacking individuals. He's not going after gender or race entirely. He's attacking an individual," and so forth.
It's all based on Sharpton's admitted jealousy of Obama's being lauded and loved and being called "clean and articulate" by Joe Biden.

Now, I doubt NBC knows any of this. There's a reason that NBC is interested in this today. They're probably tired of going wall-to-wall immigration. Secondly, there is a column that ran today in the Houston Chronicle -- and I own Houston. We just got the latest ratings, and I own Houston. I don't remember this guy's name, but there are so many facts in this piece that are wrong. In fact, in this piece, this guy refers to "the video that Paul Shanklin and I put together" of Barack, the Magic Negro -- and I just want to warn you at NBC like we had to warn these people at Channel 13 in Sacramento.

If you purport to say that any video with this parody song has anything to do with me, you are in for some trouble, because we don't do videos here at the EIB Network. It's a radio show. I do have a website, but we don't produce videos here, other than videos starring me, created by my Dittocam, as I'm sitting here now, hosting this excursion into broadcast excellence. Now, here's what we're going to do. I just gave H.R. the marching orders. I want you to go to Dean, Koko Jr. at the website, and get the most recent broadcast day. Get the transcript of my explaining the genesis of this line by line with the song translation, the sound bites of Al Sharpton, the sound bites of Barack Obama with Paul Smith at WJR. Go get the column by David Ehrenstein. (The Transcripts and Audio of Everything Rush Has Said)

Go get the New York Post piece, and there's a Chicago Tribune column also that we have linked, the Clarence Page piece where he says (paraphrased), "Limbaugh's parody is funny. It's good. It's true. I don't particularly like it, but this is not an Imus situation." We're going to send the Clarence Page piece over to them, but there was a column when this whole thing with Sharpton and Obama, when the jealousy started. Some columnist, again in Chicago, wrote a piece berating Sharpton for being jealous, and we linked to that and the New York Post story which got all this started. Everything in this parody is true and I have spent all this time explaining it -- and NBC, I doubt, has the slightest idea. They're a leading news organization of the world, and of course their call was to invite me to appear on the Today Show, and there is no way. I don't do that, especially under these circumstances.

If they do this, they are going to be in for a rude surprise, because many of their viewers already know the truth of this and will recognize if they do this the wrong way, if they do this the typical Drive-By Media way, and if they do this based on some of the BS that's come out of Media Matters, the George Soros front group for the Democrat Party -- and if they do this based on this worthless column today in Houston that's so embarrassingly inaccurate, that hardly contains anything in it is true, including the reference to the "video" that we put together.

If they do it based on those things, after we send them -- we're going to send them -- encyclopedic documentation, they will have no excuse for not knowing the truth of this, the brilliance of it, the humor of it. They will have no excuse for not knowing. "Well, Limbaugh wouldn't come on..." Well, you know I'm not going to come on. They called and say, "We know he's going to say no, but we're going to invite anyway." We're going to send 'em the stuff. They're news people. They're journalists. They seek to be informed, do they not? We'll find out. It's going to be a lot to read. It may be a challenge, but that's what they have assistant producers for, and producers, and they then brief the anchors, whoever it is that's going to do this. Did they say who's going to do it? We don't know who's going to do it. But they want to do it on Monday. You say, "Why are you mentioning this now?" I want to head this stuff off at the pass, folks. You know, I've had experience with this. Don't sit around and wait to see what they do and then complain. You accuse 'em of getting it wrong in the first place. Accuse them of getting it wrong many times on purpose, before they do it, and sometimes it will change the way they do it.

They don't want to be perceived as purposely getting something wrong. They don't want that. No journalist does. They do care about their lofty credibility and so forth. But this is a no-win for them, and of course it's two months old. We haven't played the song in two weeks. But it's going to be reported on the Today Show as though, "My God! My God! In the post-Imus Era! [Note: Rush did the parody before Imus.] What's Limbaugh doing? Is he purposely trying to get fired? Is he purposely trying to attract attention?" That's what this idiot in Houston wrote today. Yeah, the idiot in Houston talked to David Ehrenstein, who wrote the original "Barack the 'Magic Negro'" piece in the LA Times. We're going to point out the three articles in the LA Times asking: Is Obama black enough? There was one article in the UK Times, too: Is Obama black enough?

While one can certainly understand why Rush would try to head them off at the pass, your Radio Equalizer questions whether this effort will succeed in making the piece more fair. NBC is a partisan news organization, one dedicated to taking down Republicans and conservatives.

If they see a chance to destroy Rush Limbaugh, they're certainly going to take it without regard for journalistic ethics. That's especially true of the Today show, which has even more of a leftist slant than the NBC Nightly News.

One upshot of a particularly twisted piece is that it will give conservatives additional evidence to use in their fight against mainstream media bias.

Yesterday: David A Lunde

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  • "NBC is a partisan news organization, one dedicated to taking down Republicans and conservatives"

    That is a perfect example of why it is obvious that Maloney writes this blog primarily for the consumption of liberals.

    Why? Because 99% of Republicans of don't believe that and those that turn to blogs for intelligent discussion won't find a moronic, flip statement like that as anything but drivel.

    By Blogger elmonica, at 20 May, 2007 15:46  

  • Brian, you have written as if it it were some scandal that the term "magic negro" was first applied to Barak Obama by a liberal columnist in the LA Times (which, in case you had failed to notice, has gone wacko right-wing since its acquisition by the Chicago Tribune *sigh*; it used to be a great paper).

    In any case, this is completely misleading because it neglects the context. Limbaugh was using the term as a comic insult in a satrical song. That's offensive.

    The term as used by the columnist was referring to an analytic category used by literary critics to describe a stock character in modern U.S. fiction: the African American secondary character who, with his or her special powers, benevolently saves the day for the white protagonist. This is a real phenomenon: think "The Shawshank Redemption," Whoopie Goldberg in "Ghost" and so on. I think there is merit in looking at the Obama phenomenon in that way.

    It is not clear to me that Limbaugh would be able to understand such things since he's so devoid of any literary culture, but it is sure that his use of the term was meant to offend, and, minimally, shows a complete callousness about racial matters if not a conscious, malevolent racism.

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 20 May, 2007 17:26  

  • What's funny is that it's just a parody about the vicious racism on the left.

    By Blogger Capitalist Infidel, at 20 May, 2007 18:25  

  • Yes, Capitalist Infidel, we all know by now that racism comes from the left, not the right.


    How studid
    A) are you?
    B) do you think your audience is?

    Racism is a problem all over the place, but if you think that the Left, as opposed to the Right, in this country has been the major propagator of racism, you need to read a book or two. I know they're hard to read and long, but still, they're good for you.

    Why, let's just take a look at Jerry Falwell, recently deceased. I think he's a good representative of the Right in this country. Do you know he supported Apartheid in South Africa?

    Do you know what "Apartheid" is? I bet not. Because you're ignorant as the day is long, n'est-ce pas?


    By Blogger metrodorus, at 21 May, 2007 00:51  

  • NBC, home to the exploding Chevy pickup, is a paragon of straight news, NOT!!!!! This is the same organization that employs Keith Olberman, another lefty who forgot that straight news doesn't include left wingnut opinion.

    The left can't take truth and sunshine.

    Metro, bring on "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton and "Hymietown" Jackson as your bigoted examples. Don't forget Louis Farraknan and his bigoted followers.

    By Blogger PCD, at 21 May, 2007 08:47  

  • Ah, PCD, more to the point would be that Limbaugh lost his job commenting on football for his bigoted comments.

    You know, marginal stories like those of Tawna Bradley aren't very relevant to this story, unlike Limbaugh's clear record.

    I'll give you credit, however. You are citing some facts. It seems that most right wingers who post to blogs don't think using facts. They tend to think in slogans.

    What you're doing here is still a bit weird, however. You never explain your logic clearly. You just sorta splatter these names across the screen like some magic pixie dust hoping that it will change the world to your liking.

    Do you mean to say that Jackson and Sharpton(I think we should probably let the poor troubled Bradley girl live in peace now, don't you?) are racist? Well, I'm willing to grant that we're all racists in this fine Republic of ours. It's in the water. However, in the case of Jackson and Sharpton, you need to prove it with specific facts, please. And it will take more than an isolated gotcha incident.

    Rush, on the other hand, has decades of statements at hand (and the loss of one job) to prove what's going on in his head.

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 21 May, 2007 09:27  

  • PCD: The resident usefull idiot

    Crying over Keith Olberman, the only actual news program on commercial television
    why isthe "liberal media" ignoring the bedside visit to John Ashcroft by Gonzo and Card? You know, the meeting where they tried to make Ashcroft(sick in the hospital) agree to illegal wiretapping?

    Yep, lib lib lib media, does not want to cover the most explosive piece of news in the last 20 years??? That story has to be the biggest news item in the history of politics, a deathly sick attorney General being assaulted in the hospital in order to sign illegal wire-tapping programs? No big deal?
    liberal media?

    You are a useful idiot of the highest order.

    By Blogger Jared, at 21 May, 2007 09:28  

  • PCD: Stuck on 20 year old racial issues from 1985, pathetic, what's next shrieking about Farrakan, ohhh woops you did that too.

    Funny thing is, the right wing scum of the 80's (Bob Grant) harped on Sharpton and Farrhakan more than the main stream media to begin with.

    This is all they have, a few racially charged incidents from yestryear in a desperate attempt to scream "liberal media"

    Lame, PCD, really lame

    By Blogger Jared, at 21 May, 2007 09:32  

  • As I was switching channels last night I saw Bill Annoyers on PBS
    airing a bit of the song, etc.
    I'm sure he was shocked, shocked.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 21 May, 2007 09:47  

  • Oh, and as evidence for institutionalized racism on the right, you need only cite the Southern Strategy, the conscious attempt by the Republican party to harness white southern racist resentment against the civil rights successes of the 50's and 60's to further their ambitions.

    It worked well for the Republicans for a while. However, I think the Republicans are about to be marginalized as a white, rural, southern party, so maybe it didn't work out in the long run.

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 21 May, 2007 09:52  

  • With his race, Barack Obama would be a half-term freshman senator from Illinois with a habit of making embarrassingly stupid statements on the campaign trail. (e.g. "10,000 dead in Kansas from the twister.") If he were a white guy, he'd be seen as a lightweight and a joke. But solely on account of his race, he's treated as a more serious presidential contender than a seasoned politician like Joe Biden.

    But, of course, there is no racism on the left.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 May, 2007 14:41  

  • Hey Pasty Pudge, if you pull Rush's hemorroids back with your thumbs, you can attach your mouth more tightly to his spincter for those juicy chocaulait French kisses.

    Meanwhile the eighty first GOP rep scandal featuring an even pastier pudgier doughboy than the usual GOPerp:




    Former state lawmaker charged with sex crimes
    1 comment(s) | Share | Small | Large

    PIERRE, S.D. (AP) -- A former member of the South Dakota House was arrested Friday on charges of rape and other offenses against two girls who were his foster children, the second time in a year that the Legislature has been rocked by allegations of improper sexual conduct.

    Ted A. Klaudt, R-Walker, was charged in both Hughes County, which includes the state Capitol, and Corson County, where he lives, according to Attorney General Larry Long.

    Klaudt was charged with eight counts of second-degree rape, two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, one count of sexual contact with a child younger than 16, two counts of witness tampering and one count of stalking.

    The girls told law officers that Klaudt touched their breasts and vaginal areas during what he called exams for a purported scheme to have them donate their eggs to make money, Long said. At least one of the alleged offenses involving one girl occurred when she was a page during a legislative session.

    "He was convincing these girls they were candidates for donation of their eggs, that this would be a significant financial advantage to them and it was necessary for him to perform these acts on the girls to determine if they would be viable candidates for the procedure," Long told The Associated Press.

    Klaudt turned himself in at the Corson County Sheriff's Office Friday morning, and made his initial court appearance on the Corson County charges after traveling more than 200 miles to Deadwood, the nearest judge in the circuit, Long said.

    Klaudt appeared in court in Pierre on Friday evening, and a magistrate judge set bond at $100,000 on the Hughes County charges. After the court hearing, Klaudt was taken to jail until he can make bond.

    Klaudt wore handcuffs and chains during his court appearance in Pierre. As he was leaving the courtroom, he declined to comment on the charges.

    House Speaker Thomas Deadrick, R-Platte, accompanied Klaudt on Friday, saying he was acting as Klaudt's lawyer only for Friday's court hearings. "I'm here as a friend who happens to be a lawyer," said Deadrick, an attorney who served four years with Klaudt in the House.

    Klaudt is due to appear next in court in Pierre on May 31 for a preliminary hearing to determine whether enough evidence exists to continue the case.

    The investigation started when one of the girls made a complaint that was forwarded to the state Department of Social Services, which then contacted the state Division of Criminal Investigation, Long said. The offenses allegedly occurred over several years when the girls ranged in age from 15 to 19 and were under foster care provided by Klaudt and his wife.

    The two girls were among a number who were sent to foster care in Klaudt's home under a program that provides foster care for young people who have no safe home to return to after completing programs in South Dakota's juvenile corrections facilities.

    The state Corrections Department announced Friday it is conducting a review of its foster care program. Juveniles who have been placed under the program are being interviewed.

    A written affidavit filed in court by Long said Klaudt initially denied that he performed any "tests" on the girls, but he later changed his story after investigators confronted him with some e-mails he allegedly sent to one of the girls.

    Klaudt then said "maybe I did some things I shouldn't have," the attorney general wrote in the affidavit.

    Some of the rape charges carry penalties of up to 50 years in prison, the attorney general said. If Klaudt is convicted on all the charges and receives consecutive sentences, he could be sentenced to more than 250 years in prison, Long said.

    Klaudt, 49, who farms and ranches near the tiny town of Walker, a few miles from the North Dakota border, was a member of the powerful Appropriations Committee during his eight-year legislative career in 1999-2006. He was vice chairman of the House Appropriations Committee in his final two years and chairman of the Legislature's Government Operations and Audit Committee, an investigative panel, in his final four years.

    He was term limited in the House last year and chose to run for the Senate in a sprawling district that covers much of northwestern South Dakota. But he lost to Democrat Ryan Maher of Isabel, getting only 46 percent of the overall vote and losing by a large margin in parts of the district that include Indian reservations.

    The Senate had its own scandal recently, when Democratic Sen. Dan Sutton of Flandreau was accused of fondling an 18-year-old male legislative page when they shared a motel room during the 2006 legislative session. Sutton denied the charges.

    After Sutton was re-elected, the Senate held hearings early this year and voted to publicly reprimand Sutton after some senators said the molestation charges were never proved. An attempt to expel Sutton from the Senate failed.

    Sutton's censure marked the first time the South Dakota Legislature had formally disciplined a lawmaker.

    Senate President Pro Tem Bob Gray, R-Pierre, said even though both cases involved pages -- high school students who run errands for lawmakers -- the Legislature is not a dangerous place for young people to work.

    "If I were a parent, would this give me pause? Perhaps. What I would tell parents is this is a good program," Gray said.

    The Legislature this year took steps to make the page program safer by making sure the students are staying in appropriate accommodations, Gray said.

    Lawmakers, pages and other legislative employees generally work hard and stay out of trouble, Gray said. "Evidently, there are some bad people there from time to time."

    By Blogger gregrocker, at 21 May, 2007 16:21  

  • "But, of course, there is no racism on the left."

    That's an extraordinary comment from someone responsible for some of the most unspeakably hateful race-baiting and homophobic posts, comments, spamming, and photoshopped images on the wingnut blogosphere, not to mention a frequent contributor to the vile site.

    I guess that's to be expected for someone who really would like to see all those dark people and "freaks" eliminated from this nation (whose interests you do not even pledge first loyalty to), yet claims your "religion" forbids you from drinking coffee...

    "V the K", don't come over here and criticize your betters....this blog has enough aberrants and knuckledraggers already.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 21 May, 2007 21:31  

  • Yeah, V the K, Hash and metro got all the bigotry and knuckledragging down pat.

    By Blogger PCD, at 22 May, 2007 09:04  

  • Fudgepacker Dan!! Wooo-wooo!

    I didn't realize you'd been TRAINED to respond!

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 22 May, 2007 09:36  


    By Blogger sally, at 16 February, 2008 09:15  

  • The American public will not elect a socialist/Marxist/Communist like BO to any high office in our country. Every time the "Car Salesman" BO that is, opens his mouth, more and more people are becoming aware of his turn coat ideals.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 July, 2008 03:20  

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