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12 June 2007

Bill O'Reilly, OJ Simpston, TMZ, Editor & Publisher


Simpson Angry With News Anchors

For Bill O'Reilly, Nancy Grace and others, could there be any better enemy than OJ Simpson?

Taking a much- deserved break from his tireless, lifelong quest to find the real killers, Simpson granted a rare interview to Editor & Publisher's Joe Strupp, where he blasted the mainstream news media.

Instead of focusing on his contention that the "legitimate media" has resorted to giving opinions rather than simply reporting the news, leaned more heavily on the idea that it was an anti- O'Reilly slam:

For our morning dose of WTF!, we turn to O.J. Simpson, who says that Paris Hilton is less newsworthy than an astronaut in space, and that television is now "all about the ratings." Like it wasn't when O.J. decided to ride the white Bronco?

In an impromptu interview with Editor & Publisher, self-appointed media critic and murderer O.J. also slams Bill O'Reilly and Nancy Grace as fake news people: "It is hard to tell the difference between legitimate news people and Nancy Grace and Bill O'Reilly."

But when it comes to Paris, Simpson's head is clearly somewhere in the sky: "When Paris Hilton was going to jail last week, more people knew about that than knew that we were sending people into space that day." Earth to OJ: Almost 500 humans have traveled into space. We're over it.

Beyond what's laughingly obvious (OJ = Paris), he obviously doesn't realize that cable and radio talkers across the country would give anything to be bashed by Simpson (verbally, of course). Why did he leave out Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others? How about another interview, buddy?

Hate to give him ideas, but this could be a great moneymaking scheme. Write this on your sign, OJ: Will Slam Talk Show Hosts For Food.

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  • I tend to think OJ just used a prominent example of Nancy Grace and Oriely, your a paranoid freak if you think OJ is out for your butt buddy Oriley (ad hom, too bad)..... So O.J is the only person in the country attackig, unqualified, mentally retarded right wing hacks?
    Seek help. The point OJ makes is exactly what most of America agrees with, MSM cancelled the news ever since the GOP took control and obscured the crimes of the Bush regime with Paris Hilton, Britney, American idol, etc etc.
    Oriley is one of the hundreds involved in the complict Bush appeasing media, which quite frankly needs to be broken up, by the American people. Break up the f*cking monoploy and return the news to Americans.

    Maloney loves Hilton in the news as do all right wingers, it keeps their crime regime off the minds of Americans.

    Kiss Paris hilton's feet Maloney, for every day she is in the press, America is cooled off from reality, and you can still walk the streets without being slaughtered like the traitor you are. If America was fully aware of what this crime regime has done to America, no right winger would be safe, no Bush appeaser would be safe, no RNC mouthpiece would be safe from the wrath of an informed public.

    This is the truth. Your blind loyalty to the letter "r" and conservatism has made you a traitor. If the news still existed, you would be considered an enemy of the people, as all CONS would

    "your either with us or against us". Remember that one? Tables turned scumbag CON shits, YOU ARE THE ONES AGAINST US and every single day the complict RNC media proves they take "R" over America

    By Blogger Jared, at 12 June, 2007 14:23  

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