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08 August 2007

Stacy Ritter Talk Show, Florida Politics, Rush Limbaugh


Motivation For Ritter's New Talk Show Is Clear

Did you just fall off the turnip truck? Neither did your Radio Equalizer.

As such, it should be obvious to all why Florida politician / "Rush Babe" Stacy Ritter has just been handed a talk show. It's a stunt meant to capitalize on her recent notoriety.

Remember Ritter? She's the Broward County Commishioner who made headlines in June for her noisy push to eliminate emergency broadcast information from Miami's WIOD, all because the station dares to air conservative programming such as Rush Limbaugh.

After the controversy generated a great deal of nationwide news coverage, Limbaugh responded by calling her a "babe", based on an undated photo of Ritter than accompanyed the story.

Now, according to the Miami Herald, Ritter has been all- too- happy to accept a talk shift on a nearby station that airs some of the very conservative programming she previously denounced. Can anyone say hypocrite?

Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter will join the lineup of Fort Lauderdale radio station WFTL-AM (1400), with a talk show at 10:30 a.m. Saturdays.

The matchup of Democrat Ritter with the conservative-leaning station was unexpected, given her comments two months ago. In June, she delayed renewal of the county's hurricane emergency-broadcasting partnership with WIOD-AM (610) on the grounds that the station airs conservative talk host Rush Limbaugh.

Pointing out that commissioners are all Democrats, Ritter said, ''We don't have to do business with them.'' At a later meeting, when more commissioners were present, the partnership was renewed.

WFTL's lineup includes Dr. Laura Schlesinger, who offers conservative radio advice to callers; conservative radio hosts Laura Ingraham (who once urged GOP voters to tie up Democratic Party voter hot lines with crank calls) and Michael Savage; and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly.

Meanwhile, at Bob Norman's Blog at the New Times, a local "alternative" weekly owned by the Village Voice, Ritter is ripped to shreds:

Ethically challenged Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter is debuting her new Saturday radio show on WFTL this weekend. She is quoted in the press release:

"I want people to be informed about local Broward County issues. Syndicated talk show hosts know nothing about us. They don’t live in Broward County; they don’t work here; and they have little knowledge of what’s important to us. That’s why I think a talk show that allows us to address all issues from a local perspective is necessary.”

Nice string of semi-colons, Stace. Let's see. What's important to Ritter? Oh yeah, voting for and helping companies that have ties to her lobbyist husband and his firm, Dutko, Poole & McKinley. If you don't share my opinion that she's dirty, read this and this and see if you don't change your mind. (see original story for these links)

High-faluting issues aside, the reason for her getting the show is obvious: She's a Democratic hack who says stupid things that might drum up attention for the station. Like recently proposing that the county fire WIOD, AM-610 as the official station because it runs Rush Limbaugh's show. That prompted Limbaugh to call Ritter a "babe," based on her official photo, which has an early 90s retro feel that looks to be at least a decade old.


But don't worry, Ritter's no radio personality. She used to have an abhorrent radio show on WINZ with semi-disgraced former state rep Ken Gottlieb called "Inside The Donkey." That didn't last and neither will this insignificant little Saturday ditty.

Looks like Stacy isn't fooling anybody, whether on the left or right!

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