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01 August 2007

Howie Carr Vs Entercom Boston Lawsuit, Countersuit Filed


In Fight With Boston Talker, Entercom Gets Nasty

Think your employer
stinks? Try working for a company that won't let you quit when the deteriorating work environment finally becomes unbearable.

Worse, instead of being released in the closing days of an expiring employment contract, the firm takes the added step of filing suit in order to keep you in place. And don't even think about joining a competing outfit!

If you can imagine actually heading to the office under these miserable circumstances, then welcome to Howie Carr's world. As he fights to leave WRKO and Entercom, this is what he must endure each and every day. What's it like to function in these unhappy conditions?

As one reader put it, "the beatings will continue until morale improves."

At our other site, we're tracking the latest developments in this nasty legal battle.

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