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09 July 2007

Don Imus Return, Drudge Report, Talk Radio


Imus Return Would Mean Little

Does the potential return of Don Imus to radio really matter?

Given his most recent performance, the answer is clearly no. But that hasn't stopped a few publications and websites from hyping the probable resumption of his program.

With his advancing age, weak ratings history and limited number of affiliates, even at his peak, the I-Man's best days are well behind him. Only a concerted effort to manufacture "outrage" could succeed in drawing much attention to him and even that would be fleeting.

Nonetheless, radio insiders are scratching their heads over Drudge's supposed "scoop" claiming Imus would return in January. Most expect the crusty talker to return much sooner, perhaps before the end of the summer.

That's certainly what Imus seems to be fighting to accomplish. In addition, CBS probably isn't interested in a long legal battle over his contract, one which could result in a huge payout.

As a result, don't be surprised to see codger- talk resume as soon as possible.

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  • An old codger? Someone who's ratings have gone down? A talk show host that makes little money for CBS? Are you living under a rock. CBS and MSNBC are tanking. IMUS did much for their ratings. CBS though bleeding badly, earned between $20 and $30 million from just the IMUS show and affiliate fees. MSNBC is just a lost cause. So it would mean nothing for him to go or be allowed to be simulcast on that dead cable channel. You better do a little more research and get the right message out. There are Millions waiting for him. And until he arrives the networks mentioned above and their current sponsors are being boycotted.

    Bruce from Florida

    By Blogger Bruce, at 09 July, 2007 13:20  

  • Typical of you Brian to foolishly label Imus as a has been. Logically he would be a big payday for Fox or CBS for that matter in the run-up to the 2008 Election. I am surprised, given your background you wouldn't recognize this. One thing is for sure, a bad day with Imus is far better than any of your on-camera performances. Face it, maybe your the one who's best days are long behind him......

    By Blogger Mike, at 09 July, 2007 16:32  

  • Hey Brian, 1st time caller, never heard of you before & when Imus returns I probably won't remember you. Sorry, I guess I'm just into old codgers....BOYCOTTING MSNBC/CBS

    By Blogger Ms. M, at 09 July, 2007 22:10  

  • What is your favorite show, Brian? I need to know so I can say insulting, hurtful things about it and campaign to get it taken off the air so you will have some idea of how Imus fans feel.

    Also, ditto what the others said - get your (non) facts together before you touch your big, fat keyboard again.

    By Blogger Linda S, at 09 July, 2007 22:22  

  • Hey Brian, I do know a couple of things: one I am in the demographic advertisers look for and two I will listen to Imus when he returns.

    By Blogger jmccaul1, at 09 July, 2007 23:07  

  • Hello Brian,

    WFAN Radio was CBS Radio Networks highest grossing revenue station. Together Imus along with Mike and the Mad Dog represented over 80% of the station's revenue. Imus anchored the station feeding audience to the PM drive duo.

    It is also worth noting the value of the station like any business is heavily based on revenue. Imus off the air has been a triple hit to CBS: reduced revenues, reduced valuation and potential liabilities due to litigation.

    Number of listeners matter - but what really matters is total revenue. Imus audience is educated, socially concerned, politically savvy and most important affluent. Advertisers like Mercedes, Lexus, GMC, Nikon, Panasonic are scrambling to find that audience (or codgers) as you like to refer to us.

    This codger is over at Mike and Mike on ESPN2 and 1050 in NYC and occasionally checking in on O&A on the XM.

    Get off my MAC

    No Imus, No Peace

    By Blogger FreeImus, at 10 July, 2007 07:39  

  • Brian is pretty fair and balanced (if I may swipe FNC's tag) in his coverage, except when it comes to J.D. Imus.

    What happened, Brian? Did the I-Man hang up on you one day?

    Imus may not pull Rush ratings, but no one had syndicated numbers in the AM slot like Imus. And every time you slam him, you're slamming those of us who got the intellectual discussion WITH the sophomoric humor.

    I support you, Brian, but one day please tell us why you hold Imus in such contempt.

    By Blogger Charlie on the PA Turnpike, at 10 July, 2007 08:02  

  • I am one of those millions of fans who is counting the days until Don Imus returns.

    By Blogger Kathy, big I-Fan, at 10 July, 2007 08:48  

  • Why don't you ask someone influential in the industry rather than make your own moronic judgements. Stations need the Iman back.

    By Blogger Tom, at 10 July, 2007 09:01  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Tom, at 10 July, 2007 09:02  

  • Brian, you're not really worth my time because this blog isn't read by many but you are wrong. Imus is not a has-been and that is why he was fired. Hillary doesn't want this has-been on the air. You ask who misses him? Just sick kids all over the country, wounded soldiers, autistic children and their parents - not to mention all of us who love and miss the show. It was the best show on TV or Radio. Weak ratings history? His show wasn't even on in many markets and it had well over over 2 million listeners according to Talkers Magazine and it brought big ratings to MSNBC, especially in the key demo. I could go on and on but why bother when you're not listening.

    By Blogger ginger, at 10 July, 2007 09:16  

  • Ginger said:
    His show wasn't even on in many markets and it had well over over 2 million listeners according to Talkers Magazine and it brought big ratings to MSNBC

    The reason Brian is not listening is because your numbers are flat out wrong.

    The 2006 ratings from Neilsen Media Research show that Imus was no where near 2 million.

    Acutal Ratings for 2006



    You will have scroll down the list. He is the 38th show.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 11 July, 2007 12:18  

  • i always question rating numbers.. either too high or too low. how much money did imus make for msnbc and cbs. i am guessing alot more than they are making now.

    imus could sell product.. books.. make a difference in music and politics. how many in broadcasting can do that?

    get back imus.. back to where you once belong..

    By Blogger djtrimus, at 12 July, 2007 09:21  

  • Hey Benson Report, since you don't have access to the Arbitron ratings which are quite expensive how do you know what the Imus radio audience was? Were you looking at only the MSNBC audience? Your number looks it was for the cable show only. Which by the way was handily beating CNN. Additionally, just looking at the cable numbers msnbc's morning joe looks like it could go off the air and no one would notice.

    If you have the arbitron numbers for the about 90 markets where Imus was carried please do share. The rest of us would like to know.

    By Blogger jmccaul1, at 13 July, 2007 00:43  

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