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09 July 2007

Howie Carr, Boston, WRKO, WTKK


Carr Bolts From Sagging WRKO

In another blow for Entercom's sagging fortunes in the news- talk arena, market legend Howie Carr is apparently bolting from Boston's WRKO, according to the Herald.

Carr will reportedly take the slot vacated by Don Imus on Boston's WTKK- FM earlier this year. On WRKO, he's been regionally syndicated and it isn't clear what will happen to his show on the other stations.

At our other site, we're busy tracking the latest developments in what may be New England's biggest media- related story of the year.

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  • Hey Brian,

    Nice scoop! I listen to Howie's daily podcast. There was some friction between Howie and WRKO, but I never thought he would jump ship. This is going to hurt WRKO's evening drive time seriously.

    Carr wants to go national, but so much of his stuff is local it will be difficult. On the other hand, there are not many other communities that can hold a candle to the graft and corruption in Boston and the Mass senate.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 09 July, 2007 16:14  

  • Benson,
    It's not a scoop. Even Brian acknowledges that the Herald got the scoop.

    By Blogger Justin, at 09 July, 2007 19:44  

  • I don't read the Boston Herald. So it is still a nice scoop for me and the others who got the word from Brian.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 09 July, 2007 23:42  

  • Can someone please tell HOWIE that WRKO did NOT match WTKK's offer? WRKO did NOT offer Howie the morning drive slot. Because of this, I'd argue that WRKO didn't take the opportunity to match the offer.

    Oh...can your employer make you associate with known felons?

    By Blogger Yankee of NH, at 12 October, 2007 13:21  

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